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blake♡ : @joshsnails is my bff  — if it wasn't for this music I don't know how I would've fought this |-/ || i miss 03-21-2017


if you are going to kinky boots please remember that it's NOT A CONCERT.
please don't scream or yell every time he comes into stage or when it begins or when it ends. this is a broadway show and it's something he's wanted to do for a long time. and if you are trying to meet him or get a selfie with him after the show, DO NOT yell or scream at him or rush him. If it gets to much it will have to stop. and I don't think brendon nor the people wanting to see him want that.
it's just a reminder. and I will respect that too. I know the difference and I'm not someone that would yell at a broadway show. broadway and concerts are completely different.
thank you❤️👠
#panicatthedisco #kinkyboots

seeing all these pictures of kinky boots tonight is making me super excited about seeing him. im not in the best mood mentally (anxiety is HIGH AF) and knowing I see my hero work the high heels and doing what he's always wanted to do for so long in 27 days (june 23) and I know I'm gonna cry. If I can just get a shirt and be able to see him and maybe say hi. it'll be better then even. just seeing him makes me happy ❤️love you @brendonurie. I'm so glad you get to do what you've always wanted. I bet you did amazing tonight 👠❤️
#panicatthedisco #kinkyboots

brendon starts in kinky boots tomorrow ❤️👠
that boy is gonna make those high heels wooorrrkkk
#panicatthedisco #twentyonepilots

just 17 or so days of school left then I'm done with middle school. then I go to New York and see beebo in kinky boots 👠💗

Sasquatch is coming up and I'm sad cause I won't be able to see the boys.. 🙁
to anyone who is or is going to a different festival that they are in, I hope it's fun!!
#twentyonepilots #panicatthedisco

have a smiling beebo 💗
g'nite frens
love you all
#twentyonepilots #panicatthedisco

comment a heart for the people who have been effected in Manchester ❤️
#twentyonepilots #arianagrande

comment a quote that means a lot to you. ♡
" 'cause these words are knifes and often leave scars."
" the fear of falling apart." -panic at this disco // this is gospel

qotd: whats your favorite color ?🌟

I threw away the blades I had.. hopefully, this will be a new start to becoming a year clean again : may 21st, 2017 starts it up again ♡

Rest In Peace to those life's that were taken tonight in Manchester... I pray to those who have lost a loved one. stay strong ❤️ and I hope this doesn't happen again. It's a very big tragedy #twentyonepilots #arianagrande

I feel mentally unstable. the relationship im in isn't working, and we are not talking at all. I can barley talk to some of my teachers because my anxiety goes up. and i don't talk often much now. I'm not clean and I have tons of scars.
I hate what I've done and I don't know what to do..

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