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🌹 just a NCIS:LA fan 🌹  "Those two meerkats you have working in ops are getting stranger" @barrettfoa 14❤+ 2💬+ Follow➡ @reneefelicesmith 11❤+2💬+1🔁 ksmith 9 ❤ 1💬 Bar 1❤

[Not ncis la related, please don't kill me it won't happen again] this is one of the best scenes i've ever seen 😄 * the space between us (one of the only movies where i love the main character) #thespacebetweenus

never uploaded the 3 pictures together 💕 (+cat)
i know this isn't an edit again but the last few weeks were not so good for me. i'm trying to go to another school because i can't follow music lessons on my school because the class is full. But i still don't know if i can go to another school. I'm so nervous because i don't want to be forced to take a class for 2 years. This is all i can think about at the moment so i'm sorry for not editing.

this is my favourite wall. I LOVE MY ROOM 🌼💕🌸and the people on the wall even more💖💕 @reneefelicesmith @barrettfoa #ncisla #reneefelicesmith #barrettfoa

i uploaded this edit like 4 months ago? but these are the partnerships on their own 😃(so many flaws in this edit but okay)#thelastoneisthebest #neric #densi #sallen

❤My faves ❤💕made this video in 6 hours 🌊New video 🌊@reneefelicesmith @barrettfoa #neric #nelljones #ericbeale #renéefelicesmith #barrettfoa #ncisla #ncislosangeles *whole video is on my YouTube channel those2meerkats

Worked for 13 hours on this edit i need some sleep 🌛 ❤My faves❤ @reneefelicesmith @barrettfoa #neric #nelljones #ericbeale #renéefelicesmith #barrettfoa #ncisla *whole video is on my youtube channel those2meerkats

❤New video of my faves❤ @reneefelicesmith & @barrettfoa . Still hoping that they will ever come to a comic con. less than 8 hours away from the netherlands 😂 #renéefelicesmith #barrettfoa #ericbeale #nelljones #neric *whole video is on my youtube channel

Just in case🤗 i really love them 💖 i never wanted to hug anyone but i just want to hug them 💖💖💖💖💖💫💫 @reneefelicesmith @barrettfoa #neric #renéefelicesmith #barrettfoa #ericbeale #nelljones i'm trying to ignore the glitches. Breathe in breathe out and never watch it again 😂

💖💖My idols 💖💖💫Legends 💫 @reneefelicesmith @barrettfoa #renéefelicesmith #barrettfoa #nelljones #ericbeale #neric #ncisla *The whole version is on my youtube account those2meerkats :)

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