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Colby  16 . leftie . Be nice! The internet can be rather rude and it’s our job to stop that

Drawing I did a couple months ago of a photo a follower sent me though dm! Never finished the neck but it’s still cool without it. The photographer is the LOVELY + talented @shannnonca and the person is @sophiawiley_! Also thank you for like 300 followers today what where did u guys come from hi!

Came up w this concept while listening to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black

I got into my box of sharpies today and as you guys know I like using colors that aren’t normally seen together. Had fun with this one but also had no idea what I was doing haha

I’ve been struggling w drawing a self portrait and after a couple attempts I finally got it!

Growing Flowers in the Shade.
This is a drawing I’ve posted using your photos. Thank you @lexislifelibrary. Please send more I never want to look up references again! (Dm me your portraits or put them under #thoroughlyreferenced) I did this with a Paper Mate pen and I wasn’t expecting to love it but I’m in love with it. This concept just means a lot to me and hopefully that translates in this piece.

TO ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS (+ anyone else)!I want to stop using photos I find on Pinterest etc, and I want to start using yours! I feel like some of the art I make isn’t fully mine because the photos I used might be copyrighted. Please DM me portrait photos that you find beautiful that you or your friend took (as long as they are fine w me drawing it), or use the hashtag #thoroughlyreferenced! Doing this would be so helpful because I can connect more w you guys, and also I have permission from the photographer. If you take photos or have any, that’s all it takes for the possibility of me drawing it! It won’t guarantee that I will draw it but I will def look at it.


Started this drawing in March. Finished January 1st. This has had such an impact on my life. Just working on this has been one of the only constants in my life. Life changed, life is changing, when I worked on this, I was in control. On an unplanned school trip, I got to visit this lighthouse. I slept beside it, I walked alongside the cliffs that I had carefully mapped out months earlier. And now it’s done. It’s sitting right beside my other drawings, leaning against the wall. I can move on.

Very quick 45 minute pen scribble. Thanks for 35.1K! I’m so psyched! This sketch is not anything new but I’m trying to post everything I draw.

- Face to Vase -
This was probably the most time consuming drawing for its size. It’s only 5 x 3 ish inches but it took me 6 hours! It’s always important to try out different techniques, and I’m really proud on how my first pointillism piece came out!

When first becoming an artist I was always disappointed that my art was never smooth. I would take hours to constantly map out all my proportions before starting. Now I’m realizing that my messiness is what makes me unique, and to be honest this style is so much more carefree. Let’s celebrate our scribbles

I haven’t been making any conceptual art lately. This isn’t because I’m trying to be more “realistic” or basic as my account is growing, but it’s just because I haven’t had any new ideas! But like this drawing, I do a lot of practice sketches that just warm me up and helps me keep proportions right. This one took about 2 hours. As always I love you guys, and even though I lost my 35k, everyday I am amazed by all of you guys. Please, if you have any concepts you want me to draw, comment them!!

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