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Colby  16 . leftie . I like art more than most people . I use Prismacolor pencils . Notorious pen lifter + girl who doesn't know what half is


-Hot Mess-
a drawing that's not scribbles this time! Haha I need to get better at choosing colors

As you guys know, lately I've been trying to let lose and let my hands take over instead of my mind. This figure drawing took about 5 minutes, and even though I made some longer ones I ended up really loving the power I showed through this pose. Ps this is just the human body, if you don't Iike it then please unfollow instead of creating more hate.

A couple weeks ago @art.ig/@shopheartsi offered to interview me! I'm so insanely flattered and excited. If you don't know @art.ig was the first account to repost my half empty half full drawing, which made me gain 20k practically overnight! Anyways, they now decided to interview me, (I'm still so confused and excited,) and it was such a gratifying experience. Just to have the account I looked up to take the time to ask me questions about myself is incredible. This always reminds me that art comes down to the artist, not the fame or extra hype around the art. Again I just want to thank you guys for all the opportunities you give me, and especially @art.ig for being one of the people who saw the meaning behind my art the way I see it. I don't know if my writing is good or not, (but it is grammatically correct I hope) but please check it out! The link is in my bio. So

I am just so tired of mapping out my drawings in graphite and then carefully erasing it, so I just decided to pour out all of my colored pencils and freehand something for once without sketching anything first. I've been drawing a lot lately, its just art that is either unfinished or not good enough to post. With this drawing I wanted to post this just to remind people that even though Instagram only highlights "perfect" and "hyperrealistic" art. The best art isn't the art that's perfect.

My experience painting, a summary: mediocre but with pretty colors!

The sand dunes of Michigan.
This video I took still confuses me so much. I'm finally out of camp and I will be creating more art soon! Might need a break for a week or two. Love you guys! And I'm so close to 30K! So exited!

Finally getting into the hang of oil painting! For this I knew I wanted a subtly groovy color scheme and I think it's poppin tbh. Since I've been painting for 6 hours a day for the past 2 weeks, I've been making this progress really fast! Love you guys. Also I'm super close to 30K and I'm so exited!

This piece is v different then what I usually do, but because of all the different mediums in it it helped me figure out oil paint! The prompt for this was very specific so I couldn't add my own spin on it. Anyways, I just want to thank all of you guys for the crazy support I've been getting! I'm starting to learn that haters are going to hate on anything, and I shouldn't take it personally. Probably will delete this but I just really wanted to say thank you!

Let Me Out

Another one line drawing! As you can see, this kind of shows how I map out a drawing before I tackle it with shading. As it gains more definition, it's gets harder and harder to see how all the lines come from one stroke! I'm never going to be one of those artists that can draw a portrait with one smooth stroke, and I guess I'll accept that. I have shakey hands, and I'm always going to go over my lines many times before being satisfied.

Please read the caption if you can: Progress on my latest drawing. I've never been so exited on a drawing since Half Empty Half Full! Speaking of Half Empty Half Full, every time my art recirculates around the internet, I get so much hate. I read hundreds of comments saying "this isn't ACTUALLY HALF", "go back to math class little girl", "this REALLY means...". That art is an extension of my soul, and though I love hearing your opinions it hurts me to see all the arguments that grow around it. It's about the relationship between water and consciousness, that I explained fully on my half empty half full animation if you scroll down a little bit. My art has been creating so much hate, and if all my art creates hate in this society, will I as a person ever fit into society as well? One is with the eyes above the surface and one is with the eyes below the surface. However, though Half Empty Half Full comes with hate, the love and endless support overcome the hate every time. Seeing so many of you care about what I create makes me so happy. You guys are the reason I create art. As long as all of you get inspired by my work and take the time to truly look at my art, I will always be satisfied. Thank you. I truly mean that. Anyways, back to the present, this latest drawing is my new baby. So far I have been working on this for definitely over 24 hours collectively and I'm very proud of it! However I am traveling right now so for the next 2-3 weeks I can't do art. Having all this attention as well as a follow from the art god @art.ig is very exiting yet stressful! While I travel I hope you guys understand that I won't be creating so I can enjoy the wonder around me. Ok sorry for the long comment I just wanted to catch up to everything! Ps I use my babes @prismacolor pencils. And thank you!!

Added some details on the portrait I'm currently working on! With flash it almost looks like a renaissance painting and I'm kind of obsessed with this photo. In reality I used my babies, @prismacolor pencils. Also the flash is strategically placed on the cheekbones to make her highlight popping! In other words, without flash all of you guys would be much more disappointed. I purposely didn't fill in the pupils, eyelashes, or eyebrows to make it have a haunting effect. Also I AM TERRIFIED IM GUNNA MESS THIS UP! In current time I'm much further into this drawing but I'll show you guys this one from a while ago. Also 21.5K? GUys I don't deserve that! Thank you!

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