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Landlubbers following the Sailing World Championships in the Bay of Aarhus

Somehow I doubt that modern racing cars will one day in 50 or 60 years seem as pleasing to the eye as these old timers that raced around Copenhagen this weekend.

Heat Wave

Salvage operation

Fire water

Of mice and men

Moscow has a strong element of beauty and the beast, exemplified by the Lubyanka Building, headquarters of KGB during the Soviet Era. The building housed a famous prison, which - based on prisoners tales - was thought to be located in the basement, because there were no windows anywhere. But the prison cells were actually situated on the top floor (look: windowless), where prisoners were isolated with their guards. Screams from those tortured into confessing crimes against their country would echo through the corridors. According to the website Russia Beyond the intimidation of prisoners would start on arrival, typically in the middle of the night: “The convict was either lifted up in a slow freight lift to the thundering roar of motors or walked on foot through endless gloomy corridors. After three days of constant interrogations, anyone would lose their spatial orientation in the windowless rooms.” Lubyanka Building now houses the FSB (Federal Security Service). In 1957 the largest toy store in the Soviet Union opened next to the Lubyanka Building. It is still there.

Wall of Grief, indistinguishable human faces and forms in memory of the victims of political persecution under Joseph Stalin.

From Ivan the Terrible to Mikhail Gorbatjov to the 2018 World Cup, this is The Red Square.

View towards downtown Moscow

Megalithic tomb

Journey to the End of the Night

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