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Thomas Nørremark  👔 Head of Digital Marketing @ Makers 🌍 Travel-addict 📩 🚼 Proud dad 🖥

[ Looking forward to winter days like this. The weather forecast predicts Denmark will get snow and heavy frostbite later this week ... I say, bring it on! ]

[ Lovely memories. Great summer vacay. So it’s been a while since I have posted anything in here. Not because I didn’t want to. But I’ve been so busy with my new work as a project manager in an advertising agency and spending time with my family. Have a great Sunday. ]

[ Copenhagen rooftop ]

[ Aarhus - European Capital of Culture ]

[ Winter or Spring? I shot this one mid November ... felt more like April 🍃🍂🌳 I know that I haven’t posted as much this year as I used to, but between being a first-time dad and starting a new job, I have been almost too busy to pick up my camera back this year 🙈📸

[ Axel Towers Copenhagen ]

[ Throwback to a great weekend in HH ]

[ Christmas mood ]

[ Behind fence at Roosevelt Island. ]

[ Count 230 steps to the top of the red-brick tower Palazzo Guinigi and you get this bird's-eye 45m above street level. Pretty magnificent. ]

[ Even in the most remarkable places, such as a car parking lot, you find beautiful art ]

[ Aarhus by night. Tonight we were invited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving at our friends' place. But our little baby girl had other plans, so we left just as the turkey was about to be served. But we got to enjoy this view from their balcony before we headed home ]

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