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— you’re the peter to my ned ♥️ thank you for the best weekend ever!
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so i’m currently sitting in katies high school classroom in california.. It feels so weird being back in high school 😂
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— saw this on snapchat yesterday and was gonna post it but forgot. don’t come @ me saying toms hot and zendayas not or i’ll just turn off commenting. also idk I really love this outfit of his so idk why they didn’t like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re favorite two people have met ONCE AGAIN!!!!! I flew allllll the way to california JUST for her!!!! IT WAS A SURPRISE FOR HER!!! LOVE YOU KATIE @http.hollands

I put this edit together kind of as a memory edit, these are some of my favorite videos of him over the years and it’s been a journey with him, these videos show so much of last year and the time I spent in this fandom so I made it an edit ♥️ I joined this account on January 16, 2017 and it’s been one crazy CRAZY ride 😂 I never in a million years thought I would get to where I am with this account today. I joined this account well over a year ago so that I could find people who loved and admired tom as much as I did and I have found some pretty freaking awesome people because of it. This account has given me so many opportunities that I would have got if it weren’t for making one. I was able to fly to london and experience a whole week there, I was able to go to my very first comic con and meet the man I started this account for ♥️ I also made my best friend on this account and got to finally meet her at comic con. THANK YOU for everyone that has been there for me and has supported me through this past year ♥️ Below imma tag some of my good friends that are special to me, people from the beginning and people that I just recently started getting close with ♥️ (pls i’m sorry if I didn’t tag you there’s literally just so many people I wanna thank and I stuck with the ones with fan accounts that I talk to the most) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR 20 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!
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Wow he looked so good today 😍
- via toms live (I edited them don’t take)
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— Tom Holland’s workout sessions 💪🏼
WAIT TIL THE END!!!! 😂 I think I made an edit like this like last year but oops 😂
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Happy birthday to my wonderful best friend @http.hollands!! We’ve known each other for over a year now and we’ve had quite the journey! The best part about this was when I finally got to meet you at comic con 😭♥️ Thank you for always being there for me and always believing in me when I wanted to give up ♥️ You’re the Steve to my Tony, the Rocket to my Groot, the Ned to my Peter,,, you’re my best friend forever and always ♥️ LOVE YOU!
p.s just gotta thank tom of course for existing otherwise we wouldn’t have made our accounts for him and found each other 😂🙈
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