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Thomas Gregory  •Engineer 💸 •Arkansas Nuclear One Operator 💡 •Aux Cord Extraordinaire 🔊 •Avid Adventurer ⛰ •Woo Pig Sooie 🐗

How about we just sit right here and never leave?¿

Let’s Hangout 🤙🏽

If you don’t take advantage of float szn we probably shouldn’t be friends #naturebacks #naturalstateofmind

Finally reeled me in one of them infamous Piney River cats #yeet

Thought I might as well go full send it in honors of Masters’s week

Nothing like sinking some buckets to get the mind right after a good workout. #stillgotit

Catch rays and fish not feelings

Incredible views and incredible friends how can you draw it up any better than that? The mountains of Utah are truly breathtaking..

Thank God for best friends, helmets, and Darren McFadden. #shredthepow

It was a messy one but them Hogs got the W in Tuscaloosa! #WPS #SKOHOGS

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful, warm-hearted, golf cart driving mother. Even though you might be over a 1000 miles away I’ve never felt so close to anybody in my life. Thanks for all that you do Momma, you are appreciated!

2017 was a tough pill to swallow but it made me realize how important self-reflection is to one’s well-being. Be a reflection of what you would like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want the truth, be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. Because what you give is what you get in return.