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Thomas Heeney  • 23 • New Jersey • Visual Creator • Founder @ig.tones™ • Personal Account 👉🏼 @thomas_heeney

Such a fun experience going to California, can’t wait to go back one day 🌴

Got up in the middle of dinner and ran across the street to get this colorful sunset shot in Encinitas. Enjoy!🤓

Been awake for 24 hours now, still got some fire from this mornings sunset 30,000 ft above. ✈️☀️


Had an amazing day in San Diego yesterday and topped it off with a sunset in La Jolla🌅

Was a race to get back from Venice to Huntington but made it in the nick of time 🌴

Saw the sunrise from a different view this morning ✈️

Soakin up the sun

If you only had one place that you could travel to, where would it be🧐

Morning hazeee


Back @ it

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