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Thi Thelma B  "So when I die, if there is a heaven. I want to see it" 🌼AMBASSADOR @gymtechnutrition_sweden 💌

Cleavage, but then hide it

Do I have to say more?🌼😍🌼

I have been eating a lot more lately in order to get me through the days at work. Focusing on chicken, egg & tuna, also in a higher volume than before. A weight gain has occurred, I can tell you for sure. Not because I check my weight, actually I do not. Both legs and waist have gained some fat and that I like. Feeling more energized and stronger🙏 Have a wonderful weekend. /Thi

Protein... proteinella😍
Easy snack and perfect after coming home from work

Still laughing at the end of the video😂Doing 12x4 and then slow ones without counting. When legs are sore and shaking, that is how you know.
Much love,

Thi🌼 @bodybox_se @gymtechnutrition_sweden

Fint, visst?

In mood for a snack? 🍑&🍐 with Proteinella. Gluten free, no added sugar and loaded with protein. Vame with July's @bodybox_se

Favorite color on my hoodie with a banana print on🍌 Having a hard time moving my legs. You know what day it was yesterday? LEG DAY🏋

Everything I need to fuel my body the right way😍 Cod, a favorite. Easy to bring to work. Monday today. Keep swimming.

It is called chocolate brownie w whipped cream - pump😂

Fell asleep at the hair salon. I told the hair dresser about my tough work week at three different working places night & day. Woke up with washed hair & new haircut. It felt so good to be taken care of, even though I was asleep the whole time🌼
Much love/

Going through some old photos. This one always makes me smile. Making life seem so easy🌎 Young Thi

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