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Theron Humphrey  Finding my way back to the important places

What a special weekend, thanks for the opportunity @gooseisland ✨it was full of roaming hop fields, drinking IPAs, and watching Wilco play a set. Idaho ain't the worst place out there y'all! #RoadToTheHarvest #ad

My buddy let me borrow his old K5 Blazer so I took it up a mountain. I feel the same way about these sort of places folks do about a sandy beach, I could sit here all day.

Last night camping before we head up into Northern Idaho towards Elk Mountain Farms where @GooseIsland grows their hops.
If you won the #RoadToTheHarvest trip up there please say hi to Forrest and myself when ya see us! Catch my stories of the event, should be a pretty good time. (Hoping to get Jeff Tweedy to sign my albums) #ad

Morning view, it's good to remember these peaceful places of solitude. It's not always like this ya know.
What happened in Charlottesville yesterday, all of the horrible White Supremacist rhetoric and violence, got me thinking about my time growing up in the South. Every summer I would spend months on my Grandfathers farm in Pollocksville, NC. I'd ride on his tractor and explore the woods. Neat little side story here is our family use to own the land that is now Camp Lejeune. Anyhow it really was a lovely time. But my Grandfather would casually and despairingly drop the N word to cut others down. He would tell me stories about being a young boy and growing up around freed slaves his father owned, but not as if they were humans to be loved, but that an outside force made them change and now they'd have to pretend and go along.
I hated that side of my Grandfather. Even as a young boy in my heart I knew it was wrong. But then I'd go back home to the big city that had new perspectives where folks didn't talk like that and all seem fine. But that really wasn't true, it was just more subtle, masked in some sort of nod to history as if it deserved that respect. The schools I went to were Stonewall Jackson Middle and the Lee-Davis High. Our mascot was a Confederate solider, he would ride across the field on a horse carrying the school flag. Wild right? I graduated in 2001, this wasn't that long ago y'all. Blows my mind thinking that the leaders and adults in that generation felt justified in their White Resentment.
Those were the things on my mind this morning as I looked out across the dry Montana landscape. I know one thing for sure, now more than even, I'm looking forward to a more diverse America. I'm gonna embrace it.

This summer sure has pulled at all the right heart strings. It's real good out there y'all, don't let em tell you otherwise ✨

When I'm out of the city, far away from all that pavement is when I'm relaxed, gentle and balanced.
If you're a student of the Enneagram you'll know that's what us 8's are always trying to point our compasses towards ✨

Eerie beauty around western Montana right now with all the wildfires, praying for rain in August

Only been in my new adventure mobile a few weeks and I'm already in love. Somedays I do miss my FJ60 (which I'm keeping forever) but this dreamboat feels like a little home, so cozy! Going from tight quarters to a space I can stretch out in makes me smile every morning. I think I'm gonna call it Delwood ☀️
After living on the road for so many moons here's my short list of what I was looking for my 'close to ultimate rig'. The biggest question you have to answer is do you want 4x4, if you never go off-road you can get a 2wd van v cheap.
So here was my list!:
Classic car aesthetic / boxy
Space you can stand up in
Permanent bed area
Dedicated water storage
Power inverter
15+ mpg

Been laying low the past week or so, just enjoying what I see with my eyes. After doing this 5+ years somedays you wake up and really need to reflect on what you're pointing your camera at, what is there left to say?
Today that's a deep love of being on the water with 2 creatures I admire a whole bunch.
This quote has been sticking with me lately: "The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image." - Thomas Merton

Not always camping on an epic cliff, sometimes it's pizza for dinner on a random street corner 🍕

Loving my new adventure setup! So nice to have a space that I can live in and call my own. Waking up in the morning and having a couch to drink coffee on is a dream. Next week I'm installing solar panels and will be completely off the grid ✨
After spending sometime with this truck I'm so thankful I got 4x4 , getting into the backcountry spots has been a long passion of mine but for a few I was considering a 2wd Sprinter van since the 4x4 models cost 50k+! Grateful I went for the reliable ole diesel pickup

Did y'all preorder our new book?! 🙃 link is in my bio

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