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Theron Humphrey  Wild heart

California, after all our hearts ✨

Last day living that hammock lounging & popsicle eating LA life! Tomorrow we’re off to shoot a commercial photo project on Lake Tahoe & then we’re on the road for a month!
I haven’t been deeply excited to hit the road in a long time y’all. We’ve been out there some 8 years now, often just wandering around or bumping in between those emotional guard rails of life. But this time around I feel clear, and whole, and so stirred up creatively to be taking one of the biggest creative challenges I’ve had in years.
It’s gonna be a rad summer! 🌵

I’m next in line to read my friend @jedidiahjenkins new book, to shake the sleeping self, that comes out this fall ✨ I’ve actually never been around an early author copy of a book before, feels mysterious or maybe like I need to look over my shoulder cause I’m about to get busted 🌵

Be kind to yourself. Say Hi and make new friends. Pet dogs and scratch floppy ears. Ride in convertibles more often. Call a friends when they cross your mind ✨
This image came together when they lovely @lukkathelabel came up and said Hi to @reallykindofamazing and myself last night. That’s the best part of traveling, when a moment of vulnerability turns into magic ✨

Be kind to yourself ✨

Boring old man games with uncle @mo & @reallykindofamazing

Road trip up the California coast in a 1967 Impala convertible? Truly a bucket list dream ✨

Growing up in a small Southern town I didn’t think you’d ever catch me saying this...but I like LA a lot 🌵

Made it to LA! Planning out our summer adventure with this old friend right now. I think we’re gonna throw down a few miles and find some old roads🙃
It ain’t so bad being in the city when you have a little backyard oasis like this, loves this casa

You know you’re turning into an old man when you enjoy life more staying at the same camp spot instead of looking for a “better one” 🙃

Accepting and feeling the beautiful moments in the world is one of my biggest vulnerability challenges. I have dear friends that can cry at a sunset and feel it in their soul. But many days I just can’t, it’s easy for me to mix up weakness and vulnerability.
Often when I’m looking at my phone about to post an image I sense inside me: “Oh wow Theron, another photograph of your dog. Very original.” But then there are other moments I deeply feel: “What greater gift and celebration of a beauty can there be than to honor the life of creation? To say that I love them.” .
So take this one how you will. Another Maddie photograph or an image celebrating a life that brings me joy.
I know this is why I photograph the world and all the light at sunset. So I can let go and feel it just like my friends who cry and sunsets.
If we were talking in person this is where I’d make a joke to break the vulnerability

On the road to California! And very glad to be nearly done with my truck project, Delwood 😊(after my granddaddy). I grew up in the South and the coolest trucks around when I was a kid were the jacked up 4x4’s with big mud tires. I guess I had it in my system! Well, this is my mild overland version of all that.
If you’re a vehicle nerd here’s the base of my build:
1995 F350 (was an F250)
Toyota FJ40 beige paint
7.3L turbo diesel
D60 solid axle swap
ARB front locker
4.10 gears
Sky shackle reversal 4” lift
Super Duty V & B springs
Detroit rear locker
315/70r17 K02’s

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