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Theron Humphrey  Wild heart Represented by @tinkerstreet

Rate red snouted sock elephant helping uncle John Christian with laundry ✨

Revisiting classic ideas in new moments 🌱

Finally making use of that fancy tripod ✨

I do enjoy being in the city, contrary to what my pal Garrett would tell ya. Ill tell y’all what, one time I spent 5 concurrent days in NYC and 2 weeks in LA! I do like all the all the rad coffee shops, amazing places to eat, and running into friends but y’all, I’d much rather spend my life in an open field. My truck was in 4x4 last night and it’s hard to think of anything that makes me happier.
The next few weeks are gonna be wild and busy for us, I’m so ready for that change! It’s good for a man like me to sit still and be quiet for a minute.
On the 15th of this month I’m taking on a massive project at my house. It hurts me to write this, but an engineering calculation proved to not line up with life and the front of my house squished downward and jammed up my sliding doors. The fix is easy, just expensive. We are jacking it up and installing steel support posts. Thankfully it all lines up with the footers and honestly ain’t too complicated. The part that hurt is that it is $10,000 in glass! My mama told me once I learn everything the hard way, ain’t that the truth.
I’m thinking that I might talk to the camera a whole lot during that process on stories, I haven’t been much feeling like being on camera recently, but I think that season is changing. So tune into if you’re into me talking about fixing stuff.
But I am truly pumped right now. I love a project. And I’m headed out West in May to shoot 2 photo campaigns. When the weather is like this I feel like I could do anything ✨

Show off 🍳

Friday’s in Nashville ❤️ best part about living in music city is everyone is always walking around with guitars just looking to play songs in my yard. Not really. But it does happen sometimes and I love it ✨

Dogs get it

A portrait for my dearest friend of 8 years. We’ve been so many places and seen to many neat things. This year might just be the best yet ✨

Revisiting some places and ideas we’ve been to before ✨thinking we might find something new with older eyes

Self watering dog, v convenient 😊

No man really needs 37” tires on his truck but I have this North Carolina redneck side that just likes big trucks 🙈

Did some yard work and planted a few rosemary bushes at my casa last night. And a dog. She really is the sweetest, will never be a another like her ✨

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