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Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Perth  Emma Rose, Subiaco, Perth ✖️Cosmetic Tattoo ✖️Dermal Therapy ✖️Brow&Lash Styling 🚫DM:Pricing&Bookings via website ⬇️

Eyebrow Perfection created with:
•Clear Brow Gel

Thanks @bethanydonoghue for welcoming Brooke with a box of chockies! So kind and thoughtful 😘😘😘

ZOOM IN: open pores got stamped with their first Stamp Skin Needling session.
Electric Collagen Induction Therapy aka Rejuvastamp is an advanced form of Skin Needling (not the same as Dermapen, Micro Skin Needling or Dermal Rolling) which stimulates collagen and elastin leading to tightening of skin and shrinking of stretched pores 👌🏼

Thistle and Rose... saving Brows with Cosmetic Tattoo since 2015!

This is nothing short of Lip perfection 👄 Full Lip Tattoo, healed after one session immediately before the refinement 😍

Peekaboo 👀 lifted these lashes 💪🏼

A p p r e c i a t i o n P o s t

Today marks two weeks since Brooke landed in Perth to start her new journey as my gorgeous Trainee.

These last two weeks have been amazing! She has added so much value to Thistle and Rose in many more ways than I had thought imaginable this early on.

As a small business and a first time employer, it was petty scary taking this giant leap but when you can instantly see benefits, it's a wonder how we coped without her!

Here are some of the highlights of having Brooke on board so far;
-the studio is looking pretty snazzy with a few physical changes and a good clear out 🚮
-our emails and booking requests are almost up to date 🖥
-our mobile phone is back up and running for taking deposit payments over the phone 📱 -I can focus solely on treatments which means the best care possible 💉
-super quick response time to all queries, currently sitting at about one business day from submitting a booking request form to being booked in ⏰
-one lucky lady even got a one time only hand massage whilst waiting for her sensation tolerance to kick in 💆🏽 For everyone who has met Brooke, we hope you share the same love as I do, and for everyone else, we look forward to having you meet our cute twosome 👯

Xx Emma Rose

This beauty has THE most gorgeously piercing blue eyes and makes them pop by growing her lashes super long, yes #lilashworks! Ohhhh and we neutralised and freshened up her existing Brow Tattoo too xx

f u l l f l u f f y f e at h e r y 🐥 •
Microbladed hairstrokes

Microbladed Brows 🖋 and Lifted lashes 💪🏼

These Combination Brows are everything 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @kate_mcinerney

Now that we are tightening our administrative duties and have a full time admin assistant on board to ensure that all communication is responded to in a timely manner and no one gets missed... We will also be enforcing our DEPOSIT POLICY. This is not a new policy, it has been around for almost a year now, it's just now able to be carried out consistently. ✖️Cosmetic Tattoo
$100 deposit PER appointment booked
✖️Dermal Therapy
$100 deposit PER appointment booked
✖️Brow & Lash Styling
50% deposit PER appointment booked

Deposits will be taken manually via credit card transaction on the day of your booking correspondence, you can either email, SMS or have us phone you for your credit card details (number, expiry AND code). We will also be taking deposits in person at the end of your appointment when you book in your future appointments too.

Deposits are NON refundable under no circumstances, absolutely no exceptions (even if you fall pregnant and are no longer eligible for your treatment, your deposit will not be refunded.) -If you wish to reschedule your appointment with more than 3 business days notice, your deposit will be transferred to reserve your new appointment time. You may not be offered any future appointments if you need to reschedule again. -If you give less than 72 hours (3 BUSINESS days) notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment, your deposit will be forgone and a new deposit will need to be placed in order to schedule a new appointment. -If you do not show to your appointment with no notice, your deposit will be forfeited and you will not be able to make any future appointments.
All deposits will be taken via manual credit/ debit card.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance :) Xx Thistle and Rose team

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