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Emily von Euw  Award-winnin food blogger, best-sellin cookbook author. Dating chocolate. Tag pics #thisrawsomeveganlife! Vancouver BC (unceded Coast Salish land).

Chocolate pudding tarts... yummy and #vegan. I am PMSing so friggin hard rn and life is NOT fun but im just gonna get thru it with my heat pad and stretches and podcasts and books and documentaries and isolation because i am also extremely irritable and cranky 😠😠😠😠😠😠 Any tips? And/or share your experience! Also: remember that trans and non-binary folks exist (i am non-binary) so all kinds of people get periods πŸ’–βœ¨

Blueberry hazelnut oats bars: i will take 7, plz and thnx. This #raw #vegan recipe is on my blog. βœ¨πŸ’¦ Summer - to me - means BLUEBERRIES, BABY. 😜 We've got about 5 bushes in the yard and they literally give me life (i.e. calories in the form of fruit). // More important information: tonight i watched a documentary-musical called The Road Forward. It brought to the screen the inspiring history of resistance and resilience of indigenous folks and communities in canada, focusing on The Native Voice paper and The Native Sisterhood and Brotherhood. Make sure you find a way to see this film; it should be mandatory viewing in all canadian school curriculums!

My fave sorbet recipe! Just frozen fruits with a lil citrus and stevia. πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸπŸ“πŸ’¦ #Raw #Vegan #ThisRawsomeVeganLife #RawsomeForLife

The period IS coming soon so I am glad I have leftovers of this cake to eat for comfort and pleasure. You wouldn't know (except now I am telling you...) but it contains some superfood green goodness from @genuinehealth's VEGAN greens+ O. This powder is ideal for supplementing your diet with. As much as I try to eat a bunch of healthy foodz everyday, sometimes I don't meet all my RDIs, so products like this one come in handy since they are so nutritionally dense. #lovehowyoufeel #loveyourgut #ambassador

Brand new recipe is up #ontheblog! SALTED ALMOND BUTTER COOKIES: recipe link is in my profile description. πŸ˜‡ Adapted from Laura's (@thefirstmess) recipe in her new cookbook. #vegan #nobakecookies #thisrawsomeveganlife #firstmesscookbook

#vegan food aint all bad 😏😏😏 #rawsomeforlife

LET'S EAT CAKE. πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ° This is some good stuff: strawberry + chocolate cheesecake covered in extra chocolate sauce cuz WHY NOT. The recipe is #raw, #vegan and #ontheblog. You would not know, but I snuck some @genuinehealth VEGAN greens+ O in here to boost the nutrition. 🌿 So I am gettin my daily dose of high quality greens but also - arguably more importantly - my daily dose of dessert. #lovehowyoufeel #loveyourgut #ambassador

GIVEAWAY! πŸŽ‰ Win a basket full of @hippiesnacksorganic goodies (coconut clusters, veggie clusters aaand granola which I used in this rhubarb crumble recipe #ontheblog) by following @hippiesnacksorganic on IG and commenting on this post one thing you love about life. :) :) Limited to Canada only, sorry everyone else! #thisrawsomeveganlife

Just some chia pudding w chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries. ✨❀️✨❀️✨ #vegan #thisrawsomeveganlife // I had a wonderful time yesterday at the #MarchOnPride, organized by the incredible folks at @blm_van. Those of us who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ deserve safety and the freedom to live and love, because we are human (I wish this was needless to say). For queer peeps who additionally have to deal with the oppressions that come with being non-white, that safety has even more barriers around it. PoC voices and experiences must be heard, honoured and raised UP- not silenced. PoC queerness + the work of trans women and femmes of colour must be celebrated and given due credit (i.e. all the credit). We cannot celebrate gay pride until there is liberation for ALL of us, not just a privileged few, and not just queer white people.🌹🌹🌹 #BlackLivesMatter #NoPoliceInPride #PrideIsPolitical

CRANBERRY + PISTACHIO FUDGE. ✨🐬 #vegan and #ontheblog now, babes. Link to recipe is in my profile description. Inspired by @ainecarlin's recipe in her cookbook, The New Vegan. XO

the best #vegan ice cream i've tasted in vancouver is naomi's (@sayhellosweets), and you can get as much as you want [need] at @friendly_vancouver. i stuck a nanaimo bar in my cone for obvious reasons. #thisrawsomeveganlife

#vegan pumpkin pieeee! ✨ and it just happens to be full of nourishing ingredients like coconut, goji berries and - shocker - pumpkin. stuffing my face with delicious desserts everyday gives me energy, cuz #raw vegan treats are made with mainly fruits, nuts/seeds and even sometimes veggies, like in this recipe. you can find it on my blog, if you're feelin it! life is good. / #thisrawsomeveganlife

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