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1988  Belize | New York | Dubai Love is my only religion.

I don't have a caption. I just wanted to select multiple photos 🙄

I'm enrolling in the #RemyMa school of shade. Be back later #shETHER

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Popping up in dreams like ...

You know, it is an honor and privilege to wake up like this 😬

R. Staine x L. Staine #BabySister

She's literally the best person for the job. I'm forever thankful for every buss ass, cussin' and punishment. I'm thankful for her understanding and forgiveness for my fuck ups. I'm happy she's my mom. I'm happy I've never seen someone's else mother daughter relationship and envied them. My mom is literally the best to ever do it. Happy Birthday, Mommy! I love you sooooooo much. < It's Feb 1st in Dubai> #FineWine #MommyDearest

Little sister ain't so little anymore

My mom and her girls #Blended

@purpledolphin9 and I at mom's birthday party last night #BelizeanGirls

... well

Dinner with the OG Dubai homies