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This Mess Is Ours  Tales from the modern family table, which, for us, feeds a vegetarian, meat-eaters, a gluten-free-er & a pickle hater! It’s a bit messy, but we ❤️ it!

I love a good sandwich, don't you?! It's feeling like a strawberry pesto melt kind of a night over here.
This recipe comes from @noshandnourish 's latest cookbook, read all about it & grab this recipe by clicking the link in our profile or by visiting #howisummer #eattheworld #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #myallrecipes #foodblogeats

Are you team sweet or team savory when it's comes to breakfast?

I can't really pick because I flip flop back and forth on a daily basis, but this morning I felt the need for something sweet so I'm thinking that we should start the day with a stack of Mixed Berry & Chocolate Crunch Cakes.

Looking for breakfast inspiration? Check out our hashtag recipe box #thismessisBreakfast ! 🤤🥞 Clickable recipe link in profile or go to #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #eattheworld #howisummer #foodblogeats

TGIF!!! My daughter and I are celebrating the weekend with these spicy grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches. She and I like a little heat and that twang that only @FranksRedHot and @TreasureCaveCheese blue cheese can bring to the table.
Clickable recipe link in profile or go to so you can celebrate a tasty TGIF too!! #RedHotBlueCheese #ad #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogeats #myALLrecipes #foodpictures #f52grams #foodblogfeed

That color tho!!! Anyone care to guess what makes this gorgeous sip such an electric shade of pink?

Big love to @nutsdotcom for inviting us to their #nuttyfamilydinner ! Feeling super spoiled right now!💗😍💗

Do you believe that plants have the power to heal? 🍃💚 We sure do! We believe that plants can heal not only the body, but the heart, and spirit as well. Today we are sharing @kaleandcaramel beautiful cookbook which truly showcases the power of plants. Over the years I've had cookbooks inspire me, motivate me, and reinvent the way I look at the way we eat, but I've never had a cookbook touch me on a deep, emotional level like this one has.
Check out our review of Lily’s book and the recipe for this Carrot, Feta, and Pistachio Salad with Orange Blossom Toss by clicking the link in our profile or visit

#myALLrecipes #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogeats #eattheworld #howisummer #kaleandcaramelcookbook

Who loves caprese salads?! 🙋🏻
In the summer issue of @gffmag we've given the classic caprese a fun new flavor twist by infusing that dreamy balsamic drizzle with figs. It's summertime magic!
Look for the beautiful summer 2017 issue on newsstands now, visit @gffmag to subscribe by mail, or if you’re impatient like me you can download a PDF copy right now on their website! I am so honored to be featured in this gorgeous issue with @the_bojon_gourmet, @cannellevanille, @eringgg, @oliviamackanderson, and @kateleahycooks. #feedfeed @thefeedfeed#foodblogeats #thismessisvegan

I have a ❓about 🌮... what's the best taco you've ever eaten?
While falafel tacos might sound a bit strange They are actually ranked in our top 3 all time favorite 🌮 creations that have ever come out of our kitchen!
Clickable recipe link in profile or go to #tacotuesday #thismessisMexican #nutsdotcom #myALLrecipes #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogeats #eattheworld #howisummer

Do tell, what’s your FAVORITE way to eat/serve/cook blueberries?! I like to just pop them like candy straight out of the fridge, but I'm not opposed to blueberry dessert pizzas or homemade blueberry jam either!
I’m thinking I need to update my blueberry repertoire though, so I am excited to be inspired by all of your blueberry dishes!! 💜

Clickable recipe link in profile or go to:
#thismessisVegan #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogeats #blueberry #finestberries #berrytogether

Is it 5 o'clock yet?
I'm gearing up to indulge in a batch of rhubarb ginger beer margaritas one last time before the rhubarb season is over!
I think you should join me! Recipe link in profile or go to #thismessistipsy #rhubarb #feedfeedcocktails @thefeedfeed #foodblogeats

There's an entire newsletter going out tomorrow professing my love for falafel and everything that goes with it! I highly suggest you sign up while there's still time 🙌🥙🙌 Sign up by clicking the link in our profile or go to #thismessisvegan #foodblogeats #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #falafel

This #TacoTuesday we’re celebrating with a batch of falafel 🌮! Oh yes, you read that right! #FALAFEL #TACOS!! A few months ago our friends @nutsdotcom sent us a mystery box full of goodies and asked us to create a delicious dish using the contents. It was like a real life game of Chopped in our own kitchen! We tested, we tasted, then we tested some more. The recipes that came from this fun little contest are some of our all time favorites! It’s hard to say which is my favorite those perfectly pink tortillas or that sorghum tabbouleh. I can tell you though that when those 2 are paired with a fresh batch of falafel it makes for a trifecta of taco goodness that can’t be beat!
Clickable recipe link in profile or go to

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Excuse me while I brag, but yesterday when Gina from @thermomixusa came to the house to show us how to use our new machine our daughter decided to make a video of us whipping up a batch of ice cold lemonade! Didn't she do a great job?! We had so much fun spending the day in the kitchen together and am so thrilled that everyone in the family was as inspired as I was by the #thermomix!
Stay tuned for lots of Thermomix recipes coming your way soon! 🎥@elizaclendenin #thermomixyourday #ad #foodblogeats #thermomixusa

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