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I’m staying with my sister here in SF and this morning we took out our mom’s old notebooks to reread some of her writing. On a post it note taped to a page in her journal was this quote.
A bandaid isn’t what heals the wound.

Every time I ask myself whether I am enough for you, I will tell myself I am enough for me.
. 📷 @catalinaphotog .

My invitation to those in @theclass this morning was to practice falling in love with the ordinary so when the extraordinary does arrive, your heart is sensitized and ready.
Here is my own attempt.

A Valentine to the Ordinary

It is possible, I suppose to fall
In love with the way
The kettle beckons me close
Or how the fallen leaves
Have hidden my hide-a-key
Insulating it’s secret
Or the dishcloth, permissively giving
Itself to be soiled
Or the shower head that drips
Just enough to never be ignored
Unlike the doorbell who is happily forgotten
Living quietly in its convalesce.
It is possible, I suppose to fall
In love with all that comes
Together to call itself Home.
📷 @cfunk44

Definitely in the top 3 most important books I own. Here’s one for you, tonight:
I will come and find you when the love
I find inside myself is equal to what you offer,
I have been so afraid in that outer world
In which you found me; one thing i know
That i do not need to ask you to wait.
I only want to tell you that here in the center
Of my strength I am everything you have seen.
I will come in late September when the light
Inside me and outside of me has utterly changed.
All of this will come true.
- David Whyte.

This guy. Happens to have been born on this day. Lemme tell ya about him:
• Dad King Kuhn is the most intelligent man I know
• definitely the most curious
• he’ll want to know about you
• and what restaurants you like
• he’ll write them down - he keeps notes on everyone he meets because just in case you cross paths again - you’ll know he cares
• and if you drink wine, forget about it: now you’re besties
• he’ll ask what your favorite is & buy a bottle to try it
• and he’ll remember it was YOU with the good suggestion
This guy. This guy loves life, people, and good goodness. I’m lucky to learn from you every day, Dad.
Happy birthday @gilbertkuhn

Co-teaching, co-creating, co-thriving in this world with @jayceegossett is one of my life’s greatest joys. Oh how I hope you have friendships like this in the world.
Tomorrow, just before Valentines Day, we’ll be sharing @theclass mic and moving through the various textures of this thing called love: who we give it to, if we receive it, what blocks it, and how to liberate it.
Tag your Galentine that gets it. And hopefully, see you tomorrow (Wednesday) 10:15am @pureyoganyc

There’s really only one way to
Get out of bed, I must
First put my feet on the floor. I might
Though, leave my head on the pillow
Long after my feet have gone
Taking the familiar steps, to pave
The way it has always been.
Should my head find my feet, I would hope
My spine would construct
A dream ladder to that larger deeper current
So that I may never again ask
“How the hell did I get here?”
With love, Nat
📷 the incomparable @catalinaphotog

New day, new chance to resurrect the small voice that knows you are worthy of your own improvement.

Last night, i heard myself vent to a friend: “I didn’t even take a lunch break.” I continue: “not because anyone was holding a gun to my head. Because *I* allowed that to happen. How many times will I come home drained and exhausted? How many times will I have to learn the same lesson?“
I have been sitting with this same question for years now. Watching it ruin my relationships. Watching it destroy my inner light. And finally I sat myself down and peeled back the layers.

This isn’t about my job. Or my to-do list. Or my productivity. This is about my self-respect. When I choose to respect myself enough to tune my awareness to my state, I notice when it is depleted or hungry or irritated. From there, I have the CAPACITY to do what’s necessary to help myself.

When I choose to respect myself enough, I MAKE the time to sit without a screen. To nourish my body. To use my time WISELY. To honor my time.
And oddly enough, I get more done. I feel better. I am more present to myself and to others.

Today, and from this day forward: I respect myself enough to take a lunch break.

Who’s with me?
(Love you & thank you @rachaeldunville 💋)

But for real.
(@lunya you kill me 😆 )

When I put my attention on my worry, chances are I’ll worry more — about whatever choice is at hand: whether I should do this or do that, if its “right” or “wrong”.
When I put my attention on my state, choice matters less and less.
It dissipates into an understanding.
There is a certain way of living that feels in alignment. When I pay fierce attention to that, what needs to happen next will be obvious.
📷 @whoisjakejones for @human_shift

Yesterday my heart expanded in new ways. I had the opportunity to teach @theclass to the female employees of @playagrandebeachclub with my sister from another mister, Ali, translating everything. My first bi-lingual teaching experience.

These women. Who do some much for so many. The housekeepers, janitors, waiters, cooks, staff cooks, administrators, and laundry women. I started the way we always start. Place your hands on your body and breathe.

Immediately I felt something different. It was the electricity of newness. No one has ever asked them to just simply be and breathe. And that was just the beginning.

By the end, we had transcended language.

Both from a felt sense during Class and during our talks after, I learned about their lives. Who had good partners, who didn’t, how many kids they have, who has survived cancer, and who has survived the deaths of multiple loved ones, where they live and how they live.
The staff cook, Jocalis, asked: “Cuando respiro así, siento que voy a llorar y no parar. Es normal?” (When I breathe like that, I feel like I will cry and not stop. Is this normal?) We talked about breath and emotion, the heart and what it holds, and why tears are important.
The throughline was clear. It isn’t customary to be asked how you feel with sincerity. And it certainly isn’t normal to have someone listen to the answer. But even more profound was their experience around belief.

Anya is one of my favorite ladies and she sat with me and Ali after. She explained that her daughter’s father said the nastiest things to her about her and she didn’t know she had a choice about whether or not to believe it. She kicked him out a few weeks ago and cried as she told us that she now knows she can believe what she wants to about herself.

I am so grateful to be returning in a month with #TheRetreatment. And even more grateful to have another opportunity to practice with the women of Playa Grande again. So so grateful to Ali for letting me do this, for the dissolution of constructs and roles, for the gift of shared humanity, for a common language that knows no words.

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