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Cornelius Lindsey  Husband to @Heatherllove💑. Father👨‍👧‍👦. Pastor @thegatheringoasischurch⛪️. Author📖.🏋🏾. Vegan🌱. Founder of @themancavesociety😎.

Psalm 10:14-18

No matter how big she gets, she'll always be my princess. #nightnighttime #imperfectfamilyman #reallifewithcl #fatherhood #fatherdaughter

We're 7 days away from worship, the Word, and fellowship amongst brothers. I'm so excited about our gathering! If you haven't purchased your Man Cave Pass, visit cc: @themancavesociety

This picture was taken 6 years ago! My wife and I lived in Jackson, Mississippi, and we were out celebrating someone's birthday. Those were tough days. Well, our days are tough now, but those days were really intense. We were newly married, living in a new place, trying to make new friends, and attempting to leave our old life behind. I was at a point where I wanted to rebel against God. I wanted "freedom" from my marriage so I could "just be single again." I hated social media because I felt like it was worthless to share your life with people you'd probably never meet🙄. I was wrong😂, and I'm glad to have met so many wonderful people through these social mediums. Nevertheless, we felt alone and discouraged. As the leader of our small family I was unsure of our direction, but I was confident that God's hand was on both of us. He was guiding us even when we felt like He forgot us. He poured wisdom in us so we could speak words saturated in His truth. It's been an uphill climb, and we've felt alone through most of it. If you're newly married, or just going through trying time, know that God hasn't forgotten about you. Live for His glory. Humble yourself under His mighty hand, and He shall exalt you in due time. Just know that you're not alone! #whenGodshandisonyou

My wife and I had a chance to encourage and answer questions from the singles out in Instagram land earlier this week. Tomorrow, we'll talk to the married couples. Join us at 3pm(ET) via my Instagram LIVE. We're talking marriage and family. Come with your questions, and let's have a good time. Y'all can keep all that trolling though👀😬😎. I'm still in the blocking business🙌🏾. And or marriage retreat schedule is posted! Check out to register/check it out.

All to Jesus 🙌🏾

There must be a serious conversation about the emotional health in the Body. I debated on whether or not to speak on this via Instagram Live. This is a real topic that cannot be dismissed or masked with religious sayings. We've heard many teachings on what we can do when the body is diseased, but what do you do when your mind is sick? A dis-eased mind can cause many issues--some with deadly consequences. Both men and women are the victims of this problem, but I believe men suffer far worse. With minimal transparency, little to no confession of sin, refusal to be accountable, and an unwillingness to confront the issues in front of us, we hide behind our 'fig leaves' hoping we can go unseen and undetected. We soon learn that designer clothes, degrees, church sayings, and the like only masks the issues because the problems are embedded within. This is an epidemic that's claimed many casualties. Even the messengers of truth--God's anointed preachers--are suffering silently right now. With no one to talk to and no where to turn, they internalize their failures, minimize their successes, and ignore the hope they deal to others. We have to talk about this.

"Go to the ant, you lazy person. Consider her ways and be wise!" PROVERBS 6:6
Ants aren't interested in worldly wealth, which quickly becomes a burden to those shackled to it. They work for the good of the well-organized colony. They're industrious and hardworking. They seek to work hard so the colony can be well taken care of; thus, they don't become a burden to others. They seek what they need and carry it back so others can feed. They aren't lazy! Excuses don't work in their industry. They will travel over stones, climb trees, squeeze through damp window crevices, go high and low, and enter containers taller than they'll ever be in search of food. Never hindered, they seek to help one another by carrying their fellow ant's burdens through storms and blazing heat. When one goes for the kill, they all join to help. We could learn a lot from them. Consider your ways and ask yourself if you're being productive. Are you making excuses or making things happen? Forget all those who don't believe in you because I believe in you! God believes in you! And you're worth the effort. Don't let me down. Most importantly, don't let yourself down! We're in this together. Welcome to your faith and fitness community. This is our #warriorfaithmentality.

That beautiful moment when the badges arrive in the mail! We have 9 days until the beginning of @themancavesociety conference! It's not too late to get your man cave pass. Visit to register.

I have a desire to bring our leaders together. We can do more together than we can separated. I believe it's dangerous and counterproductive for us to have initiatives that war against one another or when competition rises up when discussing our plans. That shouldn't be! We have a responsibility to our communities to serve the people with the best of what God has given us. It's my desire to provide that medium for pastors and ministry leaders to come together for accountability, communication, edification, and encouragement. We cannot afford to lose a leader. I'd love to link with you and see how we can best serve our communities together. Join me at this mixer. Let's MEET. Let's TALK. Let's BUILD! To register, email us at

The narrative that we must give an 'offering' to receive a 'blessing' is extreme and absurd. To pervert the law of sowing and reaping to satisfy worldly gain is just as crazy. This narrative is bondage. Those who've bought this skewed view believe God is waiting for their financial gift before He can release a 'blessing.' So, they give to get, instead of giving out of compassion, love, empathy, and compulsion by God. They seek His hand, not His heart. To view God as a sugar daddy wanting to give you things after you perform favors for Him, disgraces His Holiness. He loves His children, and a loving Father desires to provide, protect, and care for those in His family. He's willing to give because He knows His children don't have anything of value that could compare to what He has already given them. Selah.

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