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Andy Jenkins  Creative Tinkering / Element Brand / @bendpress /@roaming_element

Landing in Madrid. #elementworkingweekineurope

If you’re a graphic designer, you know what this is. And you know the feeling of relief after renaming a file “final-FINAL-FINAL_V4” and finally sending it off to the press. Then the dread you have after receiving printed copies and finding a mistake that slipped through. No, I won’t tell you what the mistake is. #elementspring19catalogs @elementbrand #elementbrand

John Coltrane. Don Cherry.

Lettus. #wrenchpilot

Yes, it’s a velvet painting. Actual velvet graphics? Been done, but... it may be time again. @marcfalkenstien @bryan_mfbre_arii @johnnyschillereff @bgyeah @juliengduval @brechtcuppens @reygautier / just giving away ideas...

Watched Andrew Heaney pitch a complete game shut out, one hitter last night. It was his birthday on top of that. Great to see. Thanks for the invite @bgyeah and thanks for the tix #jonjay / #angelsbaseball #laangelsofanaheim

Black Crow King.


I’m part of this amazing lineup tomorrow night. Honored. Thanks Juergen! There will be some pretty incredible skate history featured. Hope some of you can make it out! @subliminalprojects @skateboardmuseum #subliminalprojects #skateart #skatehistory

Evening glow. #smokette

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