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Victoria Bouloubasis  just try it. 🐽 journalist, food writer & doc filmmaker. @indyweek food editor. Durham NC (mostly).

Crazy #eclispe2017 shadows, with a special cameo by Sir Wrinkles. 🌘 #πŸ‘…

Activists called this homemade caricature of the confederate flag, carried by a white ally, "tone-deaf." From afar, swaying through the parading protestors downtown, it was difficult to tell that it was an artistic statement *against* the klan. The people took care of it. They burned the flag in front of the old county courthouse, where community members had already toppled a confederate statue earlier in the week. Photo for @indyweek. #defenddurham

Sage and rage*. Omisade performed blessing rituals throughout the afternoon at yesterday's #defenddurham rally amid rumors that the KKK would be marching through downtown. People raised their fists through the sage's fragrant smoke, love and fury hand in hand. Photo for @indyweek. *phrase borrowed from @hraygun

At least a thousand people took the streets in #Durham today after reports of a KKK rally were confirmed by the county sheriff. Activists said they saw men in hoods. In the span of 15 min I met an ex MS13 gang member and spotted a (confirmed) former Aryan nation member, both sporting visible tattoos touting their prior allegiance. In an open carry state I saw more civilians with guns strapped to their waists than I've ever noticed before (including an AK47) and the usual cops with sniper gear on a downtown roof. Moments were both tense and celebratory. If you feel safe, please show up. If you don't, know you are supported. Our wounds are open, many are fresh. We are hurting and mad as hell. This community, this complicated southern city, amazes me. #defenddurham

my #durham

Give them hell, #Durham.

Up at @indyweek today, @iza_woj has the scoop on the reimagined Rose's Meat and Sweets (with a couple photos by me). The new restaurant is now open, its menu so far impeccably executed. With whole-hog #ramen and silken tofu to boot. 🐽

Do you desire this once more, and innumerable times more? #nietzsche

A true unicorn, this one.

"It is here, on this edge of sand and surf, where I must have developed my need to see the horizon, to look outward as far and wide as possible. My hunger for vistas has never left me. And it is here I must have fallen in love with water, recognizing its power and sublimity, where I learned to trust that what I love can kill me, knock me down, and threaten to drown me with its unexpected wave. If so, then it was also here where I came to know I can survive what hurts.
This was the great seduction. There was no end to the joyful exaltation on this edge of oscillations.
And each night the smell of orange blossoms and sea salt ignited sunsets into flames slowly doused by the sea. Not a year of my life has missed a baptism by ocean. Not one." -- from When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams #planereading

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