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Victoria Bouloubasis  just try it 🐽 journalist. 2018 james beard nominated food writer. doc filmmaker. @theIWMF fellow. Durham NC (mostly)

Resurrecting this bb today, because we’re all feeling dragged by the state of things (to put it mildly). Let’s take our breaks and hide to collect ourselves when possible. I’m not one for cheesy pull-quotes or platitudes, but I’m inspired by the big-hearted and intelligent people around me turning anger into momentum. Makes me hopeful we can persist together, fuck shit up, and fix this. (Photo is from my loose ongoing personal project “Nuestro Norte, Our South” taken at Mebane’s Buckhorn Flea Market, 2015) #ABOLISHICE

I see how it is

Today is my yiayia Eleni's birthday, and nearly seven years without her. We often didn't understand each other, but that's what happens when two hot-headed women--a grandmother and a granddaughter--are separated by a generation of experiences, yet are so much alike. We are SO much alike. (And we always loved each other deeply, and showed it, no matter what.) I inherited her intuition and her propensity to declare opinions έξω από τα δόντια. She passed down a deep generosity and, like her, I am learning to protect it. Yiayia was one of the most hilarious people I'd ever known, and when it was time to entertain, she set the stage for everyone to relish in simple joys: people, food, and music. She was so young my entire life (only 40 when she became my yiayia) and we’d joke around in our made-up voices about how the Greek words for grandmother didn’t suit her, because she was simply not a cute old lady. She was a true golden girl. As I move about my days without her, navigating my relationship to the world, I often wonder how far she would have soared if born in another time, without the obligations she fiercely fulfilled, and with simply more choice. Her distance from this life (my life) is difficult. But her presence is eerily palpable sometimes, catching me off guard at the most unexpected moments, in places she's never been, with people she's never known. She fed us so much, all the time, and this has shaped who I am in ways I’m still discovering. During her last few months, she asked me to cook all the foods she never had tried, including recipes she clipped from newspapers since the 1980s and dishes she’d seen on TV. It was a summer of seafood paella and peach pie. She made friends everywhere she went, and her funeral was full of these folks, from a Harlem Globetrotter to diner dishwashers. I love like her, I cook like her, I RBF like her, my papou says I look like her. I need to find a table to dance on this week to honor her to the fullest. Happy birthday, λυγαρία. We miss you. 💕🌊

Baba, the homie 🕺🏻

*something about feeling rooted and rejuvenated and loving on amazing inspirational friends, old and new, and ignoring that cheesy billboard, plus a peach emoji* 📸: @pilita

Pretty stoked to crash the @fi2w workshop at #amc2018. Feet in 2 Worlds uplifts immigrant journalists and immigrant stories (including producing a film I made with @andreapatino in 2016: Line Cooks at Home / La Comida de los Cocineros). What a beautiful morning this is, witnessing our narratives flourish!


My favorite restaurant in Durham, @elchapinrestaurante, is donating 100% of today’s profit to relief efforts in the family’s native Guatemala. A volcanic eruption this week left a rising death toll and at least 200 people missing, with many homes lost, in one of the poorer areas of Guatemala. El Chapin is open for lunch and dinner until 9pm. Great for GF and vegetarians, too, (though I recommend the pollo pepian 🍗 with extra homemade tortillas). Takeout available! For on-the-ground, heartfelt coverage in Guatemala follow @wmorena and @daniele_volpe. 💙 Photos above are by @alexboerner for my 2016 @indyweek feature on El Chapin and the Ordoñez family.

Ἑσπερίδες με τα μαγεία ✨
Hesperides with the magic 🔛



The best part about my piece in @cropstories are the beautiful, insightful photos taken by former youth farmworkers and activists José Godinez (his photo pictured) and Yesenia Cuello. @nc_field’s Poder Juvenil Campesino (Rural Youth Power) has spent years fighting for farmworker rights and to end child labor in NC fields, where children as young as 6 have worked under harmful conditions in tobacco and other crops. Support local journalism and purchase a copy at @cropstories!
#thankafarmworker #zine #immigration #endchildlabor #farmworkerjustice #agriculture #nctobacco

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