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23 y/o lez in Mississippi😇🌈✌🏼😉  I’m haley & I’m livin mah best life. I had WLS 12/12/16 and I’m down>180 lbs... now I just post food/my girlfriend/our shenanigans😏 #SelfLoveAdvocate

Ho. Lee. Shit. Katie can cook man. She said “I thawed the shrimp out, sautéed it with Old Bay and diced garlic and added a little lemon juice. The spinach is sautéed garlic with salt, pepper and a little lemon juice too. I made your rice with a little butter and Parmesan mixed in.” This is my first time having her make shrimp like this for me and I swear, I’m in love! 💕👌🏼👭😆😊😍🤪🌞☀️🤟🍽✨💕💕💕💕

Just running errands with this lil queer

We did a lil meal prep yesterday. Seasoned ground turkey mixed with shells and cheese then chopped up a pineapple and roasted some veggies with Italian seasoning

I am dead @carried_away28


When Katie & I leave dinner and both head for the others car door and look at each other puzzled and AT THE SAME TIME “I was going to open the door for you!!” 😂😂😂

Venti iced vanilla bean coconut milk latte

Loving my new work brochures, going to give them to all my neighbors!! I am feeling so blessed to have the opportunities I do in this career #Grateful

Katie with that morning bless up 😴🍽 #Spoiled

Every single day I’m thankful that you are mine <3 @quesolibre366

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