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When structuring my lifestyle or making decisions, I often use this concept as a guide. It’s why @banessaloya and I have a very low-overhead lifestyle and why I don’t over extend myself with social commitments, etc. Ask yourself: “Will this decision result in a net decrease or increase in my inner peace?” What are your thoughts?

This quote from @yung_pueblo gets me every time. “A calm mind is a powerful mind.”
Also loved having him on the podcast a few weeks ago and talking about emotional history, cultivating inner peace, resources for growth, healing and more. You can catch it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher. Just search: “The Think Grow Podcast”

This idea has been shared by many different people over the years so I don’t know the original attribution. But I love this phrase because it elegantly encapsulates the idea of personality: How you behave in one scenario predicts how you are likely to behave in other scenarios.
If you are rude to servers at restaurants, you’re likely to be more disagreeable in other interactions. If your room is always messy, you are probably not a particularly orderly person in general. If you are extremely competitive at board games, you are likely to be more achievement-oriented when it comes to your career. Each part represents the whole.
But here’s the amazing part: when you know what aspect of your personality is holding you back, you can focus in on it and fine-tune it. And when you do, you will not just be improving one aspect of your life, but many.
Have you listened to my new podcast episode yet? What did you think? My wife Vanessa and I discuss this topic at length and explain the different aspects of personality. If you haven’t listened yet, the link is in my bio 👆

What’s one mindset shift you’ve had recently?

In order to improve yourself, you must first understand yourself. And that starts with becoming aware of the different traits and behaviors that make you who you are.
You need to know what's under your hood in order to effectively identify the parts of yourself that need work. When you take inventory of your specific personality traits, you have a better idea of where to focus your attention.
In this episode of the Think Grow Podcast, my wife @banessaloya and I explain how understanding personality can offer a customized approach to personal development. Hope you like it! Link in bioooo 👆

You know who they are: The people who make you better. The people who see the greatness in you. The people who want to see you succeed. The people who are inspired, excited and grateful. Remember: You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.

One of my favorite lines from The Obstacle Is The Way by @ryanholiday. Did you catch the podcast episode I did with Ryan? If not, it’s Episode 11 at the link in my bio 👆 What’s been your favorite podcast episode so far? What topic do you want me to cover next?

Grateful for where I'm at, excited about where I'm going...

Note to self: Don’t overcomplicate the process. 📝🤔

A concept that’s always in the background of my mind: You get what you focus on so focus on what you want. Where has your attention been lately?

Measurably increasing IQ is somewhat of a controversial topic, with some cognitive researchers arguing it’s not possible and others claiming that it is. That aside, I’ve personally noticed that my general cognitive abilities seem sharper when I employ these strategies on a consistent basis. Who else has had this experience?
P.S. I recorded a podcast about this topic a while back. See my Story for the link ↖️

This is a piece of advice from an ongoing list entitled: “Things I Need to Remember” that I keep in a note in my phone. I started writing the list as a way to remember the things that have worked well for me or improved my life in the past. I was tired of constantly forgetting these things, then having to rediscover them months or years later. I published this list as part of my 100 Day Project. The link to all my 100-Day-Project posts is in my bio. (This one is called “Notes To Myself” if you want to check it out)👆

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