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Humanity doesn’t come with citizenship or with a green card. Save our children. Cultivate their future. Call your reps at the US Capital, ‭1 (202) 224-3121‬ ; #happyfathersdayofaction #keepfamiliestogetherACT #KamalaisBæ

come to me,
sweet poetry.
i met you in a dream.
i saw you floating through the night.

Are you still there?


City Heights patrons, the Polls are on 54th & El Cajon Blvd. inside the United Meth Church. *for Same-Day registration folks, call (858)565-3360 to be given a code to give to your districts poll manager.

MS-13 & Ebola are making a comeback.. I got MC Hammer pants for $4.44 on the low, DM ME. The LIVE feed cut out prematurely. Where’s the rest of the video? What about Robert & Elizabeth? They’re trying to resurrect the 90’s cholo, Lol. #UNITEDSNAKES
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Ominously ethereal. 🖤 #raggamuffinKing

Arise, child. Today is rebirth. #afterbirth

Bet on Irrational Love, one thousand percent. 🧠🥢♻️

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