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Welcome to Senpai 😊  We empower creative people with the skills, resources, and environment needed to become world class creative-technology talents. #ThinkSenpai

Who else is ready to live on Mars? - Blue Origin crossed a huge milestone today as it successfully completed a critical test launch. The achievement marks a big win for Jeff Bezos and the prospect of commercial space flights. The aerospace company performed a live separation of its crew capsule from a rocket booster and sent the capsule higher than it has ever gone before. 🚀

The capsule is designed to coast into space, while the booster drops back down, kicking in landing gear and a rocket-powered breaking system to land on the ground, unscathed. The capsule, meanwhile, uses a pair of parachutes to coast back to Earth. From the looks of this morning’s livestream, things went precisely according to plan, with an ideal landing on both counts. Blue Origin expects tests with a human crew could commence as early as the end of this year. No timeline has been set for commercial flights, however. 🌎
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Good design must be environmentally friendly and we are making it a focus to design more sustainable things. The world is entering a new era whereby if human don't change their ways, we just might destroy the world as we know it. Now more than ever it's never been more important to focus on a more sustainable future and good design is at the center of that future.
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Uncle will @willsmith knows very well how to hack culture and have been going hard at it all year long. We really admire how easy it is for creative people to get their work out and on the internet for the world to see. Dear creative person why are you not creating?
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Do you watch our Instagram stories? Well you should. All the behind the scenes goodies are shared there. Also those that love the brand should turn notification on so you don't miss the things like design 101 again.❤️
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Nothing makes me feel more alive than watching creative people creating and senpai is allowing me to experience that, I can't be more grateful to be on this journey. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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You can only level up in life if you are willing to go through the pain required to be a better version of yourself. Change is definitely hard but it is necessary to create a better future. 😊
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From Mark Zuckerberg, to Google CEO, now France president. If it's not already clear to you that a revolution is upon us and the creative people are going to lead it, then you are living in the past. It's no coincidence that senpai exist at this time it's, no coincidence at all. If you are creative I beg you with my heart and soul your degree will not get you as much as your talents. Money is getting poured into our economy and they would be looking for the best of the best. To the people enrolled in design 101, you are chosen, great and powerful. Use this opportunities wisely and think senpai.🙂
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Hello guys the course registration is closing now, would love to thank you all soo soo much for all your efforts and excitement about the program. If you have registered please check your email. ( Check promotions if not in main mailbox) We have sent out most confirmations. Class starts officially on Monday and we would use this week to get settled. Love you all. Let's create a beautiful future.
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It's the greatest era to be a creative. So why are you not creating?🙂
#ThinkSenpai #creatingthefuture

For far too long creative people have been treated with disrespect, we have been made to suppress our greatness, we have been told to act normal. But all for what? So we can bury our gifts and not express it too the world? So we can live normal lives in the rat race? Never again? Creative people are rising and creating on new platforms, we are using technology to express our ideas and we are changing the world. The future is bright #ThinkSenpai #CreatingtheFuture #senpaidesign101 #senpaicollective

If you know, you know.

The community is still young and growing. Let's grow it together. #ThinkSenpai #creatingthefuture #collaboration

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