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  This is just random stuff, like my anonymous diary or something. Love you all. xx

Here's a pic of me in my first summer outfit. And i acctually felt a bit comfortable in these clothes, until i saw my tighs in the mirrors in school.

Ok, i will probably regret posting this pic, and delete it soon but, here's my body. #body #girl #bikini #pale #regret #imgoingtogetthere #iwillbethin #durning

Never give up for the body you want. #girl #notme #fit #tan # fitsporation #muscles #great #strong #keepgoing #tinyfeather

I am so broken. I don't really know if i can go on, uf im strong enough to take this shit. There's this guy, i like him so much, i can't even describe it. A month ago he kissed me. And it was one of the best days ever and my feelings just grew stronger and stronger ever since that day. After a while i gathered every ounce of courage i had and told him that i like him. And he said he liked me back. But ever since i told him, nothing's been the same. We don't talk the way we used to, we bairly talk at all. And i think about him every second of the day! Its killing me inside, because i know he lied to me when he said he liked me back. And last night i texted him a reeeeally long message about how i feel and that im so confused about this whole thing. And i stayed up for hours waiting for him to reply, but he didn't. And today i overslept because of the sleepless night thanks to him. And now im grounded til summerbreak starts because i missed school. I dont know what is going on, im breaking down and im a walking ghost, he is ruining me and i regret ever kissing him back. I regret ever letting myself open up. I will never do that again. From now on i am going to build up walls around my heart that noone is going to be able to break down. I am never gonna be this fragile and broken again. #girl #text #quote #diary #mental #breakdown #broken #heart #fragile #destroyed

#perfection #perfect #girl #hair #tan #jealous #giveme #dream #motivation #body | this is so beautiful,

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