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The only person I will ever pay to put me through hellish pain - @iamjukan ❤️ finally back in his studio @alter_schwan to finish up my sleeve. Lots of color on the inside of my arm, armpit and on the shoulder left to some "fun" hours ahead of me. Yikes.

Some quality bleep bloop time!

I honestly forgot how many great food places there are in Berlin. At this point, I am way past 3 meals a day... #omnomnomfuckingnom

Finally. ❄️

Winter actually feels like winter here...I've missed that! ❤️❄️

Off to Berlin to visit my beloved brother and his gf - can't wait to see my lil nephew again too. It's been too long ❤️

They handed out the medals for everyone who placed 1st - 3rd in their age bracket at Blizzard's 10th annual fun run. I got silver in the 10k and could not be happier..I mean, it's not a big deal. I am not THAT excited. It's just a medal - hardly means anything to me, honestly.
I won't let this get to my head, really. It's not like this is the first time I ever "win" anything. What do people do with medals anyway?!

Quick Cosmo doodle from a few days ago. There seemed to be an error in my calendar - he fixed it. .
He aint having any of this november december crap. Inkober or riot.

My day in one picture. Got better in the evening but dear me, what a terrible morning/noon/afternoon. Looking forward to just...sleep and forget all about it. How was your monday?

Falalalala lala la la🎄

Update: after verifying times etc. the official race results got updated and my seeding changed. I actually came 2nd in my age bracket and made the top 10 (7th place) in the overall 10k leaderboard 😁 Not sure if there will be another update but for now, I am rather proud of myself haha

Finished the Blizzard 10k in 53:47.
We had around 1300 runners, I placed 34th overall, 9th for my sex and 4th in my age bracket 26 - 35. (swipe to see my results)
Very pleased with this outcome, considering I have not been running much the past month and took it easy because of my knee. What a fun morning ❤️ Thank you, Blizzard.

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