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Brandi  Just another mom trying to lose weight while spewing my thoughts on the internet.

Kickass full-body strength day today! RDLs for sets of 8. I was able to do 2sets at 165, 2 at 175, and the last 2 at 185lbs!

Today was a killer cardio day!

Ready for '90s day at the gym

My gym does these fun dress-up "Spirit Weeks," and the next one will have a crazy sock day. I'm so ready! 😂

My legs are shaking after this one

275lb deadlift!! I tried to deadlift 285, but I only got it off the ground a couple inches. #deadlift #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift

Today, we were to go for a 1-rep max on squats, so I asked the trainer yesterday to give me a goal number and he said 225lbs. I thought he was full of shit! In my head, I'd been thinking 175lbs, but decided I'd be thrilled with anything over 200 after that talk. Turns out he was right. 225lbs!! I got to ring the bell again today! #girlswholift #squats

I'm dead. 3 rounds: 45 seconds on, 15 second rest between workouts. A whole 30 seconds between rounds. I did the whole thing with 20 and 25lb kettle bells! #kettlebellsallday #tabatastyle #didntpuke #orpassout

I bought the generic water bottle on the left at Target awhile back because it was prettier and cheaper than the big Hydroflask I already have. I've learned my lesson! The Target one has a screw-cap that gets musty-smelling by the end of the day and it doesn't keep my water cold nearly as long. So now my kids have a new water bottle and I have a new pretty Hydroflask. 😉 #lovethenewcolors #hydroflask #hydroflask4life

135lb 1RM max PR on bench for me today!

Date night (and dressing up) was so much fun! But now it's pumpkin time again, and I'm just fine with that. #comfy #icanbreatheagain

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