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Ellie Craig  Wifey to @tat2blue76 β€’ curvy Midwest based model β€’ Wishlist available β€’ photos / videos available for purchase β€’


New hair πŸ’‡πŸΌπŸ’‡πŸΌπŸ’‡πŸΌ

Guess who's slowly making a comeback 😏😏 slowly but surely getting some time for the page and feeling up to posting

I had a baby 15 days ago and I can't believe how good I'm feeling physically. My cesarean is healing up wonderfully and I'm getting around well. Emotionally I'm coping to the best of my ability . I'm certainly ready to have my family all together under one room. Hopefully she will be home soon. I'm planning to come back to the page actively in a couple weeks so hopefully that works out.

Well, turns out I couldn't make it to my due date after all. My tiny girl came early and urgently! Preeclampsia is no joke at all. We are doing well and feeling great. She's healthy and beautiful. Huge shoutout to my husband @tat2blue76 for holding me together through the scariest time of my life. We made the absolute prettiest babygirl I've ever laid eyes on. I'll be taking time away and enjoying my family for the next several weeks. My girl Remi is finally here! I'm just so in love πŸ’—

This may be my last post for awhile. I can't say for sure. I've been admitted to the hospital and battling high blood pressure and preeclampsia. I'm not well, but my baby is thriving. I am keeping it low stress and drama free. This page is a fun place for me, an escape from the negativity of a lot of people's opinions and overall my zone to just be me. However, with that being said, I am taking time right now to be with my husband and resting and preparing for the potentially early delivery of our little girl. We are not fully prepared and were not expecting her to come so soon. At this point , i will only be pregnant 4 more weeks. I am 33 weeks now, so 37 at delivery. That is 3 weeks before my due date. We still have a lot we need to get together and prepare for. I won't be active regularly. I will leave my DM's open to facilitate sales for videos or photos every few days if I'm up to it but if I don't respond please don't be upset; my body is really struggling to battle this right now. I appreciate all the support I've been given and hope you will continue to look forward to future content when the time does come.

So I realize I haven't been very active and my presence has diminished greatly. There are no words for how incredibly difficult this pregnancy has been for me. Dealing with preeclampsia is not fun. It's hard. It's sucking the life out of me. Being off work is taking a toll on me. I am not used to feeling this way and I don't like it. I'm down to under 8 weeks until my due date. My husband has had to miss work to be with me at the hospital and at appointments. My PayPal is next to empty and I have medical bills and baby expenses left and right . I'm running my content on major discounts and BOGO specials until I deliver . I need to recoup what I've been lacking in funds from being out of work and finish getting everything together. So many of you have asked about content and I've missed messages because of being sick. I apologize , it's been rough. I definitely have something for almost anyone as far as content goes. I want to just extend a thank you to those of you who have showed me compassion and respect in this difficult time. I am definitely ready to have this baby and get back to myself. If you have any questions about content please don't hesitate to message me. Im sure we can get a package together that will satisfy your needs.
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Come spoil me 😘😘 content is on major markdown. Photos and videos ! DM me to get details and purchase. PayPal/google wallet/Amazon gift cards all accepted !
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Come spoil me 😘😘 content is on major markdown. Photos and videos ! DM me to get details and purchase. PayPal/google wallet/Amazon gift cards all accepted !
#bbw #thickthighs #honormycurves #plussizewomen #plusisamust #bigbeautifulwomen #bigbootywhitegirl #bigbootygirls #bbwass #bbws #bbwclub #bbwlove #bbwpornstar #bbwlovers #bbwhite #bbwstagram #bbwbooty #bignaturals #bignaturalboobs

My sweetheart & my baby daddy. The only person who gets to have me for the rest of my days. Please keep the thirsty DM's to a minimum. Just know that if you're not spending $$$ then we won't be chatting . Y'all need to respect the fact that I am married with children. This page is for fun and supplementary income. Thanks for understanding. #bbw #thickthighs #honormycurves #plussizewomen #plusisamust #bigbeautifulwomen #bigbootywhitegirl #bigbootygirls #bbwass #bbws #bbwclub #bbwlove #bbwpornstar #bbwlovers #bbwhite #bbwstagram #bbwbooty #bignaturals #bignaturalboobs

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