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The Homeless Gospel Choir  If we all are in the same page then we all win.

I put a pile of tour left overs up at the store, you can go there and get something for yourself, or better yet for a friend. I love getting packages in the mail, surprise a buddy with a gift in the post. UK SHIPPING RATES ARE FLAT,if you get 1 thing or 10 it’s the same so if you get some pals together, or get a bunch of gifts at once the shipping stays the same. . Just go to and get on it. #thisisaprotestsong #nevernormal #upthepunx

I have a pile of left over tour souvenirs, and records and books and socks, EVERYTHING! I also have these super dope NOT MY SANDERS SHIRTS. It’s self explanatory. If you’d like a chance to grab something special for your life or the life of a loved one, go right now and get fancy! #upthepunx #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir LINK ALSO IN BIO.
Very limited amounts of everything.

Oh nothing, It’s live music being preformed by real live humans! It’s silly I know, but in someways the idea that we can consent to enter a room together and be possessed by the most powerful and magical thing in the whole wide world (music),is still cool as fuck to me. If you feel like life is boring and mundane, I encourage you to go out and start a punk band with your friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re tall or short or small or big, You don’t have to dress up like anything, you don’t have to sound like anyone else. The fact that you took your creativity and made something new that is meaningful to you and stand for something is the most punk shit ever.
But you don’t have to take MY word for it. :) #upthepunx #nevernormal #thisisaprotestsong

Tonight I got into a hot a sweaty room with some of my friends and practiced a pile of “full band” songs. It’s loud it’s fast its punk, and we are totally coming to show you. Keep your ears peeled. #upthepunx #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir

There’s a lot happening in our little world. Women are being ripped from their children at the border, while other mothers morn the loss of their children due to racist police murder. People of all walks of life are drowning in debt and fear. Our leaders are getting comfortable with tyrannical governments while abandoning alleys and treaties and agreements that have long protected the most vulnerable among us.
I often have to ask myself, what is my role?
How can I participate?
Is there a place for me to be of help?

What I do know is that we are all different, and have different skills and gifts and abilities. It’s not difficult to find someone who is in need who lives on your very own street, or in your community.
The real work happens with the little things we get to do for those who need it most, to strengthen those who’ve been oppressed as marginalized , and then work hard to fight for egalitarian spaces where we can all grow together. Find local grass roots movements and ASK how you can be of service, I promise you’ll never be board. #upthepunx #thehomelessgospelchoir #nevernormal

Today I had the honor and privilege to stand together with @berniesanders @johnfetterman @gfett @summerforpa @saraforpa among other staff,speakers,guests and presenters to raise our voices together in unity and equality to offer hope and brighter future for Pennsylvania. I’m so excited to be a part of a community of people who are hungry for justice, and committed to see a better world for all people! #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir #upthepunx 📸 @stereotypephotography

Hey are you going to see @berniesanders tomorrow at CMU? He’s in town to hold a meeting with @johnfetterman with hopes to work towards a better future for Pennsylvania. I’m honored to be there in support of this event, and excited to play some protest songs for the great people of Pittsburgh. #upthepunx #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir

What is Love? Is it a feeling we have when someone makes us feel good? Is it devotion to another through all different types of mess? I’m not sure. But sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming 1000 wonderful dreams all at the same time time when I think about @lindseysmithhhc, and today is her birthday. She’s the big 30. I think she’s pretty alright. This is a picture I took of Lindsey with parsley in her teeth. #upthepunx #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir

TFW your pals give money to a kickstarter in your name so DEREK THE TROLL ZANETTI can be in the liner notes of a Christian Goth band. @kris_rochelle @thedancemyth Good on you boys! @listenerfamilyband is the best band ever! Get with it darlings. #upthepunx #thehomelessgospelchoir #nevernormal

It’s always the best when I get home from tour and can sit in my office and listen to all my new tapes and records with my buddy @_death_goldblum_ . Everyday life can be spectacular with the right attitude. #thisisaprotestsong #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir #upthepunx

It’s important to make art.
It’s important to sing songs with your friends.
My friends @mauraweaver and @mikeparkmusic made a record of their band @ogikubostation on Mikes record label @asianmanrecords. Both mike and Maura are wonderful friends who care deeply about music and punk rock and fun but mostly about other people. If you believe in the power of DIY punk rock, and want to support bands who not only give a shit, but give a whole piles worth of shits, I’d encourage you go out and buy this record with your money, pay for shipping and have it delivered to your house. I just did and I feel amazing. #thisisaprotestsong #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir #upthepunx

Today was awesome, I had a chance to hang out with rad pals at @412foodrescue @gfett . Find people around you who are doing cool things and then see how you can help out. Thanks for letting me take part in what you’re doing. #thisisaprotestsong #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir #upthepunx

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