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🏹THG and Divergent🔥  KOTLC🏙The Land of Stories📖TMR🏃🏻Carve the Mark🔪Airhead💎The Selection👗Steelheart🖤Gregor the Overlander🗡Red Queen👑Twilight🌙The 5th Wave🐻Cinder🌕TMI ⚔️

-The Hunger Games ( X ) The Mortal Instruments -I hate how Jace looks in the TV series but I think Alec and Isabelle couldn't have been better... Im trying not to look at movie or the TV series because I want to keep imaging them the way I want and not by the stupid actors chosen.. -(tagged mostly at random)

The post before this one was my 200th post!! 🎉🎉

So how are yall's summers going?

This acc. Is going downhill..

Sorry I was inactive... I WANT TO KILL SEBASTIAN/JONATHAN..now I'm halfway through the last book🎉

I want to keep imagining Clary and Jace without the influence of the movie... UGHHHH.. I'm trying to forget what they look like in the movie

~Quote: this one should be easy "She remembered the Greater Demon, Abbadon, and tried to imagine hundreds more of it. Or thousands. Her skin felt cold and exposed." pg 142
Read my previous post to know what this is abt.!!

THANK U SO MUCH FOR 900!! 100 MORE TO 1K, LYALL SO MUCH!! ❤️❤️- I'm going to this thing where I'll write quotes from books and whoever guesses which book the quote is from gets a spam and a Shoutout … should I do it??

Im so sorry I've been so inactive!! I'll be more active now that today was the last day of school!! This last week was full of finals, I'm Sorry!!

Ok so I kind of accidently read two books today (abt 530 pages all together) and watched the maze runner...

Have any of y'all read I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you (ugh it's such a long title) I started the series cause one of my friends forced me to


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