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thanh  Southern California

She thought the sunset was pretty, I thought she was prettier 😊 #TBT

or so I have been told

hate it when people change their Facebook profile pic to a pic of a car. Like who am I friends with? A fucking transformer?

College kids with MacBooks start typing as soon as the professor passes out the syllabus just so everyone know they have a MacBook.

b l a c c

California is where you can’t find a parking spot in front of your own house

my Bluetooth earbuds broke, now I have to blast Taylor Swift at the gym 🤦‍♂️

never trust a girl with a cracked phone screen
how do you expect her to hold on to your relationship when she can’t even hold on to her phone

Can’t believe people still go to the gym to use the sauna, just go sit in your car bro

Had a blast today. Nobody got pulled over so that’s a plus 🤣
Met a bunch of cool people, now we can start sending bob n puccy pics 👉👌

Shoutout to car enthusiasts who actually get their hands dirty instead of sleeping with the mechanic to get discount on installs.

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