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Gyles | Retired Astronaut  @brusselpond <—— Very Influential according to myself. Pay attention.

I am not cool. I have no swag. Me and my brothers. Get to the bag 💼 💰. •
Today I got asked when I’m closing it all. Lol....go away man....I’m a well-wisher, why can’t you learn to do the same? Or close your mouth. 🙏🏾👍🏾

A whole lot of life-lessons you can walk away with after 30
Mins in the barbers chair you know....who needs counselling when you can get a haircut 😂👌🏾 @thetouchimage #barbersunited #believeinyourbludclartbarber #IfYouSeeMeInAnotherSeatAndYouSnitchDontWorryYourselfItsOnSight #truss

Decided I wanna rap about my relationship problems 😂😅 I did. “U Tuff Right” is round 1. Available on all digital platforms 07/07/2018 from what I’ve been told. Until then link for the full song in my bio there.....good way to vent I think....just a bit of fun. #UTuffRight #PaidInFull

Showed up late to the bowling 🎳 still came top 3. 1 next time, actually who cares 😂, none of us came there for the bowling anyways. #businesstalk #StillThinkingAboutThatScoreboardTho #WatchNextTime #Lol

Getting active. Shots by @xivphotogrvphy - head over too @brusselpond for the rest.
#workmode #summerishere

Grandma when I heard you passed on Friday, I couldn't believe it was true.

I called your phone just to see if I'd still be hearing from you.

You would always call me to remind me I should call you too,
This year I did, and we laughed, said I'd come see you soon

Always told me you were praying, ask who I was dating,
Told me to remember God in everything I'm saying.

Said I should keep working, don't give up on my dreams
So I'm going to do it for you, because you did it for me.

I never lost a love like this, good memories won't die
Trying to be a man, blinking extra hard so I won't cry

Always told you I loved you, and you knew that I meant it,
Hope God has received his Angel back, because the whole family sent it. •
---- Just a reminder for you to tell your loved ones that you love them every now and again, before its too late (God-forbid), as I know you already are.


#SponsoredByBrusselPond 💪🏾 June 29th we’ll be at the 57 Lounge for The MTO Showcase. Music & chill, great line-up of artists, not everyday business talk, come down. #SquadOnly #YouCantSitWithUs #OnlyJokingYouCanSitWithUsIfYouBuyYourTicket 💴 £10 from @femaletakeo 🙏🏾

Great meeting & talking with Leslie Small last night as he gears up to direct @kevinhart4real ‘s next Stand Up Comedy film in ldn. 2hrs well spent #AlwaysLearning


Ask why I did it man I did it for the gram.

Took my lil princess ❤️👸🏾 out for The Avengers: Infinity Wars...Like I said before, I’m not happy with the ending of that film, sorry if you haven’t watched it yet (cause I’m about to ruin it for you ) ALL THE SUPERHEROES TURN TO DUST.....Black Panther just came out this year 2018, and my guy gets turned to dust in the same’s all mad😡 lol #SorryNotSorry #IfYouHaventWatchedItYet

I call this one: “through the storm ⛈ I will be there to hold your hand”.
#photooftheday -
Taken by: @timirsphotography

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