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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane 👋 yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ


Ok, so this is a little taste of the pre-live video on Facebook that I THOUGHT was live but in fact was not… and I have no idea how to share the ACTUAL live video that follows this one with the Events details. Are you with me so far? Bascially if you'd like to pop over to The Yoga Connnection Facebook page I tell you what's happening this weekend plus upcoming retreats you might want to book in for early and get those great prices. [It's super short because I forgot to breathe.] Otherwise, thanks for sticking around this long and please use direct link above or use bio any time to check out all the details on TYC Events. Happy weekend! X

Can't stop looking at my wrist. My beautiful gift from @_aa_australia_ arrived this morning – numerology is the science of numbers, explaining their value and symbolism and number 11 represents Intuition, Balance and Communication. Love this so much. The number 11 is special to me for various reasons; my brother's birthday, my wedding anniversary and whatever that pull is that happens when you let it… [whispers, intuition, you idiot!]
@_aa_australia_ jewellery is made from fully recycled materials and they have teamed up with UNICEF NZ for their first NZ 'Charity by Design' fundraising partnership. Conscious shopping with heart ❤
[Just like to point out that this number description mentions the words 'level-headed' which, yes ☺️Also, I can't play the piano.]

Had another fabulous (sadly last) night with @emilygallagher_consciousboss and amazing panel. It can sometimes feel like we live in a very privileged bubble; those of us able to make choices of what we eat, where we shop and being able to afford yoga classes... but the intention behind everyone on stage and who Em gathers around her is changing business for the better. Case in point: running into the beautiful Hayley from @wearyoga wearing my We'ar wares! Ethical clothing made with care for the environment and the workers. Love! Also love carrots... seriously the platters on my Insta story from @platterandgraze were super stunning - almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring night lovely people @feelfreshnutrition @richiehardcore @art_green @ednotmed and those I got to have quick chat with afterwards. I'm getting a water filter!

Many thanks to for featuring me on their blog and newsletter. Also for calling me a Wholesome Hero! [Because it's nice when you don't have to try and get great nicknames for yourself off the ground…]
The Boyd Clinic is all about integrative medicine and nutrition and basically looking after your bod in the best way possible. I've heard Kaytee speak a few times over the years and she is AMAZING!
Thanks for having me lovely people -#yourwholesomehero
#toosoon? xx
[Sidenote: my editing skills are superb 👌]

It's the best way forward, the only way!
Take your yoga off the mat, the world needs it … be brave, be kind and LOVE hard!

Spent a fab couple of hours today at a Pink Ribbon Breakfast hosted by my girl @makaiacarr who has set a target to raise $5,000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. We were spoilt with amazing goodie bags, a delish meal AND my coffee was perfect!!! [Thank you @cali_akl] The beautiful Maddy from @mediajam spoke and shared her own diagnosis and story. I totally kept it together for all of two seconds… It was a wonderful event and there was such a feeling of goodwill and love in the room. Thanks Mak and Maddy xxx
[As I walked all of four car lengths down the road in heels hoping to make it one piece to the cafe I had to sidle crone-like past the models who were getting their pic taken outside, a kalaidascope of colour and LENGTH… I came up almost to their knees 😂The @augustinebykellycoe show included in the breakfast was gorge! Just a little surprised I wasn't walking in it 🤔#elderlymodelwillworkforsnackss]

New Featured Yogi up on the Blog is this gorgeous human! @warriorjase of @powerlivingnz brings some love and light to the page, just as he does in real life. He may remember me as wearing a purple leotard from his gym days of a million years ago [I swear that was NOT me] but I remember him standing outside the Christchurch Les Mills in the depth of winter at 5am being so kind to someone in need. I've never forgotten it and when I took a class with him all these years later it's still a treat to be around someone whose heart is that big. Thanks for sharing your words with us, Jase xx
[Direct link above or use bio.]

#nofilter here either! Totally owning the nut situation I have going on at @goodforstore. Love popping in on the weekends and topping up with whatever I need whole foods-wise as well as any household cleansers ... so yay for my jar of activated almonds! And whoops for again accidentally filling a small bag [smallish!] of those strategically placed dark chocolate almonds [probably NOT activated. Sigh.] that accidentally are now all gone. I think we should focus on the fact that this was a plastic-free transaction and I'll simply look for a responsible shopper to come with me next time. Or a nanny.

#nofilter for you, you gorgeous divine sky!
Hope your Sunday has ended on a high note [love to know what you did!] or at least the loo got cleaned! All about finding joy in the little things over here... Pack your yoga bag for tomorrow and check out TYC's nationwide Studios and their timetables for the BEST start to your week - direct link above or use bio.
And sleep well 😬

I was so, so happy and grateful to actually meet the beautiful, talented @stephanieyogini today! I've followed her on Insta since I started TYC and there's nothing more satisfying for a stalker than finding out her stalkee is even more fabulous in real life. Thank you for taking the time to catch up today lovely one. I can't wait to read your next work and finish our chats. Safe travels, see you soon! xxx
[Pic taken by a glowy post-worshop @karaleahgrant x]

Even when you crave straight lines and clear views life really is just one big messy clusterfuck. And that's ok, it can get kind of cozy in the chaos and when you catch a breath it feels better than great. This is very obviously not a rumi quote and comes directly on the waking after those fecking sleeping tablets but this is also my yoga.
Anyone else? X


See, my kind of selfie is no social media threat at all! [Maybe a little visually threatening … 🤔] Just getting all propped up with my fellow yogis @meddyteddy and Sandey to remind you to check in with TYC Events and make time for your sweet self this weekend. Take a look ahead too and get in for those early bird prices. Direct link above for all details or use bio. Enjoy!
[Never been a fan of soft toys but this little guy saved me throwing props at Sandey which I thought would make a fab boomie. Oh well, next time.]
*Events – Trance Dance
*Workshops – Restorative Yoga/Women's Circle
*Courses – Healing Power Sundays/Fundamentals of Yoga
What are you up to this weekend?TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!

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