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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane πŸ‘‹ yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ

It's a weekend and always-applicable-to-yoga kind of quote. Pause, lovelies xxx
[Save the crazy for Sunday night!#nowiveruinedit 😩]


Friday!!! Yoga and wellness events for your perusal on TYC - direct link above or use bio.
Courses, workshops (yoga and nutrition) and free classes! Whoop! Flickering light care of candle because I have no filter and it's dark! Enjoy! X

About to post TYC Events but am still post-glowy from the most beautiful facial this morning.... I need to do this more often! Followed a juicy Vinyasa class with the totally angelic looking @blankspaceyoga who proves you should never judge a book by its cover (because she makes us do hard stuff) with a bespoke facial/massage with Sandey of She has magic fingers and knows skin. The session is totally focussed on your needs, there's no selling of products or pushing to get you back in there. Truly a treat and my skin feels fantastic! Which at my age is NOICE! Thanks lovelies, and omg Sandey some of those photos.... so flattering 😱 xxx

Happy Thursday! Can't wait to catch up on a whole weeks worth of work tomorrow! Thank goodness for yoga! Good night!
[Sometimes when your only child won't come to yoga with you, you take your yoga to her. And incorporate some Irish Dancing. There's some fancy footwork going on there, believe me. This is yoga off the mat. Way, way, way off. And that bearded man in the background? Ignore him. Attention seeker.]
Find a class/teacher/event to end your week on a high - use bio above x

Jumped into the spotlight with this awesome team of people after an inspiring first @consciousactionnz night! Thanks to Kayla and Brian and to the speakers @sarah.greenleaforganics @hannahjensenart @zacfranich. Loved your words and being reminded to look for the 'why'. Thank you, looking forward to the next one!
[And omg @huntergatherergourmet I 'helped' cut the ginger slice and made sure I got the biggest, icing-ist bit. SO GOOD!]

Started new tablets today. Along with a loooong list of natural remedies I seem to have started again in terms of fine-tuning my sleep/non-sleep 😩 issues. Realising this might take longer than I'd anticipated and also that I need to own my part in this too. Going to bed super late, turning my phone on when I wake in the middle of the night [when did I get so good at stalking?! Could be a profesh!] and after 'dinner' snacks [actual dinner...] of dark choc are not [in the words of a particular history school teacher] "good choices, Jane" 😬
It's a comfort though to know so many people have gone through, or are going through, sleep deprivation as well. Soooo thought I'd bring you up to date with what's working for me [and not], what meds I'm taking and how they're making me feel via Facebook Live tomorrow afternoon. Would LOVE to know your story and if you have any questions/comments/thoughts/recs... join me around 12.30-1pm! X

This. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
You're amazing. Happy Monday xxx

Striding into the new week, like a stridey thing...
Just checking my calendar and it looks like a full week. BUT I know so long as I get on my mat, breathe and try to consume more food groups than dark choc, peanut butter and apples then ALL WILL BE WELL. [Getting a bit shouty makes it official!]
Get inspired yoga-wise with all yoga happenings on TYC - direct link above or use bio.
What's happening for you? X

Oh @franciechanges ... I was so excited to meet your little Irish accent today and so appreciated you making time before you headed home after your amazing trip and looooong flight but wow. Just wow. #poorkelvie managed to make you look fab in every. single. shot and I looked... well, I won't be holding my breath for any forthcoming work [#elderlymodelavailableforsnacks]. You are just as gorgeous and funny a yogini in real life as in these squares. And I'm sorry we can't be friends any more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

Happy weekend, lovers! Not to exaggerate but I am NEVER taking this scarf off.
A retreat, workshops, nutritional workshops and events happening in Auckland and Wellington over the next couple of days. More upcoming and of course, some fab WARM retreats to tempt you. Direct link above or use bio for all details x

Clearing out changing rooms LIKE IT'S MA JOB!!!
#benchpose ✌🏽

I'm not sure if I use Insta stories *entirely* for the betterment of TYC but these arrows are def a filter that works for me. [All in the placement I think.] Going to take my sleeping tablets now, listen to a new bedtime meditation and put my phone far, far away from my bed. And hope I don't dream of naked asanas involving sandy orifices... 😳
Any bedtime routines you want to share?
Maybe something to chat about on FB Live? Keep an eye out on TYC Events page for sleep workshops πŸ‘€

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