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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane πŸ‘‹ yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ


Yoga off the mat! Onto wet, slippery grass, in rain and wind! What are you up to today? Somehow we ended up in Raglan.
[Summer goal - to ride a surf board ON the water. I mean, what could go wrong?]

Happy Labour Weekend, lovelies - a true sign summer's on the way! Check in with TYC Events page for all details - use any link in bio. Keep an eye on upcoming retreats and new courses and enjoy Acoustic Yin @truefoodyoga + a Spring Yoga Retreat @anahatayogaretreatnz.
Happy days! X
[Songbird + Supreme Energy rings @wickenjewellery πŸ’« Use TYC discount code - Product Love page.]

I've been wearing these stunners from @wickenjewellery for a couple of months now and they're always commented on. Each has a special meaning and is designed to draw on positive, beautiful energy for the wearer. I love choosing what will work for me each day and have so enjoyed learning to trust my intuition. Plus they're just freaking gorgeous!
Check out my Product Love page - use any link in bio - and receive a discount using our code! πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

We have our latest Featured Yogi up on TYC! Come meet Katy of @hamsayoganz who is based in #northland, meditates twice daily and loves taking her students on life-changing retreats. Use any link on bio - go to Home page or Featured Yogis under Read on the menu bar.
Thanks so much for being part of TYC, Katy! X

I so wanted you to JUST enjoy some beautiful shots from the garden today. (Note my angles! High! Low! No filters!) But the internet gave me a Barbie with antlers in child's pose (!) so I thought I'd pop her in there as a tidy little segue way to combining nature and yoga. I think I did a great job. Please enjoy.

There has never been a truer statement on the internet and we all know that if it's online it's actual factual.
It's beautiful to be able share the moronic fountain of youth with people who will need reading glasses to see this 🐎🐎🐎
Wishing you a day full of delight x

Just home from yoga doing my just home from yoga stretch. There is half a decent kumera plus broccoli burning away in the oven. I should be winding down now [and feeling pretty good about the oven situation!] but all I can think is how much I didn't achieve today which to be honest is something I've thought EVERY evening since I started TYC. Heavy sigh. I feel like writing all the affirmations or mantras reminding me to be real and compassionate and kind to myself on sticky notes and plastering them to my forehead. [Although difficult to read maybe πŸ€”]
Whatever! Enough! Two more work things to do now and then everything else waits till tomorrow! It is spake/spoketh/sayth! I mean it, man!
[Feeling the tribal love tonight as I was, per usual, asked about my gorgeous @couragemyloveclothing leggings, crop top and mesh tank. Check out my Product Love page using link in bio for review and discount code! Treat yourself to a piece of yoga art! Also send sticky notes! X]

Still time to get down to the @livewellfestival today if you're in Auckland! So much delish food and health and wellness options. Started the day with Thai boxing [I think I got the name right-ish?] with @richiehardcore and caught up my pal @franciechanges who'd come down with her gorgeous friend Jules from Kaitaia. [She's Swedish and we look like twins.] Heard some inspiring talk sessions and caught up with some beautiful people doing amazing things in the the wellness industry [see my Insta stories + @artemis.health @the.boyd.clinic @motivateme.nz @huntergatherergourmet @thelarderproject @soulboul @_plantculture @littlebirdorganics @purecocoltd + more!] I can't eat another thing and seem to be having trouble moving my legs ... enjoy!

Happy Friday, lovers! Sorry about the big foot in your face but I thought you might be sick of my voice after a live FB interview yesterday that was almost Oprah but not quite. Instead some almost elegance and grace to see you into a weekend of yoga goodness!
All details on TYC Events page - direct link above - Live Well Festival, Lululemon sale, cacao ceremony, personal mission workshop, new courses and more! Check out upcoming retreats and courses and have fun! If you're in Auckland hope to see you at @livewellfestival on Sunday!
[Wearing @venusandmilo.nz - bonus code for discount on Product Love page + FB Live interview with @makaiacarr on FB 😘]

Tomorrow, Thursday NZ time (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ for all my international followers πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ) I'm being 'interviewed' live (and alive!) by @makaiacarr on her FB page - Makaia Carr - at 11.30am. It will certainly be deep and meaningful from my side but if you've seen the post she put up on her page I have doubts about where she'll be coming from. However I'm a giver and a yogini (and EVERYONE knows yogis are all πŸ˜‡ and ✌️and chill the hell out, man) so I'll just answer anything she throws my way (probably literally) with grace and dignity. OMG I feel so righteous already! And here is MY pic of us when life was kinder and I was only 49. Please tune in. I need a friend...

It's International Day of the Girl Child and as the mother of a daughter I wish every other girl the same potential she's been given and basic safety and security. As for human rights, equality? Still fighting hard to empower every girl on the planet. If I could choose a superpower that'd be it! #thisisyoga ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Love the possibilities that come with welcoming each new day as a fresh chance... We all deserve that. It's mental health week and there are, thankfully and finally, conversations and truths being had and told. And they should continue. I hope you know you can always use TYC platforms at any time to share your story or worries. We need to care for ourselves also which in no way diminishes our capacity to care for others and we need to be kind. We ALWAYS need to be kind. Love to you, beautiful people xx

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