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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane πŸ‘‹ yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ

Hi lovely, lovely people, I would be so grateful if you took a moment to vote for me in the @weledanz Global Garden Competition. It's an incredible opportunity and I need to get in the top six to be considered. Also I accidentally sent my application to the UK site so I'm a bit behind in blatant campaigning. If you read last night's blog post you'll know I'm going all out! #noshame
Thank you, thank you, direct link to vote directly above or else go to πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ•Ί
And now I must blog... #nowhining

Have a fab day lovers! My eyes feel like they're being stabbed with pins due to not a lot of sleep 😩 but there's always a wee dance to be had and a boomie to boom. Not as smooth as I'd envisioned ... but it's the trying that counts #yoga πŸ™
Like my gorgeous gears? From the new collection. Love the fit! Love the colours! Love the compliments! #humblesoul #yoga πŸ™
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And birds fall out of trees. I was only on the phone....
[Not my yoga voice though, that's all shhhhh.]

Happy Monday! Yes, it is 4.30pm, half my head's missing as per usual and TYC is mirrored. BUT! But things could be worse. So many things. I might still be struggling through those emails I'm 4 weeks behind in. I might've forgotten to call the plumber again. I could still have a blog post to write. Let's not dwell on my shortcomings though. I'm sure you have plenty. Unburden yourself! Here or on the mat where people might or might not make sex noises.
The Yoga Connection - for all your yoga connections. Bio above.
NB: #elderlymodelavailableforsnacks

When you miss that Sunday am class by a whisker and come home to comfort-vacuum. SO ZEN 😐
[Make sure to check in with your studio re times. Because that's helpful. ALL NZ studios on TYC! And my gorgeous @couragemyloveclothing Legskins are featured on our Product Love page - direct link above or use bio - for review and discount code!]

This is the stunning @wickenjewellery Supreme ring I was wearing yesterday! I wore it with my Storm Nest ring [pic and review on Product Love page - direct link above or use bio] enhancing the Storm stone's qualities even more!
The high point of Supreme is designed to attract supreme, universal energy. A token to manifest love, kindness and positivity into your world. Apart from looking amazing, it's all wonderfully, fantabulously magic πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’« Check in to Product Love and enjoy our discount code for your very own piece of Wicken beauty x

Hello! Not got my fancy new light sorted yet but I have had my hair did. And that's important enough to come first, I think we'll all agree. Alrighty!
Party, Workshop, Pop Up Plant Culture Restaurant plus courses and upcoming retreats. Get amongst it! Happy weekend!
Direct link above for ALL details x

This little baby is life-changing! For us women and the environment - spread the word! Such a wonderful launch this morning of the Oi Cup with @organicinitiative. [Did you know one sanitary pad is equivalent to FOUR plastic bags! And when I think what we used to put unquestionably into our bodies... shudder.]
Many thanks for having me along, lovely people 🌱

Lift each other. Even when you get that niggle sometimes that says, why not me? It feels infinitely better to raise a heartfelt congratulations. Big love to all the incredible women (and men) I've met on TYC journey ❀️❀️❀️

Creating A Peaceful World - New YogaTalk post! Such a timely piece right now and beautifully written by @mindfulmaren. Thanks so much for contributing, Maren! Can't wait to read more from you xxx
Direct link above or use bio. Enjoy!

Just spreading the good word of yoga best way I know how.. by force. TYC has all NZ yoga studios/events/teachers/training/Product Love and blogs! Use bio above!
[Latest blog post up now. 14/50 of self-inflicted challenge! Take a read and subscribe if you'd like! You are also welcome to send gifts.]
Thank you beauties, for pretending to listen xxx @thebellaedit @emma.mildon

Have you checked out TYC's new Product Love page? My first review is of the stunning @couragemyloveclothing, top to bottom, Tribal design. This one appealed to me immediately and I loved knowing the story behind it from the artist (who just happens, in this case, to be CML founder, Persephone!). She drew on a combination of found and natural materials, creating an indigenous result. This is a close-up of my little crop top with the back of feathers. I LOVE it!
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[Swipe left for a glimpse of other CML prints. More reviews coming soon!]

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