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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane 👋 yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ

On the weekend I went into @goodforstore to specifically stock up on certain whole foods and household items. I forgot my list and handily right under this sign [that lets you know every time you purchase something a tree gets planted 🌲I mean! 😇] there were some dark choc almonds that I filled a quite large jar to the brim with. And then ate. Over 55 in all once I started counting. But so unimportant in the scheme of things! What matters is that this incredible place is the first organic bulk refillery of its kind in NZ and there is no unnecessary plastic waste or packaging. It's so beautifully laid out too that it makes me want to buy all sorts of spices and beany things and MAYBE make something with them. You just never know...
If you're in Auckland it's made sustainable shopping that much easier and if you're not, keep spreading the word that it can and should be the way we buy our choc almonds!

New YogaTalk post up on TYC! [Direct link above or use bio.] Meditation and Wellness Coach @ashleyhuntwellness reminds us that all it takes is as little as five minutes a day to check in with our breath to meditate. You don't even have to be sitting in lotus position, it's all about keeping it simple! Thanks so much for contributing Ashley x
Love to know if meditation is part of your daily practice...

I didn't make the Dawn Service this morning but I dedicated my beautiful yoga class to my Dad. Kudos to my husband for going and possibly taking the worst photos ever. But still! Did you go?
I always get tearful when they sing the national anthem in Maori and when the veterans march.
Such a gorgeous day here in Auckland, hope the sun's shining where you are and you find some mat time today - all nationwide Studios with adjusted timetables and Events on TYC above x
#lestweforget #anzacday

All the perfectly executed handstands, exquisitely curated flat lays and picture perfect smoothie bowls in the world don't mean diddly squat [very satisfying to say that] if your words ring hollow. Teach from a place of truth, learn with integrity and make nice. Authenticity is what it's all about ✔️#yoga #andalltheothergoodstuff

I got a bit confused about whether today was a holiday or not and because I have such an incredible inbuilt sense of timing I quite literally rolled out of bed [thanks sleeping tablets, you're making mornings SO MUCH FUN] and raced to class thinking I was really late and got there really early. Also thought it was 60 mins yin yang but it was 90 mins power vinyasa #nailingit 👍And wow, it was one of those classes you don't realise you need until you do it and everything falls into place. It was all about the hips and chakras and breathing and yes, that is my hair all up in the air and no, it's absolutely not acceptable to photograph right now [#toobigforthesquare], and working through the spine and it all felt sooooo good. I've been mixing up my class times lately [not always unintentionally 🙄] and not letting what style of yoga dictate my schedule, instead just going with whatever's on offer and letting it work it's magic on me. I believe this is called GOING WITH THE FLOW! I know!
Whatever takes place on your mat today I hope you get as much peace, love and ahhhh from it as I did. You can find nationwide studios for wherever you might be on TYC Studios page - direct link above or use bio - and make sure to check timetables for #anzacday tomorrow. Thanks for the amazingness at xx

One of my most favourite things to do when I've been out all day is come home, drop everything [left my pants on this time, you're welcome] and stretch it out. It's like a nice little reminder to the bod that you're taking care of it after maybe hunching up over the wheel or rushing from one thing to another. Couple of deep breaths, that gorgeous feeling of my spine lengthening and I'm good to go. Well at least to turn on Netflix. All about the balance...
Hope you've had a fabulous day, excellent coffee and taken some mat time for yourself. And if you're ever looking for inspiration TYC have a beautiful bunch of Featured Yogis to share with you. Their words and messages help make up this vibrant, amazing community. Meet them on site - use bio above and go to Blog xx

Been using these products from @ultraceuticals for a few weeks now and really rate them. They've got all the good stuff that works AND feels good which is what I want👍After my fab facial with Sandey from she said I was on the right track of not using too many products [I think as I get older I assume I need MORE HELP] but she assures me that using good quality, no perfumes and natural backed up by science is key 👌 So I'm keen to calm down a tad and maybe look at adding a serum and night cream to this range. Anyone else using them? [@makaiacarr your vid would be handy right about now... hint, hint.]

Hope your Friday's been a goodie! I took a gorgeous Vinyasa class this morning with @yogafreshnz at @truefoodyoga, met up with my boyfriend @bruce_lee_the_frenchie and did a whole lot of admin stuff that somehow stretched out over the whole afternoon due to all the completely unnecessary snack breaks. Lots going on yoga-wise this weekend! [AMAZING THINGS, I TELL YA!] So make sure to check out TYC Events page – direct link above or use bio for details.
[PS Due to me not getting a pic of any of the above please enjoy me looking very eventful from another time!
PPS How cold is it? I'm freezing!
PPPS I saw the doco #whatthehealth last night and feel saddened by the probable loss of haloumi and runny soft cheeses from my life. I hardly eat them any more but ugh, when you know what you know you can't unknow it, you know?
PPPPS I wonder if we should have a final goodbye though. Just me and them. And some crackers.]
Events 👇
*Teacher Training Course
*Community Yoga
*Fundraiser for #Atawhai
*Yoga Party

Took a look at some pics our gorgeous @wildpilates teacher took yesterday and I don't want to toot my own horn [much] but apart from me tucking my boob away it looks like I at least partially know what I'm doing here. So when you take into account I've been mixing it up, and loving, my weekly reformer class for just a short time now and not JUST because Laura makes us look good on Insta [which is obviously what counts in real life]… Yet I've been practicing yoga for eight years and if you swipe over you'll see what happens when I take my own pic where I THINK I've got it all going on BUT I VERY OBVIOUSLY DON'T!!! This has been a wake-up call. I need a glam squad with me at all times.
[I wanted to show how much pilates has helped with certain yoga poses. You know, that one where you swing your leg from side to side 🙄]

Do you cross train? Are you all about the yoga or is your yoga practice something you include along with other things? Also who takes your yoga pics and makes you look fab???

Pops into my head every time a teacher asks that question… BECAUSE SO VERY MANY EMOTIONAL INJURIES 😱😂 as I roll around in the fetal position trying to suppress ALL THE INTERNAL ANGST!!!
Sorry, bit shouty for a Wednesday evening. Sweet dreams x
[TYC has a selection of teacher training options if you'd like to be a teacher or grow your own personal practice – use bio above/Teacher Training. Rest assured not all students are basket cases 😬]

My daughter loves it when I visit her flat because they get to take pictures of me! And who wouldn't want to support their parents on social media. It's what keeps families together 👪 Despite a tiny bit of eye rolling and some unhelpful art direction I did get 100% approval on my @wearyoga Side Car Pants. Fell in love with these the minute I saw them and they're as comfortable and easy to wear as I'd hoped. One thing my girl and I are in total agreement with is shopping ethically and sustainably where possible and once you start mindfully examining what you buy it's a game changer. Love supporting that authenticity. Also like to point out I have worn these pretty much every day since I got them #imightberegressing

New Featured Yogi up on the website! Come meet the gorgeous Gitavali who has such wise and wonderful words. She's proof that yoga works for all bodies and injuries. I love these stories! Thanks so much for taking part, Gitavali xxx
[Direct link above or use bio.]

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