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The Yoga Connection, NZ  I'm Jane 👋 yogi/writer/bit tired. TYC is NZ's beautiful yoga community in one fab space...studios/events/teachers + more! #theyogaconnectionNZ


It may seem like I don't quite have a handle on all this but I believe it's called, learning on the job, or alternatively, f**k knows. BUT I did another FB Live! A surprise one because for some reason that makes it less stressful for me! (And completely doesn't make use of what FB Live is for. I think.) On the plus side it's short! No negatives though, because #bliss #bekind #wellbeing #spirituallyintune #etc
Go take a looksy if you like and I'd love it if you tell me if there's anything in particular you'd like to chat about next time ❤️

New post up on YogaTalk! Nicole Allan, co-founder of @rawyoganz has written beautifully about self-reflection and truthfulness. Love this kind of talk! Make sure to check it out on TYC's new site - direct link above or use bio.
Thanks so much for contributing, Nicole! x
[Get in touch if you'd like to get published on TYC. We'd love to have you!]

Happy International Yoga Day, beautiful people! I celebrated early at a @lululemonausnz "Bends and Bowls" event with a class from @doug.it Good to hear a smile in your teacher's voice when it's 6am! Great to practice with these gorgeous humans!
Hope you get on your mat to mark the occasion… whether you're busting out some leg-behind-your-head moves or sitting with your breath it'll make your day better, I promise!
[Was thinking as I lowered my decrepit old bones down onto the ground that apart from being the oldest there by, oh, a good century, there was no difference between what we were all doing. All ages, sizes and abilities, the energy always joins us together. It's so much more than just the physical and that's what keeps me coming back for more (and sane). Obviously not always at that time (seriously, even with two sleeping tablets I was awake at 2am ready to go 😳) but the day isn't complete unless I've had me some yoga!
Is this a gift day? It should be. For yoginis who run yoga websites… just a thought.]
Anyhoo, would love to know where you're practicing today, let me know in the comments. And if you're looking for a class, TYC has nationwide studios on our brand, spanking new website direct link above or use bio 👆

Fun times at @wildpilates although believe me it didn't feel like the class went this fast 😬 Amazing mix of barre, mat and reformer pilates which I know I'll be feeling over the next few days! So very different from my yoga but beautifully compliments it... as in all the times I'm called out in class to tuck my ribs in and down. Nowhere to hide with that one!
Any habits you're trying to break on the mat?
@lauracmohi @makaiacarr @lululemonakl @lex.fisher (!) Thanks for keeping me motivated gorgeous gals xx

And it feels so good!
Celebrate it all, lovers!
[Even that person that gets a book deal in the same week they win Lotto. Because, yay, go you... 😬🎉#jk #ish]

#tbt Except it's Saturday, you get the gist... Jen @clairobscur_photography (here taking pics for @wearyoga) took the photos for my beautiful new TYC site. She took me to a stunning beach, put me in a cave, threw me in the water and we stayed till sunset. And sometimes that camera got really close! But she understood instinctively that putting on the piles of yoga gear I'd brought along and posing wasn't for me... and that's what yoga is in my mind. Knowing what your truth is, where you sit with yourself, how you walk happily on your skin in the world. Also makes flinging your clothes off in full view of innocent sunbathers easy as an easy thing! Love you to check out the new site - don't worry, I'm fully clothed!

No pressure #Instagram we can fit a weekend of yoga goodness into one minute! For full details at a slower pace check out Events page on beautiful new TYC website - direct link above or use bio.
Enjoy! X
@whisperedsecretsyoga @piko_wholefoods @zhealthstudio @kawaipurapura @truefoodyoga @creativeyoganz @sweatyoganewmarket @hamishapollo

Excited to share with you the newly renovated TYC website (check out bio above!) - updated and easier to navigate with room to grow this beautiful community!
It's a hub for all things yoga in New Zealand - nationwide Studios, Events, Courses, Teacher Trainings plus a Job/Notice Board for yoga/wellness opportunities and news.
There's space to contribute posts on YogaTalk, my own Blog (which I'm excited to get back into!) and our regular Featured Yogis. And don't forget we share your pics with #theyogaconnectionnz tag 👈🏽
Plus coming soon… a fab Products Love page. Keep an eye out, it's a goodie!
I'd love you to take a look over the site and let me know what you think. It's for you, lovely people - all you fab humans who practice or are interested in yoga, wellbeing, sustainable and ethical living as well as those of us who dabble a bit here and there. I'm with ya!
Finally a HUGE, MASSIVE THANK YOU to the wonderful, and patient (so, so patient!) @jasmine.matthews, my web developer who I can recommend a thousand times over and the same to the creative beauty, photographer Jen Raoult of @clairobscur_photography. You are incredible talents and it has been such a pleasure to work with you both. Thank you xx

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear all her new gears to yoga. And that's ok. #props4eva Peace ✌️

That's more like it. A combo of grace, beauty and filtered perfection bringing a false sense of authenticity to my game. I'll be honest, I think my friend on the left is trying a bit hard but I'm going to let that go because, yoga 🙏
Hope you've reached the same dizzying heights I have today. It's not too late! TYC has all you need to find your happy place - check out bio above.
I've just come from a gorgeous power vinyasa @amandafellyoga, yesterday was a yin yang [Jen Cox] and from both classes I got so much. That's what I love about yoga, every time I take away something that resonates! And if that doesn't make you want to jump on the changing room bench with a unicorn on your head then I don't know what will.

And so Monday begins. Late.

Have a wonderful week [no matter what time you get it together!] you fab, gorgeous yogis and yoginis! Find your yoga studio/event/job/training/teacher/inspo on TYC - direct link above.

Sunday night mask and @shaktimats ritual. Although just face timed my husband [living room to bedroom because communication is KEY to a happy marriage 😂] and he asked why I had makeup on... SO many levels of hurt feelings there... My upper back soaking up the spiky goodness after my beautiful massage today. Use our discount code and grab yourself 10% off with TYCSM16. Makeup optional 🙄
[PS. I've just noticed that the last lot of TYC Insta sqs are filled with terrible pics of my face. Apologies to all. I REALLY need to spend some time on filters and editing.]

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