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  A farewell

Slowing down // In the slowness we witness life.

Okay la I give in also I'm gonna put an unglam shot of me too hahah Afiq please don't laugh eh. Apa je Shafiq. hahahahahaha #whymysinglishgamestrongtoday #wahnia!!!!! #shafiqmemek #hahahahahaokayseriouslymukaakuselenga #itwasagoodday

Some things never change. Like how Shafiq is always the one kana bullied. // Since 13 and now we're 24. #kana#liao#bulliednia #shafiqmemek #wahsinglish

Got excited when I saw chapteh. It's been a while! How many can you do? Watch the pro chap-teh. ha. ok no. Chapkopi please.

HAMKA in town // What started as a journey to improve my bahasa, ended up in me diving into a sea of knowledge and wisdom of a scholar. I'm going to admit, my life will be made up mostly on his words, how he has shown how you can be a true muslim and also a true malay at the same time. I've always shun away from the identity of being malay, and I don't know why. The dislike for the malay language in the past was strong. I have to admit, my bahasa is still lacking. I also hated jiwang. hahahaha but that aside, with his works, it's helped me to understand my race better, and ultimately, understand myself better. This is a good read if you're in town. It's on the shelves of Masjid Al-Falah's cafeteria. Menge-teh sambil membaca. 📚 Let's be readers. 🕺#jejakhamka #jejaktarbiah #hamka

Long road ahead

1717// SPBMZDB....Selamat Pengantin baru kawan. We've treaded the same path ever since poly. I remember the days of endless laughters, dan secara tiba tiba bebual serious. The days where we voice out feeling ronyok inside, pasrah takde jodoh. hahahahahaha and now you're married! I am thankful Allah has given me someone who share the same sentiments, the same interests, and the lame jokes. Cik Pon rambut punk, Cik Pon pakai bikini (hahahahaha), mak cik epok2 tak tahu harga...We started sharing our journey in and through the masjid, and I hope He makes us people of masjid till we die, going there for ibadah, and also share the common theme of life through words: Worshipping Allah alone. I'm not shy to say this, Hanis has in her hands a great man. People love you bro. May Allah grant the best of both worlds!
In pic: Me macam bodyguard, lè couple, Ustadh Hafiizh qtpie #Amacamkahwin 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan, and bless us in it, and accept our efforts to seek His Pleasure alone. Aameen.

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