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  "O Abu Umayr, what happened to your little bird?" "‏ يَا أَبَا عُمَيْرٍ مَا فَعَلَ النُّغَيْرُ ‏"‏

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in our lives is to write the story we wouldn't want to read.

You are the author of your own book. Write it well, live it well.

With books, you dive into a sea of life unknown to you. With experience, you grow into a better human being. The learning never stops. #literature #backtofiction #fiction #read #goodreads

Mission Possible. ORD 2017.

Ha. Just kidding. Posing before the big moment.


Self-inflicting pain | Throughout the years of feeling lonely and lost, I was desperate to learn what was it that's caused me to lag behind. Today, I learnt one thing about myself: I was paralysed by fear. Fear of what? Basically, fear. The notion of fear has been lingering in my mind throughout my life and from time to time I kept asking myself where this notion came from. I searched through my childhood and tried to reason with my actions back then, as far as I could remember, but I just couldn't find the pieces to complete the puzzle. But lately I began to be honest with myself, and then people began to be honest with me too. That's where I realised that the pain that's caused by the fear was self-inflicted; I had no one to blame except myself. I blamed others for my fears but I forgot to blame myself. Such is life eh. But here's the thing: next time you're about to blame someone for your mistakes, put yourself on the hot seat first. They say, when you point a finger, 4fingers point back at you (get my pun heh). Moral of the story? "The greatest mistake is to never make one." "Unnecessary fear begets a life of worry and anxiety." "Relax lah." "4fingers is expensive." I now understand life a little better.
P/s; been wanting to find a perfect time and moment to post this picture. Today is the day I won't delete it so I can look back and say, "hey, you made the lame 4fingers joke right?" lol okay lame whatever zzzzz

Do not live in the shadows anymore.

Typewriting has been therapeutic for me, and it's one of the ways I declutter my thoughts and rearrange them by typing out on paper. There is simplicity in doing so, and whatever that is put to paper usually turns out raw...and poetic. Your words won't make sense at first but after you leave it alone for a while you can see the architecture of your thoughts and feelings built with much finesse, and sometimes, lochness!!! Okay, joke aside, as a way of giving thanks, I thought of typewriting a letter for anyone who wants one. I will write whatever I know about you, or words of encouragement if the rainy days of sorrows come to you and you need some comfort. DOUBLE TAP TO SEE THE MAGIC (hahahaha I keep seeing these posts where they tell you to double tap but duh they're just telling you to like the pic) but jokes aside again, beep me up if you want one. :) Thank you.
Yours truly,

Tidak ada yang lebih menyenangkan hati dengan mengingati Sang Pencipta, kerana mengingatiNya adalah hidup, dan kehidupan hatilah yang membawa kebahagiaan di Dunia dan Akhirat. Permainan dunia seringkali menyakitkan hati, tetapi itulah hakikat kehidupan, tidak akan pandai seseorang bermain dalam suatu permainan kecuali diberitahu dan dipahami arahan dan syarat syarat permainan itu. Demikianlah hidup - kita tidak akan tahu bagaimana untuk memahami permainan dunia kecuali dengan arahan yang datang dari Sang Pencipta. Jika Dia telah mencipta permainan ini, tidakkah sepatutnya kita pergi kepadaNya untuk mempelajari permainan ini? Tetapi mengapakah kita masih mencari selain arahanNya untuk memahami permainan hidup? Tidak semua mula di tempat yang sama untuk memahami permainan ini. Kita dicampakkan di tempat tempat yang telah ditentukanNya, tetapi itu bukannya alasan untuk memahami permainan hidup. Maka carilah, bangunlah dari kelemahanmu dan bangkitkan semula semangatmu untuk memahami hidup dengan lebih mendalam dan menjalankan hidup dengan lebih bermakna, kerana kegagalan yang hakiki adalah apabila engkau gagal untuk memahami hidup yang diredhai Rabbmu. // kata kata akhir kacamatakuning, bersamaan 28hb Januari 2017.

Dreamworks // Throwback because I don't have a ball to make a throwin.

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