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elan gale  please click the link below to buy my book for practically nothing and see me eat @thefoodofelan


JANU-ARIE is continuing and tonight you will see something on a one on one date that you may have never seen before! Also, the beautiful @kennykingpb2 makes a special appearance, along with @chrisbharrison and @taylorswift (not really but I tried)

I really want to say a huge thank you for making You’re Not That Great the #1 Most Read book by dogs and cats in America this week! Please keep educating your cats and dogs about the dangers of ego and delusions of grandeur! Your dogs and cats will live much better and more full lives once they read this book. Also, it can be read by people! If you’ve already read this book you know how good it is and if you haven’t, well, you’re behind! Luckily it’s only $12 for a hardcover on amazon now and that means you can read it AND give it to your puppy or horse for less than the price of an avocado toast. If you’ve read it and I don’t know how you feel yet please let me know. And click the link in my bio to get your copy or a copy for a friend now! Thank you!!!

I don’t think we can ever consume enough art. Yesterday @bobbyhundreds invited me and a group of friends to see the new @intoactionus show in LA before it opened. to say I was blown away would be a massive understatement. there is so much pain and truth and beauty in the works on display here. it was awe-inspiring and served as a really good reminder for me be aware of the power of imagery and of words. it also once again reminded me of my responsibility to try and use this and other platforms for more than just fun and games. scroll to the right to see some of the pieces, and if you are in LA, go check out this show. i hope it moves you as much as it moved me. We all need to be moved now and again.

it is funny because it is true but it is also very sad because it is true

Strap yourself in because it’s gonna be a hell of a ride on #TheBachelor tonight - and friendly reminder to my people: if you talk shit about the people on the show here, I block you. It’s not a negotiation. It’s not a discussion. It’s a fact! You are free to say whatever you want, just not here ;) woooooooooo now let’s party!

you may call me the Brunchmaster General

a few years ago I was being interviewed for a paper in the UK and they sent photographer to the Stars @steveschofield to my house. They ended up using some pics of me just sitting and staring but now I have finally gotten my hands on this and I wanted to share it. PS I do not play guitar and I am bad at jumping SO clearly this is a very talented photographer

oh nothing just Pikachu sitting cute-as-fuckly in the lettuce that is growing in the garden and no I don’t care that she is sitting on it we are still going to make a salad out of it and if it tastes like dog SO BE IT

It happened! It’s finally happened! It’s here! HAPPY JANU-ARIE TO ALL OF YOU! #thebachelor #januarie #makejanuarieahashtag #januarie

BREAKING NEWS: Amazon has made You’re Not That Great their Deal of the Day today. 80% off the Kindle so if you haven’t gotten it yet click the link in my bio to get the Kindle version for only $3.99!!! And if you already got it, please let me know how things are going for you now that you have the tools you need to harness your negativity !!!!!

I don’t take for granted how unbelievably cool and kind all of y’all are on here to Molly and me. Thank you for letting us share our lives and our dogs and our meals with you. For me, it’s the best part of social media: just getting tiny glimpses into each other’s lives and exchanging ideas and thoughts with people I otherwise would never have met. We aren’t stopping either. 2018 is going to be bigger and better and angrier and happier and crazier than ever. I love you guys. Stay safe. Be smart. Stay alive. Do cool shit. Repeat. ❤️

One. More. Day. Until.....Janu-ARIE!!!!

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