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elan gale  unspirational. indoorsy. aspiring food eater. you can see my favorite foods at @thefoodofelan

if you're starting to get sick of my terribly sappy little love notes about my girlfriend, I don't know what to tell you. they're just getting started. I failed so hard for so long with my choices, both in love and otherwise (and often those things were related) but I'm lucky as fuck to have someone to love who deserves every tiny little bit of affection I have to offer. I'm weird and I'm crazy and I'm difficult and I'm in my head and I'm impossible at times, but she's always right there to listen to me rant and pick me up when I'm down and she's perfectly out of my league. what a gem for this monster to keep. but here we are. anyway that's all the sap I have in me at the moment so I'm going to make like a tree and stop

dream big, my friends. dream big

today I am thankful for my girlfriend and also thankful for my hair that makes me look taller than my girlfriend

I don't post quotes often, because mostly they are bullshit, but I woke up early this morning and needed to fill my brain with things other than my own thoughts. I've been reading the journal of @reneredzepinoma as I am planning a trip down to Tulum to try his latest creation with @thefoodofelan and @mollycaitlynquinn and I came across this phrase. It pretty much perfectly sums up what I feel is my (clearly not) unique blend of desire and anxiety. But here we are. It's good and sound advice. It's honest. I love it

Rachel is currently trying to find love but today is also her birthday, so all of us in Bachelor Nation are wishing her a tremendously good day and an even better journey! Happy b-day Big Rach

I'll just leave this here...

happy Easter, to all the haters and the losers

stupid people™ : shouting their opinions loudly since the beginning of time!

in honor of national pet day, here is a picture of me (scraggly bearded manchild) Pikachu (hybrid poodle dog) and Piper (regal dog who was almost eaten by rascally ass raccoon piece of shit), and our owner, Molly

I'm a day late but I must take a moment to celebrate the WAY LESS THAN 30th birthday of my ride-or-die @amanda_stantonn She's a wonderful friend, an amazing woman, and an even better mother. Can't wait to squeeze her tiny cheeks again soon

I am a 33 year old man and I am living my best life

do whatever you want in this life. be free and enjoy yourself. but if you still have partially chewed food in your mouth, stay the fuck away from me

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