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elan gale  unspirational. indoorsy. aspiring food eater. you can see my favorite foods at @thefoodofelan

this was Nick's face when he realized it was time for hometowns and for meeting families

tonight, it's hometown dates on the Bachelor, and I finally bring Nick back to my hometown to see my true passion: erotic dance

only open a few months now, SingleThread is going to quickly become one of the more revered restaurants in California and beyond. one of the better meals I've had in a long long time. incredibly unique and imaginative. 10/10

debuting a brand new aerodynamic look this evening

so far this morning i ate pho, dim sum, and then i ate the hell out of this pizza and now i have to go to the gym for the rest of the day. tonight we are going to dinner at @singlethreadfarms for the first time and very much looking forward to it

it's important to note that we are cute AF

i spent the morning teaching @nickviall how to be a food blogger. he is my new @thefoodofelan intern.

as many of you know by now, I've been trying really hard to get in shape. I have been mostly very out of shape my whole life. about 5 weeks ago I started with two trainers (3 days a week) and working out solo the other 4 days. I'm making progress but still am nowhere near my goals. A lot of work to do, but its all about baby steps. Putting myself out there isn't just about posting when i feel great. It's about admitting there's a lot of work to do and pressuring myself to work even harder. Thanks to @eddiejackson5 and @natethomas1213 for working with me on this stubborn body and trying to make it better. More reports coming next month. And as always please no making fun of my muffin top

it's like titanic except she's is super cool and didn't let me die even though there was plenty of room on the door

For Valentine's Day this year I gave Molly a blown up print of this photograph. At first it just appears to be a shitty picture of me, but there's a story to it. Even though Molly and I have only been dating for a little over a year, we met well over two years ago at a party at our friend @JamesGunn 's house. I was in a different relationship and Molly walked up to me to just say hi and I was not good about being super friendly. Anyway, we joke about it a lot. But once we started dating I wondered if I could find any signs of the hidden spark neither of us saw. I went through all the pictures taken at that party and finally found THE ONLY ONE that has both of us in it. Looking at the smile on her face really makes me happy. I know it wasn't about me (yet) but I'm so glad I have a glimpse of the night my life changed forever without me even knowing it. Thanks to Mr. James Cupid Gunn for helping me be in the right place at the right time and thanks to @MollyCaitlynQuinn for loving the shit out of me every day. Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I teamed up with @TheBigHundred (no this is NOT an ad) to come up with an idea on how you can do something fun and new and exciting and important on this very special day. Rise Up with me and do this before the day is over. I PROMISE it will make you feel good! #TheBig100

Spoiler alert: and by that I mean I am super spoiled and get to spend even more time with this lovely woman. From the day we met we shared a special bond, and I am proud to call her a good good friend. She's gonna kill it