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So we're now in a Mel Brooks mood! Time for History of the World pt1!

Time for some Blazing Saddles! Such a classic

Another cute baby hamster!

Baby hamster snuggling

In honor of the game's release, re-watching Guardians of the Galaxy tonight! Why is every movie from Marvel Studios so good, but every DC movie lately so bad??

Now watching Split! Only 30 minutes in and it's really interesting so far.

After months of doing the job to Sanity, Dillinger finally gets the big W on the way out of NXT. Now hopefully they don't ruin him on Smackdown Live lol

I dunno about this new slate of NXT women; unlike the 4 horsewomen, the crowd is totally dead and the matches are so dry...

WTF Zangief is in NXT!!!!! LOLOL

Gettingn caught up on 2 weeks of NXT!

This is an awesome sight, very happy to see the Hardys back in WWE!

Now watching Days of Thunder; damn this one did not age well. I think Talladega Nights may have been more realistic lol

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