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Paul Heyman is my father  hard work pays off, dream comes true, bad times don't last, but bad guys do.

id like to apologize to all of my followers. you followed me for a reason, to see me post, but i rarely post anymore. i'm sorry. school & life in general has just been eating me alive. summer is 4weeks away & i want to make the goal of posting atleast 4 times a day when the time comes around. thank you all so much.

everyone knows it was that one legged kid that brock lesnar used to use as a rag doll

matt or jeff?

i think it's hillarious he's just been wandering around raw

holy shit

here marks 1 year without chyna. could've sworn she died on the 20th tho.

tbh the sell for this was outstanding

excited to see what happens with aj.

i think it would've been better if taker won and then roman turned heel and like beat the shit out of him. i think that would have gotten him over.

do you think the shield will ever reunite?

im really gonna miss taker if he's retiring. grew up on that monster.

turn roman into a super heel, destroying everyone & everything in his path, then give him a main event push.

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