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NAT BOX | THE WRITER'S INK  imagineer • dreamer • encourager writer • singer • aussie adventurer • mentor • voice artist love authenticity, dreaming big + living slow. 🦋🌸🌴

I’d like to introduce a good friend of mine! Earlier this year when I started therapy to help me process the Niagara Falls amount of difficult emotions that were surfacing as I was dealing with some trauma, THIS GUY was one of my besties.
The Calm App ‘Panic SOS’ meditation.
I would say I have probably listened to this around 200 times this year. (I’m thinking of maybe writing to Tamara and telling her how thankful I am for these kind words and that maybe I should win a prize or something? 🏆)
Anyway, this is how it would go down.
Something would trigger me and I would begin to hyperventilate and have a panic attack and I would put my ear plugs in, put this meditation on & literally catch my breath.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Sometimes when we are losing the plot, and our brain has exploded into a thousand tiny smithereens, and our emotions become physical reactions in our body, breathing is literally all we can handle.
In the past, mindfulness and meditation (and yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️) were always something I thought were slightly weird or ‘not quite right’, I often judged others because I thought my beliefs were correct and that what I believed and my lifestyle was the only way and ‘that was that’. But on this road of curiosity and asking questions (getting back to the childhood roots we all have) I discovered I was so narrow minded 🙈 and that there was sooo many other beautiful things to learn from so many other people!! Especially those who had different beliefs to me. :)
This world is FULL of rich wisdom and I am blown away by the depth of love and knowledge I have gained over the last two years. I’m so so thankful.
This is the @calm app. I had the free trial at the beginning and had no $ to afford the $70 annual subscription. So I kept listening to “day 1” of all the meditations (cos they were free) over and over each day. (The stats peeps were probs like “wow day 1 is really popular”!) During my anxiety & panic attacks these @calm meditations helped me so much, to focus on my breath and calm my nervous system.
And today, I called upon my friend again. A few situations were causing me concern & instead of shoving the anxiety down CONT👇🏻

Dare ya 😊😊😊 I heard @shawnachor say recently that when we see a smile our brain sees it and mirrors it and thinks WE are smiling and therefore we actually feel the effects of a smile (even though it’s the other person smiling) so then WE smile. How flipping incredible is that!!! Smiling is literally infectious. When we smile at someone it’s the start of a massive ripple effect that changes you and the other person and and the whole world around you. It’s like smile dominos. Test it. Give a big smile to a stranger in the next hour and yell me what happens. 😊😊😊 #joyspreaders #teenytinyjoytreasures
Love you! Nat xo
Thanks @aliciakeys for this pic

Lil bit excited 🏈💙🏈❤️🏈 @melbournefc 🙌🏻 #everyheartbeatsTRUE

Everything is created TWICE. First in your imagination, second in reality. 🦋 Did you know you imagination is actually the MOST powerful tool you have? Yasssss.
Why do you think kids dream SO big and have SO much joy and actually believe they can do anything? = They have no limit to their imagination.
I have done this soooooo many times in my life.
Try this:
1. Choose one dream you have.
2. Imagine it happening. (Like, I’m talking all the details, like a play by play. Keep imagining it over and over.) 3. Make it REAL. If that dream was happening next week what would you literally need to do? Make an actual “to do” list and act as if it’s happening. i.e/ DO something on your list today. 🦋
This is more power than you realize.
Nat xx

A story of dreams, guilt and shoulds 🤓
5.9.14 : I’d just taken The Canadian train for 4 days across Canada. 🇨🇦 I was the only solo traveler on the train (made some Canadian retiree besties) and was known amongst everyone on board as “the writer” 😂 I’d arrived in Toronto & jumped straight on a flight to NYC. (Side note: Highly recommend LaGuardia to JFK. Way less touristy👌🏻)
On this VERY DAY 4 years ago I stepped off the plane in New York City. I was all by my little lonesome and I didn’t know a single soul in the Big Apple. So as you can imagine I was a tadddd nervo. 😜
But adventure was calling. (Felt like John Muir but it was more like “New York City is calling and I MUST go.”)
I took a risk and moved there for 2 months to write my book.🗽🗽
Now. When you’re out of your comfort zone you naturally become more brave. You do way scarier things than you normally do. As in, I went out of my way to meet as many people as possible. Then found I had too many social events on so had to pare back so I could actually do what I came to do 😂
Thinking about all this is encouraging for me today. This bold step was not just about a fun trip to NYC. It was a tipping point for my entire LIFE. What it launched for me is really incredible. = Made lifelong BESTIES. Got back, launched my prints. Website launch. Back to NYC twice the next year in 2015 for another 2 months to write The Dreams Co. Then back again July 2016 to write, then again Nov 2016 before speaking at @reimagineworkshop.
Then back in 2017 again.
Recently I’ve been feeling guilty though. .
I look at all these projects so dear to my heart that are “on pause” or “on hold”, and as an achiever I feel such guilt, that I’m not working on them and I “should be”. So often I feel like I’m wasting time or not actively chasing my dreams.
BUT. At the same time I know I am on a strategic journey right now. And THIS is actually my most important work yet. The bravery and courage and 2 years of deep inner healing is going to be the catalyst for my future work.
And when I go back to these beloved “babies”, the time will be right and it will be perfect and it will happen exactly how it’s meant to.
Cont in comments! 👇🏻

Dress ups 👗 and tea parties 🍰and apple juice dates🥤and puzzles of the whole wide world 🌎🗺 #kelseyhope #love #adventureiscalling #seemsauntynattysdressingroomisatreasuretrove 😂👠💃🏼 #grandmaberylsnecklace

Class of ‘95 forever ✌🏻❤️ I’m not in denial or anything but I mean seriously 😱 does anyone else literally feel like you are STILL in high school? Time is so weird right? Thank you @supernormal_180 for having us last night. #thosedumplings 🤪 The hymn book got a workout and I’m sure the staff adored our performance of The North Wind. #clearly #woah 😂 Girls. You flipping delight my heart. Such friendship is rare and precious and I treasure it with everything. Life is grand. @mentonegirlsgrammar — thank you for the memories ❤️ #23yearsandcounting #everybodybecoolthisisarobbery #muckupday xxx

I hiked up this hill last year on a hot August morning. Moraine Lake. Trees for days. And every time I think of this scene, although I love the water #helloturquoise, it’s the TREES that get me. And then I started wondering, is it possible to love trees soooo much? 😂 Ha! These spruce trees just me so flipping happy. So just wanted to ask. Anyone else feel the same about trees and wilderness?! 😜 Love to hear.
K that’s the end of my little tree story. ✌🏻😋🌲 HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYY!
Nat. X

Starfish party out here this morn 🧜🏻‍♀️🦀 And okayyyyy yes I will admit I may have been chanelling Ariel. 🙋🏼‍♀️#okayimayalsohavepretendedtobeonbroadwaywhilstwalkingontherocks #loveyaariel #givethegirlsomelegsalready #happythursdayfriendsssss

In honour of International Twirling Day, here’s to the time I twirled in a rainforest surrounded by fronnnnds 🌴🦋🦎🌱
#doubledareyou 📷 @staceyperic

So I was just thinking “if I had my insta family of 1990 peeps in front of me right now (like if we were at some big beautiful place all together), what would I actually say to you?” Then I thought. Well first I would clearrrrrly give each of you a MASSIVE hug 🤗 (which would probs take a really long time but this is my hypothetical imagination so it’s possible) and then I’d tell you each how freaking amazing you are and that you are really loved and that I’m cheering you on in all you are facing right now, and then I’d look you in the eyes and say “I hope you have a really flipping great day, I’ll be thinking of you, you’ve got this.😊” Then squeeze you again. 😎
So as you leave your house this morning (alone or wrangling 5,000 kids) think of me in this pic holding my nephew Baby Bailey, and shouting to you at the topppp of my lungs “HAVE A GREAT DAYYYYY!!!!” as you close your front door!!!!! ☺️
Love you!!!!
Nat xox

I love this. 🦋🌱 The biggest dreams happen out of the quietest moments. #dreambigliveslow

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