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So I was just thinking “if I had my insta family of 1990 peeps in front of me right now (like if we were at some big beautiful place all together), what would I actually say to you?” Then I thought. Well first I would clearrrrrly give each of you a MASSIVE hug 🤗 (which would probs take a really long time but this is my hypothetical imagination so it’s possible) and then I’d tell you each how freaking amazing you are and that you are really loved and that I’m cheering you on in all you are facing right now, and then I’d look you in the eyes and say “I hope you have a really flipping great day, I’ll be thinking of you, you’ve got this.😊” Then squeeze you again. 😎
So as you leave your house this morning (alone or wrangling 5,000 kids) think of me in this pic holding my nephew Baby Bailey, and shouting to you at the topppp of my lungs “HAVE A GREAT DAYYYYY!!!!” as you close your front door!!!!! ☺️
Love you!!!!
Nat xox

I love this. 🦋🌱 The biggest dreams happen out of the quietest moments. #dreambigliveslow

Just popping to Italy for the arvo brb 🇮🇹✌🏻

My old neighborhood 😍😍😍 Dreamin of NYC 🗽 Shall we all book tix today? ✈️

Just listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack and writing a list of all my massive dreams. Reminding myself.
There are actually so many and they feel impossible and so big and far away. 🙈
Can you relate?! BUT.
I was thinking.
Even though there’s a millllllion things you and I haven’t done yet...
Just you WAIT.
If they are IN our hearts they can happen.
It’s not too late.
Take a step today. .
What is the place that inspires you and makes you come alive?
Go there.
When we step into a space of inspiration this is when our dreams reappear and pull us forward.
You are closer than you think. .
I’m cheering us on.
Have a beautiful day, friend! 😘Nat xoxo

Had these legends over for dinner last night. 💕💙 I love you Mum and Dad. Thank you for being you and teaching me to never give up. Despite the challenges you face you keep smiling. Never underestimate how you impact me and many others with your kindness and great love.
Really love you a lot. 💕Xoxo

Early morning beach ride 🚴🏼‍♀️ #overtakenbymannnnnyyyprofessionalcyclists 🤓

I’ve been doing this little experiment lately. Whenever I feel caught up in negative thoughts/emotions, instead of eating 5 blocks of Top Deck chocolate (which may or may not still happen at times *cough) I’ve been looking at the possibility of finding joy in the teeny tiny things.
Just like we did as kids.
I’ve been walking along the street and smiling more at people, sometimes saying hello.
Like kids do.
I’ve been actively focusing on connection.
Like kids do.
It’s quite astonishing the result a simple smile can have, on yourself and the other person. :)
A few days ago I was walking, something was troubling me and I noticed my mind was caught up in a million twisted balloons (what an image right? 😜), dragging me into the stratosphere, so I thought I’d try my experiment.
What would I do if I was a kid?
So I thought, “what do I notice?”
Sigh. (Urgh do I have to play this game Nat, is this really going to work?)
Then I saw a teeny tiny bud of a flower on a tree that looked otherwise dead.
I stopped.
On the busy street, as cars whizzed past, i just stared at it. Looked at that one small bud.
I looked not through “whatever, a flower” ‘adult eyes’...
But through “wow a floweeeeeerrrr!!!!” ‘child eyes’. Interesting.
I immediately noticed a change in my thoughts.
Not so crazy, jumbled.
Then I saw a lemon tree.
Against a terracotta wall.
In Richmond.
Looked at the lemons.
The tiny green baby lemons. ‘Child eyes’.
As I noticed these things, my thoughts literally changed.
I realized. These were teeny tiny joy treasures.
And they are litttterally everywhere we look.
All day long.
Surprises hidden for us evvverywhere. ✨🌷🍋
Then did it again the other day.
Crazy thoughts buzzing.
Okay let’s try this.
Driving along Orrong Rd.
I looked at all the beautiful, whimsical homes, looking for the joy treasures.
I turned on the radio (ABC Classic FM, reminds me of my Grandma ☺️)
In 30 seconds, this is the gem I heard!
“There are now more than 100 neuro-imaging studies showing that music activates multiple brain networks during music listening, responding & performance.”
(Prof Sarah Wilson Melb Uni, google her)
Then I
Cont. in comments.

Wordssssss to live by. 🌸 Anyone else find this encouraging?
Success is often so much simpler and sweeter than we realize. 🌱
So deep breath, and be encouraged my friend cos you are doing a great job. :)
Keep going 👏🏻
Nat xoxo 📷 @lisamessenger

If only you could see the bouncy-ness in this photo ha 😂 Great day on the water with @markperic at the helm and @staceyperic looking like a glamazon-Mama who just stepped off the cover of Vogue. 😍 #boatlife #whencanimovehere

Para para paradise 🌴🌴🌴

Boat ride and Sunday Sippers at Tipplers 🌴🚤

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