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When you finally realize what you’re looking for 😍.

This old video popped up on my @timehop app today.
So, here’s a reminder to me and to you, just because you miss moments from the past doesn’t mean you miss the person from your past. And if you do miss the person from your past, it doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. ❤️

I’m just saying.

If you are brave enough to say goodbye life will reward you with a new hello.
-Paulo Coelho
. 📷: The New Hello

If you have to walk away from someone, at least give them a good view when you go. 😘

A moment to praise my friend @dominikmagerofficial . This man makes me feel so beautiful! I’ve been coming to him for two years now and I have to say I’ve never met anyone as talented with a pair of ✂️ and certainly no one with a kinder 💜 or a dirtier 👄.
Head up to Harlem, tell him I sent you and give him a big 💋 from me.

This is hard for me to write so please save your judgment for another post, another time, another person.

If there is anyone out there who is struggling with coparenting- I just want to say something to you that I’ve never really said out loud before. . .

This sucks sometimes. .

I’m probably not supposed to say that because, ya know, conscious uncoupling and confessions in coparenting and all that. But I want to be real here because I get the feeling that someone else needs to hear it. .

If I’m being honest, this whole shared custody situation is sometimes so painful. I hate being away from my son even for a second! I would (and have) put up with all the misery in the world if it meant I wouldn’t spend a minute away from him, if it meant I wouldn’t miss a moment of his little life. .

Sometimes, I feel so much guilt and god, so much shame because I couldn’t just “suck it up”, “stick it out,” “make it work.” But if anyone thinks getting divorced is “taking the easy way out” my guess is that person has never been divorced. .

Divorcing with a kid is a different kind of heartbreak- one that never fully heals because you’re simultaneously looking into the face of your painful past and your uncertain future. And that face has your ex’s eyes and your lips and a growing awareness that something is different about your family.
There’s still a hint of sadness even in the moments that feel so, so, happy. .

Separate holidays and 3 days on and 3 days off is not what I signed up for when I decided to become a mother. ...This broken family is not the family I wanted.

But it is the family I’ve got.

And I am so unbelievably grateful for it. ...Even on the days when it’s hard.

Saw this cute little 🍑 last night and just want to publicly announce how much I love him.

It feels like a snow globe outside but no big deal because my head is here. 🌴 🏖

My mantra for 2018 is:
Endure With Grace
What’s yours?
📸by Noah Rev

This babe is 5 1/2 today!
We’ve never celebrated 1/2 birthdays before but today I thought it’d be fun/funny to give him 1/2 a gift, 1/2 a cake and only sing 1/2 of the Happy 🎁 Birthday song. He loved it!!

Rules for 2018:

1.Do not waste time and money shopping. You already have everything you need, anything extra is simply self soothing. The high is temporary but the debt is forever.

2. Do not drink alcohol to sooth, only drink to celebrate.

3. Do not get drunk, it only makes you want to smoke.

4. Do not smoke, it quickly ages you and slowly kills you.

5. Do not stop writing, not even for a day. The only way that book gets finished is if you finish it.

6. Do not feed the anger. Validate it, acknowledge it and then let that shit go.

7. Do not say yes to invitations from people you don’t want in your life. Your time is too valuable to spend with people who do not value you.

8. Do not believe that voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough, that voice doesn’t know you like that.

9. Do not turn away from someone who needs help, one day you might be that someone who needs help.

10. Do not buy another book, read the books you have and reread the ones that move you.

11. Do not hire someone to do something that you can do for yourself, that’s just lazy and your mama raised you better than that.

12. Do not forget even for a second how fast your son is growing up. Play with him when he asks you to, kiss him when he lets you, pick him up while you still can.

13. Do not send anyone to voicemail, especially if they share your last name or your bloodline. Those people raised you and you owe it to them to see who you’re becoming.

14. Do not let another person tell you what you’re worth, what you deserve, how you should be loved. Those people don’t know you like you know you.

15. Do not hold on to the habits that no longer serve you- name them and thank them for getting you through and now be through with them.

16. Do not say that you can’t. Every single thing, beautiful and powerful, that you’ve ever done was something you were once convinced you could never do.

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