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Emily Anne  Just living life with a baby on my back ~ Mammoth Lakes, CA

Shiya and mama collab at the river today. I've never felt like much of an "artist," but watching how Shiya paints, with no expectations and with complete disregard to proper techniques is inspiring. I love learning through her experiences.

So officially, I had to work a double today. But that's okay, because I got a chance to meet dozens of other moms doing their thing. I like to think that Shi and I celebrated yesterday at a sweet little Strawberry festival. She was tall enough for a few of the rides (her first!), pony rides, and face painting. Feeling so grateful to have such a rad little girl, willing to try out new experiences even if she's frantically screeching "wheewheewhee" with a look of terror on her face the whole time.

Shi getting her heel-hook-elbow-knee-lock down. She's going to be climbing circles around me soon.

I don't care if it is only in the low 70's. We are taking off pants, rolling up sleeves, and sitting in a creek. Come on sun...stay awhile! #overtherain #butloveallthewater

My sis on a pretty high, pretty heady climb. Thanks to our infamous stubbornness, she did not give up and made it to the top. Several times! #bishop #bouldering #climbing #highball

If you're going to get a babysitter to have a day it like this.

Sometimes coming home isn't about opening a door and kicking off your shoes. Sometimes, it just looks like this.

Today we went to the park and pretended it was 73 degrees instead of 43 degrees.

Who needs siblings when you have cousins?

My first trip to the city since Shiya was born. Dim sum + picnic at the beach = success.


Busy fingers, curious fingers, little fingers. Fingers that scratch, fingers that snatch. Fingers here, fingers there. Oh, how these fingers go everywhere.

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