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Rachel Pappas  Designer, Installation Art & Product Styling Boston, MA ON THE BLOG👇🏻

Love this photo bc look at that smile! So happy to be celebrating this man today! I adore him in every possible way. @will_pappas you rock my world. XO17

Styled over 100 of these minis for the @thedapperdoughnut last week and I only ate one because we needed them all for the shots...If that’s not control I doughnut know what is!!! 🍩🍩
📷: @heyandrewparsons

Airport inspirations ⬜️◻️⬜️▫️▫️

Working onsite is always an adventure! No matter how many times you’ve worked in a space, there are things you just won’t be able to anticipate. I think that’s the beauty of the challenge though - decisions become inspired by the space instead of what’s already in my head. ☁️

First Fall window display of the season and rolling out another this coming week - really excited about the line up this year let me tell ya!! Loved kicking it off with this woven crisscross for @thirdpiece_; customers and street walkers were especially excited over that happy little floral burst at the bottom!

Found out both 36”x72” string art pieces I created awhile back were saved from a little studio flood last week. . . grateful! 🌊💦

Anyone else like to walk around the house in the mornings and find warm patches of sunlight to stand in? Maybe that’s just me but I’ve been doing it since I was little - I would lay in the biggest patch of sunlight I could find while I was still waking up. This is definitely one of my go to spots in our new house, where I can sit on the couch and stretch my toes out into the streaks of sunlight on the carpet✨. I love this room in general, there are 7 large windows in it, one on every outer wall letting light pour in and fill the entire space. It’s the number one thing I look for when apt or house hunting - light open spaces. My plants have never been happier let me tell ya, they’re all growing like crazy which makes me super happy! Basically I just love sunlight you guys - give me all the sunlight people! Haha

Life is better with a bunny.
Love him..

Pretty sure these windows we just finished up for @ralphlauren are my favorite! I may or may not say that almost every time we finish a window but this time it’s real haha! So. In. Love.
——> more in my stories.

Been posted up in the Northwest these past few days working on another version of my floral and fern display for @follain ‘s new Seattle location (more in my stories)! Seriously though..can’t stop peepin behind me to check out dat siiiinkk - loving the mini hex and subway tile, the copper and gold mixed metal, but I really think it’s all about that dreamy antique light blue crackle goodness.👌🏻👌🏻

My latest project - An epic 6’x12’ Olympic Ring backdrop for The Dance Academy’s upcoming recital💃🏻.
My brother happened to be in town helping me with this project, he is a Pipefitter and engineer for the San Francisco Union. So as a little sister, I can only hope that he hasn’t been able to get all the sparkles off for work today...😏swipe➡️ #sorrybronotsorry

Just arrived in Canada! Headed out to Bowen Island to teach a craft workshop tonight to a special group of women and I just can’t wait to get started - ALWAYS ready to get my hands messy!!

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