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Donald De Rosa 

Lisboa e Porto. Great food. Great wine. Great views. (Too) many hills.

My third home away from home: Greece. Traversing across this beautiful country for family baptisms, seeing old friends, and of course, sunsets. Some tears, more laughter, and memories for a lifetime. Yamas!

Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina: Three (relatively new) countries in one day. Breathtaking coastline and an amazingly rich history.

Finally 👨🏼‍🎓

The real Cuba isn't all 'old cars and colorful buildings' - it's real people, talented, friendly, and gracious, who preach "Cuba y América, amigos". It's a tragedy that the bravado of our governments gets in the way of a humane exchange of goods and ideas.

Cheers to a new year from a new city

Bienvenido a #BuenosAires

Hugs and kisses. Welcome to Thailand.

Buongiorno #Roma! My life for the next four months.

A 5 AM #Sunrise #HotAirBalloon ride over the amazing #Cappadocia region of #Turkey. Surreal experience.

Good evening #Istanbul and a happy first day of #Ramadan!

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