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Diana Gettinger  Through the looking glass. AlterEgo:@_exbest_ #⚡️fiction

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in the power of MUSIC? Well, all I know is that when @melroseumbrellaco asked me if I’d DJ the last two Friday’s in September, the great Earth Wind and Fire anthem immediately popped in my head and do you know what the first line of that song is? “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” And do you know what today’s date is? Yep. September 21st. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the stars have aligned and MAGIC and MUSIC are in the air. Feels like you should definitely come by tonight and fulfill your destiny (or your density). Get your BOOTIES SHAKING from 10-2. #badedadancinginseptember #fridaynight #magic

17 years later. |
#freedomtower #photobyme

Sometimes it’s a two fork kinda day. #forkit #littlestbunny #photobyme

For those of you who don’t know... I’m so excited to tell you that @chuckdwillis is a brilliant artist and an aesthetic juggernaut!Seeing his creativity soar throughout the years has been one of the greatest gifts of our friendship. This gorgeous photo was “just a snapshot” from the set of his beautiful collaboration with the uber talented @jhartmusic. It was truly an honor being on this project and working with all these amazing artists. Link to the video for #putittobed is in my story. PUT IT ON REPEAT. The song is that good. #whatyoudontknownowyouknow ❤️
Oh, and THIS HAIR and make up by the insanely talented @alexandraaffrench

Tired of my earnest posts? It’s WAY more fun over at @_exbest_ Take the plunge and come say hi. There will be more bad puns like that plus you’ll get to see more pictures of ⬆️ this amazing human.

The music had stopped. The players had packed up their instruments. A couple lingered in the corner to finish their drinks and kiss goodnight. A tired old man pushed a broom twice his size. He started to sweep but in the middle of the confetti laden floor a woman kept dancing. Unaware of the hour and the emptiness of the room, she moved only for herself. Silence couldn’t mute her heartbeat. #⚡️fiction #flashfictionfriday #storybyme #photobyme

“We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself.” #FarleyMowat from his book Never Cry Wolf. 🌙
Thanks to @ericacornwall I had the opportunity to hang out with this magestic creature the other night. Swipe right to see just how “savage” he is. The work is doing is amazing in spreading awareness of how essential these animals are to our ecosystem. For years I have sponsored wolves @wolfmountainsanctuary where they are dedicated to preserving these beautiful creatures in the wild as well as saving wolves bred in captivity. If you can take a moment to support these noble creatures, I promise if you get to know them they will speak to your soul. #wolflover #wolf #gaurdiansofthewolves #sacredanimal #savethewolves #42teeth #NeverCryWolf #photosbyme #sonyalpha #85mm #wolfphotography #dreammodel

Happiness is... part 6 #apieceofcake
#happinessis #amoment

Warning: about to preach... I can’t go to sleep. My brain is reliving the past few hours and what I witnessed. I am not a music critic and not particularly articulate in this field but BON IVER just presented one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen. In a collaboration with @tudance they created one of the most evocative visual and auditory experiences of my life. There was a riveting dance that was a call to action, set to a song that has Viola Davis’ speech from the women’s movement. And a stunning love song where the dancers looked like my favorite Magritte painting. It was the only time I took out my phone because I needed to capture just a moment of it so I would never forget it. If anyone has access to this music (as of now it’s not being released) please let me know. The whole night is haunting me in the best possible way. @boniver is making music on another level. If you can find videos watch them.
Thank you to my love, @fooferdoofer for the most memorable birthday present. #magical #iloveyouinaplacewherethereisnospaceortime #comethrough #magritte #thelovers

The first thing they teach you when learning how to ride a motorcycle is “look where you want to go.” For example, if you’re about to crash into something, don’t focus on the point of impact, instead, look to where you need to go to be safe. Even if you don’t ride motorbikes, I thought this was some damn fine advice. That’s all. Happy Saturday. 📸 @engers

That morning had been a blur. He barely remembered getting on the train. The whole week, in fact, had felt like a fever or one of those summer colds. But here he was, climbing out of a dirty subway tunnel surrounded by steel and fluorescent lights. He could still smell her perfume on his lapel from when she had buried her head in his chest and cried.
That was eight days ago. There had been a lunar eclipse since then. He loved how entranced she was by the moon. He felt her absence the most at night and also during the days. He felt her absence in everything but mostly in the hollowed out parts that now existed in his chest. He realized they’d never gotten to use the camping equipment he bought her last Christmas or seen all the old movies on their cinefile list. Did she know she was the most important thing in his life? Had he ever said thank you? There were so many things he had wanted to say to her, so many things they were supposed to do. But that night, all he could do was watch her cry.
And now it was Thursday. He stepped off the escalator onto the sidewalk and crossed the street towards his office building. Everyone was rushing to work, starting their days, living their lives. He pulled his coat up to his face to have her next to him one last time. Chocolate and firewood.

#flashfictionfriday #storybyme #photobyme #⚡️fiction

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