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Kinkade Vader Wildman  Currently a missionary for the LDS church. New Jersey Morristown Mission 👔💯🏈💵🙏 #adventures #wildman

One of the best parts of being a missionary is the relationships you make. I testify that God's love is unchanging, I know that we can have God's love and each of God's children have Devine potential. LOVE FOR JERZZZZ #NJMM4LYFE
-Elder Wildman

"Merry Christmas everyone. I love serving in New Jersey and i love these wonderful people. I know that Jesus is the chosen messiah who the Old Testament prophet said would come! I know his birth was a miracle and made the heaven rejoice. I know he accomplished all that he was sent to do. And because of that event we can have peace joy and

One year down one more year to go. God speed Elder!!

I want to bare my testimony that God loves his children and that he know each one of them he knows their names. I know God visits his children in times of need! The church of Jesus Christ is the lords
kingdom, I know that Jesus Christ is the savior the redeeming power saves us from our sins and the enabling lifts us of our burdens.- Elder Wildman

I know that the book of Mormon is true it's very simple it is either the word of God or the word of the devil. But the devil could not right such a book, he would not. The book of Mormon mentions christ 3,925 times. Every 1.7 verses! I know that the book of Mormon brings people closer to christ and is its job to testify of christ. All we have to do is read ponder and pray and we are promised that God will bless us with the spirit and tell us that it is true. I have and the feelings I have received will be something I hold in my heart forever! P.s. Good luck to my brothers playing for the ship this Friday you are in my prayers - Elder wildman


Ilee misses her best friend

This is kinkade's little sister I will be taking over his Insta. Elder Wildman is serving in jersey city and is doing great

I report to the MTC tomorrow I am so excited thank you to everyone for all the love and support. My mom and sister will be doing a blog, and if you would like to email me it is: #godspeed #finnaserve

Gonna miss it! And good luck to all my brothers starting football today gonna tear it up this year

Happy birthday to shoot Rick whit been through a lot with this girl thanks for all the great memories!!

Yenna baby you will be missed 👔💜

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