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Trent Peterson  Raising money and awareness for Ataxia and wild mustangs by traveling the PCT with mustangs I have adopted, gentled and trained.

As of yesterday evening it's official. I'm halfway to Canada! It's been an incredible journey up to this point and I can't wait to see what's around the next bend on the trail. I can't thank my sponsors enough and all of the individuals who have made getting to this point possible. Without your help, the Ataxia community wouldn't be getting the voice it so desperately needs. I thank you, my dad thanks you, and so do all of the family's that are dealing with this thief of a disease. Be the change you want to see in this world and always asks plenty of yourself. Everything you want out of life is just on the other side of fear. #rideforacause #ataxia #ataxiaawareness ##getoutside #askplentyofyourself #wherewildiswelcome #supportthecause #nature #mustang #rideforacure #rideforacause #pct #pct2017 #mountian #dontbeafraid #alwayssayyes #filson1897 #outbacktradingcompany #5star #5starpads #nicksboots #nickscustomboots #msr #outfitterspackstation #starmillingco #buckarooleatherworks #deltamustad #watsonhatshop

Had a few friends last night visit my camp.....they weren't much for conversation however.

Had to do a little road riding yesterday on my way from Bucks Lake to Belden Town that had logging trucks hauling down it like it was a closed privet road. Gary continues to impress me with everyday. I've never put Lillet on him during training, but in the time of need to keep her safe he didn't even question what needed to be done. He just did it. #wherewildiswelcome #askplentyofyourself

When I was a little boy, there was a day that has always stuck with me. I was struggling to carry a bucket of water up the beach to our crab cooker that was on the fire pit. My dad came up behind me with his bucket in one hand and simply said "where there is a will, there is a way son" and then continued up the beach. So today, like the bucket of water, I had to find the way. And spend two hours cutting a notch in this tree as there was no way around it......just wish a trail crew could have gotten here before me.

May 21st I came up and over Olancha Pass and dropped down into the Owens river valley because of the deep snow in the Sierra stopped the northern progress of me and my Mustangs. I've been traveling north ever since then along the eastern slope of the Sierra, watching the snow melt and the rivers rise, waiting for the day I can get back to the mountains and on the PCT. The Great Reroute around has had lows that are as deep as the Owens valley and highs that reached above Mt. Tom it's self. Would I change a moment? No. I've met some of the kindest and most magical people, I have gained a greater understanding of the universe, and made connections that otherwise wouldn't have been made if I didn't stop and take the time to listen. I've been touched beyond belief by the support this project as gained along the way that a simple thank you doesn't do justice. And I promise to continue to pay it forward. But the mountains are calling, and we must go. And as of June 30th, we have found the door. Starting July 6th we are back on the PCT and will continue our journey north to Canada. But right now, it's time to slow down. Put our feet up and enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature. And be grateful for all that we have. Happy 4th of July. Take the time to slow down, and listen. Because that's what we'll be doing this weekend.

Naturally the best

Getting around the west shore of Tahoe sure was made easy with their extensive bike trail network. Left Meeks Bay this morning and landed in Squaw Valley for the night.

Keep Tahoe Blue

It's the one in the middle....

Look who tracked me down. Literally. Lee Roeser and his not so band of outlaws. I first met Lee at Reds Meadow pack station when he was getting his forest service mules packed to resupply the trail crews. Ever since I first met Lee he had been an inspiration to me. There's so much knowledge to be tapped into with him. He is a true son of the Sierra and it's an honor to know him. It was great seeing you, and until next time. Be well. #sierra #forestservice #pacificcresttrail #packing #mules #mustang #leeroeser #sonofthesierra #easternseirra #livinglegend

Today is the most magical day of the year. The solstice is here. So get #outside and enjoy the longest day of the year. Be the change you want to see in the world. #optoutside #outdoors #livelife #rideforacause #mustang #sawtoothmountainrange #bridgeport

The last few days have been such a blessing. Spent the weekend with some powerful and inspirational woman. Bunnie completed the PCT in 1984 (the year is born and is standing on the right), before it was even a finished thru trail. And Janet 'Extreme mustang makeover' Titus (standing on the left). After we could laugh no more, I then said goodbye to God and went to Bodie.

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