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Trent Peterson  Raising money and awareness for Ataxia and wild mustangs by traveling the PCT with mustangs I have adopted, gentled and trained.


Lillet and I are pretty excited about the weekend. This past Saturday we had a welcome home/fundraising party with friends and family here in Bellingham. We raised $1,350 for the Ataxia Foundation getting us that much closer. Money buys research, research finds a cure.

The Bridge Of The Gods is a toll bridge.....but not when you're on a horse. Thanks @karenkwang for the picture

Found this little gem today.....

Today is International Ataxia Awareness day. A day that is often over looked by many, forgotten by some, or never known by others. For me, I believe it's important to retrace ones steps so you can remember where you came from and know where you are going. On April 10th the Mustangs and I set off from the Mexican border to hopefully inspire some to do the same and possibly create the change. To provide inspiration to the Ataxia community and fuel the fire for research. Today I look back to look forward. I look back to when dad was first diagnosed and how little we knew. To today and how much more we've come to understand, but still have so far to go.

After living on the trail for 5 months and riding more than 2,400 miles, I can no longer ask of the boys to keep going. They have given all that they can give and I owe them my life for more than one reason. After crossing into Washington we had thought that we left the fires behind us, but Washington was and is very much so on fire. The thick smoke has taken its toll along with the miles and steep country. It was a hard 3 days of ridding to get from Snoqualmie Pass where we took several days off the trail to rest before we headed to Stevens Pass. The last day it took us 6 hours to travel only 10 miles and we still had 20 miles to go to get to the Stevens Pass ski area. I was able to find a feeder trail that got us down off the crest and to the trailer in a shorter distance. I knew then the ride was over, but this journey is only just the begging.

We have returned to where it all began for me. We have made it to John’s Barn in the Methow Valley, WA. To where 12 years ago, I made my first pack trip into the Pasayten wilderness with a string of mules in tow. Coming full circle, I feel blessed and satisfied with what these mustangs have done. What we have done.

Wether I was able to ride from Mexico to Canada nonstop in it's entirety…doesn’t really matter in the end. What matters is the fact that dad needed a champion. Through this ride I was able to be that champion and keep his name alive and create awareness, and a voice for the Ataxia community to take forward into future.
Though the ride might be over, there is still work to be done, and the project will continue as we work to grow the community and inspire others. The mustangs and I can’t thank our followers and sponsors enough that helped us get to this point. Especially a major thank you to my Mom. Thank you to all!

The last two day my herd and I have been taking a break from the trail and just simply resting. Some much needed rest. Yesterday I got to spend some time with KING 5 news out of Seattle to give an interview and tell our story. Since then it has goon national and NBC has picked it up. As well as @mypubliclands The response has been amazing! And when I opened my inbox and had a letter from the Ataxia Foundation saying that they were getting emails from people from all over the country wanting to know more about Ataxia because of the interview, I couldn't have been happier. In the home stretch now, and moment is really beginning to pick up speed! Thank you to @king5seattle and their awesome team for making this all happen. Go the home team!

This summer and journey has been one of Fire and Ice.

Everyday I get up at 4:00am, make a cup of coffee, catch and saddle the horses, break camp, make my pack loads and ride out to a new sunrise over a new horizon. Im blessed with meeting knew people and hearing their stories and to tell mine. There wasn't a better story teller that I've known that was better than dad. He truly had the gift. It was an art form to him. When Ataxia started to take a strong hold, and he began to loss his ability to talk, it killed him to not be able to do what he loved. After all that was taken from him over the years, he still had his voice and his stories. Until the 'Thief' took that to. It's a great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to honor him, and continue to tell his story. I can't find a cure, but I hope I can inspire people to get involved, create the voice the Ataxia community needs. Maybe then we can lock up the 'Thief'.

Yesterday my mustangs made me so proud. We crossed The Bridge Of The Gods into Washington. While I looked down through the steel grate and at the Columbia river hundreds of feet below. Minaret kept a calm and steady mind as he lead the way, taking care of both Gary and I during the crossing. While training these two this past winter, I was amazed by them every day and their willingness to try. And while on the trail it's been one of the most magical experiences of my life to watch the grow and mature. Thanks to @kamilakielar for taking such an amazing photo and capturing the moment. It's truly the home stretch now. We'll be getting to White Pass on Hwy 12 this weekend. We're coming for you Canada!

I first met Santa's Helper down in Lancaster at Hiker Town. He's over 80 years old and is such an inspiration of what it means to, ask plenty of yourself. While on the PCT I've met some amazing people and they seem to be here at PCT days!

My Mustangs and I have been living on the trail now for little over 4 months. With 550 miles to go until Canada, the finish is almost in sight. If you are in the area, we will be crossing the Bridge of The Gods on the 19th at 10am to finally cross into Washington. But even though the finish line is insight and the ride is almost done, the work still goes on. Please, if you have a chance, or haven't already done it. Visit my website and learn how to get involved and maybe make and donation to the Ataxia Foundation by clicking the 'Donate' button on my home page. Link to website is in profile. Money buys research, research finds a cure.

Mt Hood.... When mother nature says "no filters needed here. Just enjoy me"

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