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#1 Detox Rule // Break a sweat 💦 every day, it's one of the best ways to detox your body. But if you're looking for a much deeper #detox, infrared saunas penetrate up to 1 and a half inches below the skin to help detoxify and revitalize the cells and organs by allowing for efficient toxin elimination. Saunas can rid your body of toxins with long half-lives as well as dangerous heavy metals that cause disease over time. Getting toxins out of our bodies on a regular basis before they attach to fat cells is paramount to retaining your health and quality of life. Infrared saunas also boost immunity & cellular health and burn upwards of 600 calories a session!

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Nature’s Flu Shot // Apple cider vinegar gets a lot of love 💕 at The Whole Journey, and today we are discussing it again, this time in a supercharged recipe—FIRE CIDER💥We're in the middle of #coldseason, and many of us are run down and staying under the weather for longer than we need to be. Now is the time for #FireCider...a staple in many nutritionists medicine cabinet since the 1980's as it's seen as nature’s flu shot 💉. Fire Cider has SO many health benefits including boosting our immune system and increasing our digestive fire so we can properly break down food. Learn how to make your own batch of Fire Cider on the blog -->

Shout out to our friends @Toesox, they are also giving our Fire Cider all the love today. They gave us a great reminder that it's important to stay ahead of immunity when coming in contact with sickness at your yoga studio or gym. Wash your hands 🧼 , have a shot of fire cider, and protect your soles from germs in your #toesox 🧦

Moms always say “Enjoy it, they grow up so fast” and this is SO true. Austin will be 11 months old next week😱.

Tag a friend whose inner beauty shines bright. #mindfulmonday

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#TBT to when I was 8 months pregnant and showing you how to make our Free Flow Coffee Elixr ◡̈ Get your pipes flowing, your brain 🧠 working and your metabolism functioning with just a few simple upgrades to your morning coffee ☕️

🍄 Did you know that there is an everyday food found in the grocery store that can immediately boost your immunity by up to 300%? Yup, that's right MUSHROOMS!! Here are 4 mushrooms to help you through cold and flu season:
1) Maitake as your flu shot
2) Shiitake as your weapon against "bad” bacteria & harmful viruses
3) Lion’s Mane as your immune booster
4) Cordyceps for extra energy

Read more on the blog

Over the last few weeks, I have connected one-on-one with nearly a thousand of you and my team with thousands more of you.

In all this correspondence, there is one theme that keeps presenting itself over and over again in so many of your emails, comments, and direct messages.
What I realized is that #TheAdrenalReCode strategy brought up A LOT of hidden fears for you.
Fear of trying something so new and different.
Fear of this process not working after everything you’ve already tried.
Fear of changing at the fundamental level.
Fear of losing hope again.

It really opened up a can of worms because it's an entirely different kind of commitment that creates a transformation at the very core of where your disease, illness, disorder, or imbalance stems from.
Change Is Scary. Even if it’s positive change.

If you’re on the fence about joining The Adrenal ReCode program because of fear, I want to let you know that we got you every step of the way and we won’t let you fall.
You’ll be going through this process with other like-minded people, plus you have the dedicated LIVE support of myself, Jeanne Rubin my clinical partner in this program who’s successfully taken thousands of people through this strategy, including myself, as well as our Customer Care team of highly trained clinical and integrative nutritionists.
You also have the support of a Tony Robbins Life Coach and a brilliant emotional mastery coach.
That’s SEVEN people 100% dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS.

I see no risk, with all the 1-on-1 support you’ll receive, to get the results you desire from this program if you say yes and commit to implementing our strategy.

This is holistic health at its finest.
Please don’t be afraid of your own light, of your own greatness because as I said when I started telling you about the ReCode program - I believe you are meant to shine.
Enrollment closes tonight at 11:59 PST.

DAY 5 // Add Lions Mane Mushroom powder to your smoothie or coffee ☕️ ⁣
Benefits: ⁣
• Reduces mild anxiety & depression ⁣
• Repairs nerve damage ⁣
• Strong #antioxidant

My favorite way to consume it is in coffee because it adds an earthy tone and it neutralizes the #cortisol push of coffee. Also, do not drink your coffee before 10am and always have it with food if you want to ReCode your adrenals. ⁣
Who’s with us for today’s challenge? ⁣

DAY 4 // Eat ½ cup of Broccoli 🥦 Sprouts Daily
• Helps your body produce more of the master antioxidant glutathione
• Supports the adrenals
• Suports the liver
Add these to your everyday salad or chop them up in your chicken or egg salad, or put a handful into your coconut or cassava lunch wrap.
Get all these amazing upgrades in The Adrenal ReCode program plus literally HUNDREDS more. 1/7 is the last day to enroll.

DAY 3 // Have our ReCode Wild Blueberry Smoothie once daily.
Benefits: • Perfect blend of protein, carbs, & fat for your hormones
• Perfect blend of powerful micronutrients for the adrenals • Highest quality food-based vitamin C in the world

½ cup coconut 🥥 milk
½ cup coconut water 💦
¼ ripe banana 🍌
½ cup wild blueberries
2-3 tbsp collagen
8-10 leaves of spinach 🌿
A tiny pinch of sea salt
Sprinkle of nutmeg
½ -1 tsp camu camu
·  Blend everything together until desired consistency.
·  Adjust seasonings to taste.


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