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Christa Orecchio  Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist. Food as medicine. Healing from the root cause. Mind, body, & spirit. #feelwholeagain 💕

How about a libido lift for tonight? We made up another new, amazingly decadent Valentine’s Day smoothie for you 👠The Spicy Chocolate Maca Royale.

This libido booster engulfs the decadent flavor of raw chocolate with the earthy goodness of maca powder (an ancient Peruvian root shown to boost hormone production, fertility, and libido). Adding the spiciness of cayenne 🌶, the sweetness of raw honey, and a touch of salt put you into sensation overload.

The creaminess of raw, soaked, and blended hazelnuts completes the magic of this awesome smoothie 🌰. Not only are they an amazing nut for heart health, lowering LDL -bad cholesterol and raising HDL -the good cholesterol (according to the American Society of Nutrition), they are poetic as well.

The Celts equated hazelnuts with concentrated wisdom and poetic inspiration, making them the perfect addition to your 💗 Valentine's Day smoothie.

Just as food can be our medicine, it can also be poetry. 😍

It would not be Valentines Day without big splashes of red, which also happen to be good for our heart.

We developed ❤️The Big Red Heart-Opening Smoothie❤️ for you today to show you our love.

Loaded with the clinically proven antioxidant power of pomegranates, raspberries, beets, and strawberries, and mixed with a creamy dose of coconut butter, real vanilla bean, and chia seeds, then drizzled with the romance of rose water 🌹– you have a delectable new love smoothie to add to your repertoire.

This smoothie meets all of our nutritional requirements as a meal replacement because it contains protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates to provide sustained energy. It's also loaded with easy-to-use vitamins and minerals. Happy Valentine’s Day! Tag someone you love! 👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨

My little love bug begging for raw grassfed beef liver and hearts.
#paleodoodle #thatpuppyface #goldendoodlesofinstagram

Do you believe that life is in our hands? 🙌 That it’s what we make of it?

JJ Virgin, four time NYT bestselling author, joins The Randy and Christa Show for a third time, but this time we’re not talking about health. 🤗 We’re talking about creating strength and resilience.

Four and a half years ago, JJ faced was the worst she could ever imagine. Her 16-year-old son got hit by a hit and run driver and left for dead in the street.

JJ bravely opens up to us and tells her valiant story of her family taking the .025% chance to save Grant’s life and the years of rehabilitation that ensued.

Difficulty is par for the course of living a human life, and resilience can be too.

Some of the wisdom and lessons she shares in today’s show are:

A plan on how to live in the present

The significance of celebrating the little wins of each day

Why those who’ve gone through challenges are happier and more successful

How to be courageous and therefore build your confidence

How to not wish it was easier, but instead to make yourself stronger

Your limitations will become your life so blow away your limitations
Head over to the blog (link in bio) to watch the show! 📺

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of February? 💕With Valentine’s Day this month our theme for Current Mood is the most important love from which all other love can stem: Self Love.

One cannot feed from an empty cup. If we take the time, energy, and space to truly get to know ourselves and take care of our own needs, we are more complete humans with so much more to give. So this month, take good care of YOU. 😘
Use what we’re loving to celebrate like

Getting the Love You Want (Book)
The Self Compassion Podcast
You Are Stronger Than You Think documentary
Grassfed Heart Complex
Raw and Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse

Let’s meet over on Current Mood (link in bio) to talk more about these things.

And remember "A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life." - Christopher K. Germer ❤️

I'm curious, are you a snacker? 🥕Some people can heal their metabolism with snacking, others don't need to. If and when you do snack, it's important to focus on

Quality - food alters our gene expression with each bite

Quantity - calories are not created equal

Nutrient Balance - fill up your reserves

Frequency - every four hours

And if you follow these four rules of thumb 👍you will golden.

150-200 (high quality) calories

3 grams of fiber to keep you full

5 grams of protein minimum to release satiety hormones

12 grams of fat or less (keeping total daily fat to 25-30%) I give you my top 7 go-to snacks that take literally 1 minute to prep in today's #foodasmedicine episode. Link in bio or at
Please leave a comment and tell us YOUR favorite snack. 🤗 We can all benefit from new ideas!

I wonder if you agree with me when I say that many of the ideas and beliefs we hold about health in modern society are broken? 😫 We embrace a “band-aid" approach to health by administering a medication to mitigate a symptom, which only creates more symptoms and further compromises the body's inherent healing ability - and likely creates the "need" for another medication.

Healing doesn’t have to be so complicated. People just need to find a practitioner who has enough knowledge and heart to light their way during a dark and confusing period - someone with the skill to think outside the box and dig deep enough to be able to explain how they got where they are and to draw the map to where they really want to be.

Every week our team receives inquiries about nutrition programs from people who want to train to do this work, to help be the light for others 🌤, and to stop the madness of "band-aiding" symptoms.

A few years ago, I wrote a very popular blog post evaluating the eight best clinical and holistic nutrition training programs out there. After much research, I’ve since cut it down to my top three.

I'm sharing those updates with you, as well as amazingly informative webinars I conducted with the founders and ambassadors of these programs. 🙌 All the details are in the link in our profile:

We are SO in love with our newest family member. Meet Deebo! 🐶💕 #goldendoodlesofinstagram

Did you know that all of our cells have a regeneration timeframe and that the regeneration time for the intestinal cells is 21 days?

It's amazing to think that in just 21 days with one of nature's oldest foods, you could literally start the regeneration process of enlivening your digestive system, and as a byproduct, lose unwanted fat (up to 15 lbs 👍), reverse signs of aging, skyrocket your energy, and regain your healthy, shiny hair of years past.

For this week’s #foodasmedicine, The Randy & Christa Show is back with “Dr. Bone Broth”, Kellyann Petrucci to discuss the countless benefits of bone broth and how you can reset your body and cells for the new year with broth 😀. She shares her own personal story from sickness to thriving as well as many of her patients' stories whom she’s helped heal their gut, eliminate inflammation, and burn fat. Her delivery is not short on passion.

Head over to the blog via the link in my bio to watch the show! 📺

Happy New Year! 🎉 I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a chance to truly decompress and rejuvenate. It feels good to be back. I have a really good feeling about 2017 for all of us. How about you?

Today we're bringing you our Current Mood for January to support the kick off to your best year yet.

What We’re Watching 📺: Minimalism - A documentary about the important things.

This film draws a map from living excessively where we chase the ghost of “more, more, more” to living deliberately – in our relationships, with our spending habits, and with our time. The life they invite us to choose is an intentional life – not a perfect life, not an easy life, but a simple one that involves more meaning.

New Product We Love 😍: Raw Spice Bar

If you’re not into making your spice mixtures, I recently discovered a new spice company that sources top quality spices, grinds them fresh, and mixes them up for you in the most interesting global flavor profiles. Sometimes something as simple as new spices and flavors can re-inspire our creativity in the kitchen (while doing wonders for our health). @rawspicebar
What We’re Making ☕️: Caffeine-Free Turmeric Chai Tea

Reducing caffeine is a great health goal for the New Year and one that will ironically leave you with more energy and balanced moods. I got a new gratitude journal for 2017, and as I was writing in it, I realized that tea makes the list nearly every day. It’s surprising how something so simple can bring such comfort and repose.

What We’re Reading 📚: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

In this book, Brown shares ten guideposts on the power of wholehearted living—a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness and belonging versus trying to fit in and live up to our own impossible standards. Read this book if you want more courage, compassion, and connection in your life that stems from self-acceptance and not measuring your value by external things like how much you accomplished in a day. Make 2017 the year for amazing positive change in your life – from the inside out because our thoughts and emotions create our reality.

Find Current Mood via the link in my bio! 📷@kristywalkerphoto

Oh how I love #bonebroth. Let me count the ways.... @randyalvarez and I just finished filming with Dr. Bone Broth herself @drkellyannpetrucci.
This is the ONE #foodasmedicine substance that has the power to nourish the nervous system, heal the gut, support immunity, balance hormones and weight, reduce joint pain, and give you glowing skin, hair, and nails. #bonebrothforpresident 👌

The show will be ready in the New Year and I will invite you to do a 21 Day Bone Broth Diet with me (and my husband - although he doesn't know this yet ;)) then to kick off our best year ever together. ❤️ Lots of love for a beautiful holiday season. 🎄This is my last post of 2016 as I'll be "fasting" from social media until the New Year. 🍾🎉

There is nothing like being around wide-eyed adorable children to get you into the holiday spirit.

Today I brought on the youngest gluten- and dairy-free, low-sugar chefs you'll meet. 👭 Tia, age 8 and Talia, age 6 join us on #foodasmedicine to make Flourless Chocolate Santa Hats!

There are two magic ingredients – one is black beans (shhh🤐, no one will ever know they take the place of flour because they taste amazing) And the other ingredient?

Well, I promised the kiddos I’d let them tell you themselves.

Head over to the blog to watch the segment via the link in my profile to get the recipe! 🎅🎄