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Christa Orecchio  Use Food as Medicine • Heal from the Root Cause • Mind, Body, Spirit • Join Us on a Journey Towards Wholeness 💫#FeelWholeAgain

Pumpkin seeds have to be the most powerful seed we can consume. While they're loaded with healthy fat, their real claim to fame is how they act as a powerful anti-parasitic by paralyzing parasites and intestinal worms so that we can eliminate them. Learn more about parasites and how we get rid of them on the blog. Tap link in bio.

Move over Starbucks with your Unicorn Frappucino. We can use #foodasmedicine to create a health-giving Unicorn smoothie 🦄! .
This one is a mixture of raspberries and blueberries for pinkish purple, peaches and bananas for light orange, and our favorite kale and spinach blended with coconut cream for green 💚
Must add protein when you have all that fruit to slow down a sugar spike. There are so many protein powders to choose from these days, it's important to know that they are not all created equal.
We can do a lot of good or some harm depending on the quality of our protein and what works best for our bodies. Tap the link in our bio to watch our 5-minute #foodasmedicine show on how to choose the right #proteinpowder.

We ❤️ Taco 🌮 Tuesday!
If you're celebrating at home tonight try @foodforlife's organic sprouted corn torillas or @siete cassava tortillas. We'll be using pasture-raised chicken this evening, but wild white fish paired with a #glutenfree beer is perfect for a warm day! How do you #TacoTuesday? Follow the link in bio for our gluten free beer taste test comparison!

He is my "presence" icon. Happy Sunday🐶

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Happy Weekend! ✨Scroll 👉🏼 and learn about the Four Steps to Kicking Candida for Good!
STEP 1️⃣: Take a week to assess, grocery shop, meal prep, and order your supplements. This prep week helps you wrap your brain around the 2 months ahead. .
STEP 2️⃣: Operation kill candida begins! We made huge headway with destroying periphery yeast, biofilms, and candida hiding deep in the intestinal tissue. Easy at home detoxification techniques enter the picture, and The Whole Journey continues with improving your relationship to food and mindfulness here too. .
STEP 3️⃣: The weeding has been done so now it's time to plant the seeds of your digestive garden and nurture them to grow so that they can keep your whole body health for a long time to come. .
STEP 4️⃣: Learn to live a balanced life, enjoying the things you love without having your candida return. Bring your vitality and energy back by healing your adrenal glands and thyroid the rest of the way. Our LIVE program starts Tuesday. Registration closes Sunday 4/23 at 11:59pm. No more Band-aids - it's time to truly solve the problem - and get rid of sugar cravings, bloating, sinus and yeast infections, and nail fungus once and for all. 8 weeks of commitment for decades of quality life is a pretty cool trade off. Registration link in bio.

These rock formations are all over our beaches. Balance is my word of the day. After a lot of traveling and a fast-paced few months with work, I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and regaining #balance. Family time, beach time, yoga, house stuff, cooking.... This is the balance we need to honor the cycles and rhythms of our lives and energy levels. How do you stay balanced? .
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When world events go crazy and things get turned upside down, we cannot give up on all the good that does exist. If we feed the good, by being the good, it grows. As Ghandi says "Be the change you'd like to see in the world." 💕
#inspiration #spreadpositivity #goodvibes #thesimplethings #mindandbody #bethechange #believe #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday

"The poetry of earth is never dead." - John Keats
. I am so grateful that this little slice of heaven is right down the street. Mother ocean never ceases to amaze me or my little pup who had some amazing sunset playtime tonight! #republicofencinitas #cardiff101 #encinitas101 #california #californiadreamin

Picture Your Plate 🤔
When you're eating to overcome a gut infection like candida, your plate should be half non-starchy veggies, 1/4 top quality pasture-raised protein, and no more than 1/4 complex carbohydrates or resistant starches (so you feed your thyroid & adrenals without feeding the infection). Healthy fats work their way into the protein and when cooking veggies or using salad dressings.
Our #kickcandida webinar replay link is in our bio if you want to learn a TON more about kicking candida and healing your thyroid & adrenal glands naturally.
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Oh he-ey. Wacha doing tonight? Want to join The Whole Journey team and 5 other online tribes as we talk about how to Kick Candida for Good? I'll be sharing my 2 phase approach which includes specific recipes + foods + supplements + strategy to eliminate Candida once and for all! I will also be selecting several attendees that want some “hot seat” 1:1 coaching AND giving away 1 seat to our upcoming LIVE course that begins 4/25. Link in bio!

Happy Easter Sunday! Hope you're doing things today that make you feel like this.
We ran a short survey last month to 100 past candida cleansers. We asked them to describe how they felt once they completed our candida cleanse. These are the top 7 words they used to describe their new state. 💕Makes it so clear that physical, mental, and emotional health are inextricably interconnected. You can't improve one without improving the other. Pretty cool. We want to help you feel like this too. Click on the link in our bio and we'll start together tomorrow.

Do you have sugar cravings that feel bigger than you? I used to😳... I would go out in my PJs at 11pm to get something sweet because sugar was controlling me so much. .
👉🏼This is #1 sign of a candida overgrowth. We're hosting a live, free webinar on Monday at 5pm PST to talk ALL about candida: What it is, how you get it, and how you overcome it with our two-phase approach that includes starving it, eliminating biofilms, cleaning deep into the tissues of the gut, and healing and sealing leaky gut.
Want to join us? 6 online tribes are coming together to #kickcandidaforgood. Link in bio!

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