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Facebook or YouTube?
Where are you posting your content and why?
Facebook and YouTube are great to share videos but one is better than the other based on the type of content you need to post.
Facebook is better for viral videos and "light" content.
YouTube is better for informative content and long form videos.
How's your content strategy?

The three Cs in life👍🏻

💻🍏What type of user are you?
And why?

🤔Most of successful people recommend to focus on one thing only at the time.
The question is: in a fast changing and unpredictable environment, such as the digital space, is it safe to keep all the eggs in one basket?
Is it better to differentiate?
What do you think?👇👇

We all know it: on Facebook we are the product.
It know who we are, what we do, where we go, what we like and what don't..
And much more.
The incredibile success of Facebook is the incredible because of the incredible amount of information it knows about.
People spend so much time on Facebook.. be wise!😉

🚀Someone would agree with it.
We pull out the best under the worst circumstances💪

👉Which one of the entrepreneurs below would you pick as a mentor and why?
We all need a mentor💪
A mentor is a person a little (or a lot😄) further than you are or where you want to be.

Even if you know the 20% more than an average person you can be considered kid of an expert👌🏻
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👉Testing is the best way to plan better and pivot if you are wrong.✌️
Don't undervalue the power of DOING💪

When you doubt about something, just do it😎✌️

Do every single day something getting you out of your comfort zone.
Even the most simple thing help you get out of your comfort zone👍🏻

What's your idea of leadership?👇

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