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Wayside Chapel  Wayside Chapel provides unconditional love & support for people on and around the streets of Sydney. ❤️⬇️ Read Jon Owen’s Inner Circle here

Don't miss tonight's #AustralianStory, starring Rev Graham Long and Jon Owen!
Australian Story will be streaming live on their Facebook page with the episode at 8pm, or from tomorrow it will be available on ABC iview. Join us in watching the must-see television event tonight at 8pm on ABC TV!
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The fortnightly podiatry clinic from the fine folk from Western Sydney Uni always provides a huge relief for our visitors, helping them with any problems with their feet. This is something that can be quite overlooked when sleeping rough and we are very grateful for the help. #waysidechapel #loveoverhate

This is one to put in your diaries! The much-anticipated episode of Australian Story on Rev Graham Long and Jon Owen will screen next Monday 20 August at 8pm on ABC Australia. We hope you can tune in! #waysidechapel #loveoverhate #australianstory

"We not only housed young people but on one occasion, we “grounded” one. We suspected that a young fellow who was staying at our house was sneaking out to visit a neighbour at night, causing some alarm and concern in the street. He was the only bloke to ever stage a “break out” of our place. Our best intentions to keep him within our household were feeble and we learned that it takes a whole community to make a home. Our task became one of working with our whole street so that people could be welcomed to a neighbourhood and accepted for what might be instead of being judged by their past behavior. We take the same approach at Wayside, we really don’t care about anyone’s history. We’re content to learn history as a result of knowing the person – who usually tells us their stories as a measure of how far they have come. At Wayside we believe the future is a stronger indication of a person than their past." Keep reading this week's #InnerCircle from Pastor and CEO Jon Owen in the link in our bio.

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#FilthyRichHomeless starts TONIGHT 8:30pm on @sbs_australia.
#repost @sbs_australia & @camerondaddo - “I am replaying a moment, not long after I walked back into my home after experiencing Homelessness for 10days. I’d hugged my wife and kids and purposefully turned to look at the back side of our front door. For 9nights and 10days, my mind drifted through varied states of melancholy, deep sadness, gratitude, joy and confusion-to put labels of just a few. I also had moments where I longed for a door, my door...A barricade between me and the world. A place where I could let my guard down, relax my body and mind. To have some respite from the noise, the projections I felt from strangers and the hardness of our urban environment...concrete, bitumen, alloy and steel are still unforgiving and cold, even if you layer it with cardboard and a blanket. For millions around the world, this is their normal, in Australia we’re into the hundreds of thousands now... and that number grows everyday. However, I truly feel that doesn’t have to be the case. I heard someone ask, how do you eat a blue whale? The answer, one bite at a time. Homelessness can be decimated if we do our bit...and there’s a multitude of ways to assist...helping to ease the life of current homeless folk with donations of food, clothes and shelter. There’s prevention of future homelessness by assisting parents and families to raise happy and healthy kids among others. For me, I actively participate in the former, even if it’s taking the time to talk with someone living on the street-that simple act can be a step to someone feeling value in themselves that kickstarts their action into a better life. The fact is, I’ve never experienced feeling so invisible, and when someone did take the time to "see” me, the feeling was elevating. I also launched #mensteam to assist men and stimulate heartfelt discussion between men...this leading to happier men who in turn feel valued and ready to pay that feeling forward to their partners, their kids, their families and yup, even strangers in the street. I am hopeful in some way, that MensTeam can assist in the prevention of homelessness.” - Cameron

Our lucky winner of "Pimp my Recipe," a prize on Rob's wacky wheel at Community Lunch, is where you get to choose a favourite recipe and the kitchen will make it for a whole month! Here's our visitor Jake who chose crème caramel for Greg to cook up, as it reminded him of his childhood. How beautiful! #waysidechapel #loveoverhat

Next Thursday 16 August, join us for a very special performance with Midnight Feast, a unique theatre company that creates opportunities for artists living with significant disabilities to train and work in professional theatre. They will be performing ‘My Mother and the Cockatoos’ written by one of the actors, Oliver House, followed by light refreshments. Oh and it's completely free! For all details, head to #waysidechapel #loveoverhate #midnightfeast

Homelessness can happen to anyone and is a problem that’s not going away, with an increase of 13.7% over the last four years. Next week, the three-part series Filthy Rich and Homeless starts up again and encourages you to be part of the conversation about the issue. It all starts next Tuesday 14 August. #Repost @sbs_australia with @get_repost
Join five high profile Australians in a life-changing experience, where they swap privilege for homelessness in the second series of #FilthyRichHomeless 📺 Starts Aug 14th on SBS

"Having a place to call home shouldn’t be considered a privilege even though it’s hard for many to attain and maintain. We work long and hard with visitors to assist them, but amidst the joys are also a lot of heartache and tears. Life on the streets is tough and can be brutally short. Having a safe place to go during tough times shouldn’t be a privilege either, but it is a lot more within our control, every one of us. Our teams in Bondi and Kings Cross work diligently to create open and safe spaces as we would in our very own homes because safe spaces create healing places where the sacred may meet the mundane. I was invited to sit in the gutter yesterday by a friend who told me they had fallen deeper than rock bottom. We embraced and without words he knew that even at this depth he was not alone." Continue reading CEO and Pastor Jon Owen's Inner Circle in the link in our bio.
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Last week, we were so very blessed to be donated 100 sleeping bags last week from one lovely supporter! Thank you for giving warmth to our visitors at night. #waysidechapel #loveoverhate

Our Day to Day Living visitors enjoyed a Winter Wonderland last week, trying their turn at ice-skating at "Skating at Sydney Festival" the pop-up ice skating festival in front of St Mary's Cathedral next to Hyde Park. Thank you to the team at @Skatingat and the staff who were helpful, warm and encouraging from start to finish! #waysidechapel #loveoverhate

Calling all thrifty shoppers! Wayside Op Shop Kings Cross are beginning a trial for extended opening hours on Saturday! Today we will be open today from 9am - 3pm, instead of the usual 10am - 2pm. That's two more hours to peruse our great range of curated eclectic fashion and bargain buys. Thank us later #waysidechapel #waysideopshop #loveoverhate

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