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T H E W A T C H H O U S E  A group of multi-award winning espresso bars & eateries in London, UK ◾️Bermondsey Street 🔶 Tower Bridge ◾️Fetter Lane

Saturday mornings are straight up the most interesting time of the week to visit our home, The Watch House on the end of Bermondsey Street. 👭👬 and 🐕 🐩watching, no 👨🏻‍💼 boss pressure to get you shuffling into work, no Sunday fear for the start of the week (yet) and loads of 👌 ☕️☕️☕️ to keep you pinned for a couple of hours 📸☝️:@moymoyzai

Coffee comes first, smiles after. Your Friday pick me up is waiting for you at all Houses

2 proud poached St. Ewes eggs, London smoked salmon and our take on smashed avo 🥑 as always on top of the amazing @thesnapery sourdough. Humpday done right 🤜

When you chase every single last 💧: 📸🐕👉The One & Only Reggie #thewatchhousedogs

Immediately remove your prejudice about what time it’s acceptable to have cake or not! 🎉 It’s SATURDAY!! 🎉However it’s always best served with a silky pour ☕️ courtesy of our great team down at Tower Bridge

Everything is freshly made at The Watch House every single day. Absolutely Everything 🍊✌️🍊

In the last 12 months we have trimmed right back on the products we supply at The Watch House in favour for dedicating more space to artisans who provide fantastic product which compliments our customer experience of our coffee offering. We’ve been delighted to start working with @pumpstreetchocolate in recent months after closely following them for some time and admiring their philosophy on sourcing amazing beans for their chocolate from far and wide ranging places. Since the start of July we have a small taster Jamaican Bachelor’s Hall Estate chocolate with our Flat Whites at all sites which works fantastically with the silky Brazilian and Columbia beans in our coffee. Pop in and ask our baristas

Brunch shelter from the ☔️ until 6pm today at Tower Bridge

We've been experimenting recently over at The Watch House with our new iced tea infusions which we make in house and with a little cheeky twist of chilli. The little kick of heat makes them that bit more refreshing. Depending on which House you visit, you'll get their own take on their infusion. Summer treat!

We often get asked how we design✏️📐 our spaces, who designs for us (we actually do all sites ourselves), why the details are done in the way they are and generally what the concept is. The answer quite simply is we do it in the way we like it to done, not for a ‘roll-out’, taking inspo from the local area we are in. It’s one of the best things about London, each corner and street has it’s own ancient history to explore! We have this particular thing with materials which fit with the history of the spaces we are in, the more natural and tactile the better, using the existing fabric as the basis of what we are trying to achieve. For us, the key is to always think about what space you would like to sit in when drinking your ☕️, what catches your own eye and then amplify that as much as possible (or as far as your budget can stretch). Ultimately do it for 🖤, not for the 💰

COME AT US hottest day of the year ! 👊❄️👊

OK OK!! Many of you have asked for it to make a come back and we’re glad to break this hot weather with the reappearance of our Spiked Berry Tea 🍓 available only at The Watch House Fetter Lane Monday to Friday

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