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Domingo Jose Negrete I  The War ♡ Ginger. Fat. Metal. I Sell Ice Cream. Action Figures. CD / Vinyl Collector. Pinhead. Pro-Wrestling. 80s aficionado. COBHC. Sin ♡♡♡

Feels good to finally own this. #youdontrememberillneverforget

I proudly wear pins of shit I love. Death Metal, Horror / Sci Fi / Wrestling / Marvel
#pingamestrong #enamelpins

When you work 7 days a week and #pandaexpress is life.

While opening this awesome Elite Series 59 Kurt Angle, I took a pause to reflect and appreciate how happy and proud I am of @therealkurtangle . I met him in 2011 at the famous Detroit Airport. When I boarded the plane and walked past first class and saw my Olympic Hero, I knew once it was time to get off, I had to get a hand shake. Nervous as shit, I followed him, waited for him to finish his business in the restroom and politley approached. A class act, shook my hand and ask for my name. I asked for an autograph and he did not hesitate. Despite all the personal issues he was going through at the time, he stopped for a dumb mark like me. God bless you too, Mr. Angle. #kurtangle #itstrueitsdamntrue

Looking creepy as fuck but internally happier than fat kid at an ice cream shop.

I was one of those "ah fuck Immortal..Immortal aint shit without Abbath" I was wrong..dead fucking wrong. This album proved me and many others wrong and I am here to admit that the album is soo damn good, I paid $25 at SDCC for it. AMAZING ALBUM! #immortal #northernchaosgods #blackmetal #demonaz #horgh #

Spinning the fuck outta this one. All day, err day. #gatecreeper #swelteringmadness #masteryofpower #7inch #vinylporn #hellahammerissavage

Heres a #rush appreciation post. Anytime this song pops up, its an instant volume raiser. I will never forget discovering this tune coming home from work and just being amazed with how tight the insturments sounded. This and #limelight are my absolute favorites. I can never get enough of how complex the drums are. And that amazing fucking keyboard melody ! I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG ! And I know how to play this song... on air drums. #subdivisions

No lie..wish it was Tuesday. #tbt #tacotuesday #tacoseveryday @girl_afraid84

Getting ready for an impromptu San Diego Comic Con trip. This is my morning coffee. Even though the record looks like the top of a creamy cup of coffee. #deathhuman #thrivinginyourcliche #lackofcomprehension

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