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Domingo Jose Negrete I  The War ♡ Ginger. Fat. Metal. I Sell Ice Cream. Action Figures. CD / Vinyl Collector. Pinhead. Pro-Wrestling. 80s aficionado. COBHC. Sin ♡♡♡


I just want to take a moment and reflect on one small part of how amazing my 2017 was. I was on my route listening to Deicide and thought "well..How come nobody has made a pin of _________ ?" Then it hit me, maybe I should be the on to do it ! But I can't draw for shit .. then I hit up @mpreyes87 and the rest is history! 8 releases , 2 sold out pins and a bunch of new friends and connections . Thank you to everyone that has supported me and our little brand. Special thanks to @girl_afraid84 for always being there to support us 🖤 and @bullets_and_blurays for being the 3rd member of the Fractured Camp. Thank you for your photos! Thank you @jdenim91 for always buying our all our pins ! And thanks everyone ! Happy New Year!

Love this shirt ! 😠🗡🔫

12/21 Clear Vinyl
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast: Waste in Space 2011
A great quality 180g of pure thash assault! Incredible quality album. Really intense cover. I recommend this one.
#municipalwaste #thefatalfeast #clearvinyl #vinylrecord #thefatalfeastwasteinspace

12/20 A record from a hometown or state band
Van Halen - 1984
I know .. I'm late on this. Well I live in the San Fernando Valley here in Southern California. I don't own any records from a band out here so let's do a band formed in Pasadena , California. Van fucking Halen ! I picked up this record about a year ago at a swap meet. This record means a lot to me. I used to play the shit out of the cd as a kid coming home from school. "Panama" is my absolute favorite VH song. Eddie Van Halen is an absolute God. Top tier band for sure.
#vanhalen #1984 #mightaswelljump #vinylrecord #recordcollection

12/19 The most colorful record you own
Gruesome - Dimensions of Horror 2016
I'm positive I have some records that are more colorful than this but this one is one of my favorites. @mpreyes87 hooked me up with this as a birthday gift last year. I love the overall package on this. The colors just remind me of a bowl of leftover #fruitypebbles . If you ever want a good 10 inches of death..this is it!
#gruesome #deathmetal #10inchesofdeath #ep #vinylworship #vinylrecord #dimensionsofhorror

12/18 A record you don't listen to enough
Ghost - Opus Eponymous 2010
Believe it or not , I probably only played this record like twice. I have played the shit out of the cd though. But I was really excited when I finally got this release on vinyl. I cannot stress how amazingly evil this album is. I'm in love with the colors of th cover and record itself. The whole album is great. I should spin this a lot more.
#ghost #opuseponymous #ritual #vinylrecord #vinylworship

12/17 B/W colored vinyl in a B/W photo
Agalloch - The Mantle 2002
Well technically I don't own any black & white records..but gonna do a little cheating. This album is just grey and the cover is black and white. This is my favorite #agalloch album. Every song is perfect. I could talk about how meaningful this album is for me but that for another day. #thematle #vinylrecord #vinylworship #agalloch

12/16 A record with ugly artwork.
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Rising Force 1984
I love this album. "Far Beyond the Sun", "Black Star", and "Evil Eye" are guitar shredding neoclassical classics! I just hate having took on at this ugly ass cover every time I want to spin it. I'm sure Yngwie coul have picked a better cover .. so tacky and cheesy. #yngwiemalmsteensrisingforce #yngwie #yngwiejmalmsteen #neoclassical #vinylrecord #vinylworship

12/15 Worst shape record you own
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1973
#decvinylworship (Scroll right)
This album has been on my list ever since I started collecting #vinylrecords . "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" is in my top 3 favorite Ozzy era Black Sabbath albums (I respectfully like all eras of Black Sabbath) . I found this record at a swap meet earlier this year along with some other classic heavy metal records. At fist glance ..yes the album cover is all beat up but it gives character. The record is clawed to shit and well..just watch the video. 😠😡
#blacksabbath #sabbathbloodysabbath #ozzyosbourne #tonyiommi #geezerbutler #billward #vinylrecord #vinylcollection #vinylworship

12/14 An entire discography of an artist
Well this is a bit of an easy one. So far one full length and two e.ps. A Death tribute band that writes their own material. Doesn't get any better. #gruesome #savageland #dimensionsofhorror #fragmentsofpsyche #deathmetal #vinylrecord #vinylcollection

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