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g r a t e f u l ➕ We spent another weekend camping in the beautiful mountains just south of our home. The question we constantly ask one another is “Do we really get to have all of this?” Our life in Hawaii was so pure. Our life in Portland was so fortunate. Our life in Los Angeles was abundant but this...this constantly takes my breath away.
There is never a moment where we take this for granted and i hope that is a constant in or experience. I think back to just how ready I was to leave Los Angeles but also just how scared I was. But maybe that is the alchemical combination - readiness and fear.

p l a n t s ➕ Week one of the @medicalmedium celery juice protocol and I feel completely different. And when I say that I mean in body, mind, and spirit. Obviously the physical changes are noticed quickly but then the other changes begin trickling in and they are so welcome. A lot of people reached out asking questions about the benefits of drinking organic celery juice first thing in the morning. I’m glad that folks are inquiring and I would direct everyone to follow @medicalmedium as he shares so much knowledge on a daily basis.
For anyone learning about this for the first time I juice 16oz of organic celery every morning. I drink it before I put anything else in my body and wait at least 15 minutes before I eat anything.

g r a t e f u l ➕ That is all and that is everything.

e n e r g y ➕ How do you recharge?

c o n n e c t i o n ➕ More bare feet in the grass. More bare souls in the light. More truth in our words. More action in our love.

j o u r n e y ➕ The balance of living in the moment and daydreaming about our next steps

r i s i n g ➕ I am halfway through my month of dedicated kundalini yoga and feeling rooted while rising.
Don’t get me wrong, I practice yoga a lot but I realized that I felt most connected to myself and something greater than myself when I began each day with a focused practice. Everything else just seems to fall into place after that. I was craving the consistency and dedication and so August was my return to my daily practice as well as to myself.
A staple of my practice that I speak about quite often is Kirtan Kriya. This powerful Kriya clears away any cobwebs, uncertainty, or brain fog. When I am connected to it for a full 30 minutes each morning my life takes a new shape and energy.
Thank you to @myrahpenaloza for creating such beautiful and comfortable pieces for your @kundalinigown collection. I love this luminous playsuit. It moves with me perfectly during my practice and is soft enough to sleep in.

s h a r e ➕ What advice or life wisdom would you give your younger self?

b a p t i s m ➕ Ready for something new.

h e a l i n g ➕ So many diseases begin in the gut. That is just one reason why I have been committed to drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning every morning for a long time now.
This month I am aligning with the @medicalmedium protocol of at least 160z of organic celery juice every morning.
Celery high in vitamins and minerals, and is also an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and gut-friendly. Celery is humble yet powerful as it boosts production of essential thyroid hormones, detoxifies the liver, lowers blood pressure, reduces arterial plaque, and supports your nervous system.
According to @medicalmedium, If you want to heal and improve your health quickly and efficiently, follow this routine: “Every morning, drink roughly 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. Make sure it’s fresh, plain celery juice with no other ingredients. Celery juice is a medicinal, not a caloric drink, so you’ll still need breakfast afterward to power you through the morning. Simply wait at least 15 minutes after drinking your celery juice before consuming anything else.

The mineral salts specifically in celery are instrumental in the electricity that governs the body—they’re building blocks for neurotransmitter chemicals, they ignite electrical impulse activity, and they support neuron function. A brain with weak electrical impulses and weak neurotransmitters shuts down and goes into “low battery” mode—which makes celery juice, a battery charger for the brain, an answer to stop this from happening. Mineral salts keep the heart pumping and create the neurotransmitters needed to take information from point A to point B, that is, from neuron to neuron.“

d r e a m s➕ Feeling rested and grateful this morning. A few weeks ago I spoke about how I am choosing to activate this August. We are only 2 weeks in and already I feel the changes within me.
There is nothing better than returning to yourself.
Your wholeness
Your serenity
Your growth
Your peace
Anyone else up for laying in the grass, watching clouds, and planning for a warm winter...

w i l d ➕ I have learned so much from the @medicalmedium ! One of my favorite lessons was about the power of wild blueberries. Anthony shared that when we eat these berries “their innate intelligence reads your body, searches out potential disease, monitors your stress and toxicity levels, and figures out the best way to heal you-it is the only food that does that.”
They are one of the most effective heavy metal detoxing foods and the most powerful brain food in existence.
We can learn a lot from this plant! Their essence is indestructible. Even when exposed to wildfire and extreme conditions, these plants bounce back stronger and healthier due to the adversity. Much like the Phoenix, wild blueberry plants use their own ashes to their benefit.

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